Abstract Spirit

Liquid Dimensions Change tracks



By shades merging with darkness
By breath touching in reality
In the past they abandoned bodies
But still alive

Who was beloved will never set free
Behind the fragile verge their eyes
Aspire to gaze in our souls
Through the blind façade
So look sorrow and gloom
Silent reproach wounds us
No one left in nowhere
They will respond from behind the verge.

In the night rain's rustle
I hear their voices calling me
Soon the morning will wipe off their words
But the veil will be torn earlier
Not looking back I'll cross the verge
Where ones forgive without tears
Towards my face is turned
Where the world has no dimensions

So look sorrow and gloom
We will come back with visions and dreams
No one left in nowhere
We will respond from behind the verge


Spread like roots under the ground,
Merge with it taken away…
Existence within soft silence…
Free from pain but sentenced to stay…
Obscured by unforgiveness…
The dawn no longer rises,
The night has lost its sense,
Turned into endlessness…

By flows of black gall
Grief throws out of a heart
Bleeding lonely in passion…
Neither deliverance, nor confession

Moist soil whispers around,
Worms caress the surface of skin…
This shelter is too cold to rest…
In eternal slumber so attractive…
Listening to rustles, staring into blackness
To bury memories deeper…
Loving nothing, feeling no one
To kiss the emptiness…


I don't remember my face,
I don't count wrinkles.
I have never created idols
For worshipping them and hating them.
I keep terrible secrets
Of those who are gone.
When clay knocked their coffins
I was standing alone…

If I could see the absence of a sense…
If I could hear but not listen…
If I could know life is so empty…
A curtain would drop earlier…

It feels like strings vibrating
Somewhere inside of me…
The source of my life pulsates
Deep in inner devouring horror…
A torrent of words reflecting my thoughts
Falls by downpour unto me…
I behold a world of parallels
Painted by withering imagination…
Now I set free the warm of life
Through a door closed so long ago,
Now I get used to feel cold,
I escape this reality… ruined…


Slowly darkens the sky, the light fades out –
The silver-grey eyes forever close.

No more hopes the dawn will bring
Cause no one from now can give a hope.
Slowly the world is slipping down
Cause no one is able to keep and to hold.

I may suffocate with scream stuck in the throat,
Drown in the flows of tears my face,
Gaze without sleep in the night so cold
But it happened all that would never take place.

Up high you wielded the power of steel
Only phantoms at dusk there will fly.
Enemies trembled suppressed by your will,
Why now, when the triumph was close, why?

Condemned to be followed by horror and pain,
Sentenced to carry more than can endure
I stand asking silence again and again,
The empty abyss takes the features of you.

I stand by the tomb in the shadow of woe,
Rain mixes its drops with my sorrow and tears,
The frozen time stops, seems no end of this day,
Last farewell,
Last instants,
Last honour,
Last way…


I see your portrait in the ornament of lies
With the senseless marble eyes
I am almost buried under your mortal sin
In that void deep within
I suffocate among your gospels
And abstract revelations
Avoiding your distant cold
Forlorn in distress, how can I hold you in my heart?

Belief so lucid and fragile
Leads from enslavement to exile
Your angels could fly
If I could be blind

Existence for a moment of delight…
But not for amorphous devices…
I negate you as a fact,
I reject your laws for closed eyelids
The stars so wise and cold
Look at you with scorn
And your heavens bleed fallen
In a world of dead colours.

And I choke with your maggots
Untouched by venomous gleams
And I watch my life through
Convulsive painful ecstasy.
Tear my soul apart
If your mercy has no edges
Stop my heart forever,
Compel me to get down on my knees.


Mistrust the silence…
Liquid dimensions change…
Spreading fear and strain…
Filamentous minds…
Shocking self-disclosure…
Embraced by suffocation
In airless spaces walk
Among cadaverous smirks…

Pompous pillars in a line…
Paranormal flashings…
Nostrils torn with stench
Quiver with the wind…
Buds of youth wither
Grow blacker day by day…
Stress and contusion…
Caught… bitten to death…

Wasted years
Of somnolency…
Broken to pieces being…
Fallen from life

Dead seconds resurrect…
Frozen moments melt…
So absurdly
To dwell…