Live at Under the Black Sun Fest tracks



The mortals fears in transylvanian dreams came true

In the forgotten cemetery
Haunting in night for blood
I've been waiting for years
I'm what you shall become
In the carpathian mountains

Under the stone of doom
Non dead i wake
Tormenting humans in fear
Dwelling for eternity

Into the black castle
Out from my coffin
I seek what i need

From the crypt to the forest
All so old and strange

A place of eternity
Riding on the wolves howls
I'm one with the fog

One more night
Oh majestuous transylvania
They've fallen under my yoke

Hear… ;the voices of the high master
As… i satisfy my lust
As your blood is now my life
One more is joining my realm

At dawn, i 'll escape the lethal daylight



I survived time and death to meet you, to be sure you'll forget but, me, I didn't.
You buried me too fast but here I am and guess who is here tonight.
From his bloody mouth, he spits a venomous hate.
He's a broken doll, his eyes are blackened holes.
He is the puppet of the night that cuts the strings of your life.
Drugs shine in his eyes, he's not afraid to die.
He is the toxic living dead woken up to lead you to your end.
A new false prophet has risen from the infinite space.
He's standing proud and alone though the darkest times,
Like a morbid toy he's poisoning your children's soul.
He is the one that you admire though his burning zombie breath.
He is a black entity of alcohol and death.
He is an ancient king calling the masses to follow the contagion.
His fingers are claws, it's the last thing you'll know.
Sickness too far driven has breed the spawn, a new false prophet rises at dawn.
His nails are black and broken, the new false prophet.
So you see what evil you breed making my life a hell,
It will be the last thing you know.
My feeble shell has died and you'll soon see what profit I can get from it.
The new false prophet.
I survived time and death to meet you, to be sure you'll forget but, me, I didn't.
He has the stench of death, smelling like sickness.
All life will blacken and rot, his art is a plot.
Covered with mud and rags, no one knows his age.
Wrapped in an angel cadaver, he is the masses leader.
He is the toxic living dead woken up to lead you to your end.
A new false prophet has risen from the infinite space.


The desertic summer fades, the black curtains opens on a depressive autumn.
The ground gave rotten fruits this season.
The black wings of melancholy above the superstitious mortals.
The dogs bark at the moon, children wake at night.
Since the appearance of those weird black eggs,
No chance for an exorcism in this place forgotten by god
Some of them speak of witchcraft but no scapegoat to crucify.
Peasants in starvation and fear, epidemics over animals.
Each day opens on new victims, cursed by a strange evil.
No one to bless the funeral, the priest was buried one week ago.
Fields are changing to mass graves.
People dwell in the church which has turned weird and dark.
Ignoring the chapel is the nest, they get close to Evil.
Curse spreads over the villages around as a magnetic wave of sadness.
The wind carries the carrion's stench, the eggs of melancholy.


(No lyrics available)


In the past plague years, a village enchanted by fear
Tales of the crucified hadn't yet reached the ancient beliefs
Frozen by a malevolent magnetism, under the master's spell
Everyone dread the black hill knowing from where evil comes

Born under the master's spell

A gate's opened to hell
On each fullmoon night a virgin disappears
As an evil sentence terrifying the masses
Under the yoke
Mystified by centuries, enslaved mortals living in fear
Under the yoke

Through the mist of times, on the hill a black fortress rises
As an eye, the eye of satan
Dark and cold, infinitely malevolent
Sad and so old, the eye of satan