Misery Index

Live in Munich tracks



Flushed from the fields on the Malian steppe
Carved out from wombs that our fathers beset
As giants we sleep, where hopelessness ends
An UN statistics, we're counted and fed
Children of war, hunger, and filth
Dragged through the dust in our misery

Where you won't be seen alive...
In diamond mines, in textile looms,
As cocaine mules, and prostitutes... we don't exist

They take us young, borders be damned
From Bangkok to Juarez, on Sahara sands
Nameless and dead, on frontiers forlorn
We hate, loath, and curse the day we were born

On and on, we're taken
More lives, forsaken
Fuck you, you maggot, harvester of human traffic
So few, aware
So few, will care
Pray on, here after, where no God will ever answer


Bring out your dead...

Call of the carrion crow, civilized man had no friend
Whale of the silent sea, the ocean is yours,
They've left it empty
Hawk and the emerald dove, soar and sail on wings above
Across halcyon streams,
To a place where madmen once would dream

Cast your senses, to another world
Back a millennia, another time when
Savage squatters, remade the earth

And Gaia screamed
As she was raped
Then after, thereafter, she took revenge

Rusting towers, roots spreading
Asphalt cracking, under live oak
Vines entangle, the shells they once called their homes

Termination, billions composted
Germination, merged cadavers into peat
Resurrection, food for the earthworms
Fertilizing dead sward in turn

Solitude, sacrosanct, as Gaia speaks through
Whip-poor-wills at first daybreak

Propagation, feces and flesh fructify
Sown asunder, corpses blended with the soil
Transmutations, spill forth from Gaia's womb

Life comes screaming, overdue, on a landscape free of man

Beasts of a broken line, fill the void on silent earth
Heed the carrion call...rebirth


You're lost in their gluttonous agenda
Built on a foundation of sand
Their tides wash away your perspective
The mouth that feeds forces the hand

More, More is what you need
And None, fucking nothing is what you get

You're gone as you stare at it blindly
They've got you numb to the bone
So pure, praying hard with your head in the sand
Baptized in the fucking glow

Broke, impoverished,
You're less than human
You're captivated
You're taken captive

The Wolves have pulled their wool over your eyes

The density of current affairs
Colliding in the vastless sky

The ebb and flow of balance
Of wealth


The magnitude of planets
In your personal life

You live a life
You lose


So steadfast in reinforcing the myth
Of a sovereignty so fictitious
They're in your home now spreading disease
Our nation slogging down on wounded knees
...Until they're dead

Battalions built on a mountain of lies
Taking heads, eloquent deception
Superseded and set aside
We watch the hills as they enter and then divide

We saw it
We bought it
From severed to delivered
The invasion has been
Predevised to pacify, and redefine

I can't hear them
And I won't listen
To lie frozen and slowly fade into the black

The seventh cavalry has arrived to divide our reservations
Dear ears to decide
To open fire, no compromise

Bleak Dakota, in a crimson snow
A Ghost dancer, in a grave unknown
Off in the wind, their shots resound
As we become, one with the ground

I can't hear them
And I won't listen
To lie frozen and slowly fade into the black


On your knees, look at yourself,
A corporation cog with a head
No original thought, a product of things,
That consume your will, and define your dreams

When you were young, you took on the world,
Remember how you'd laugh and sing?
You've replaced it all with an IRA,
Internet porn, and a job you hate

Spectator on your own life
Watching and cheering goodbye
Sinking into endless night
Serving your slave design

Giving in without a fight
Passion resonates no more
A goal that never comes in sight
Til they close the coffin door

Fenced-in yard, that screen on your wall,
Books on the shelf, you never have read,
Suburban right turns, amassing your wealth,
A middle-class pawn, in love with himself

Lock the doors, set the alarm, another weekend,
Alone in your head
The kids are out drunk, the wife's in bed,
Pop a few pills to forget again

Spectator on your own life
Watching and cheering goodbye
Sinking into endless night
Serving your slave design

Giving in without a fight
Passion resonates no more
A goal that never comes in sight
Til they close the coffin door

Inside your homemade prison, an average life lived and died

Rules deftly followed
Boss' ass, firmly kissed
Bound in by possessions
...And overpowering emptiness


Storm clouds spreading
Black horizons oil slick the southern sky
What prospects should I gather here
To motivate my corpse to rise?
My eyes reject the staleness of this day
And 'reason' gives purpose for all the pills
I have to swallow
My heart is dead and hollow
Metal boxes racing by
Ringing out the death of my life
Machines buzzing
Towers looming the antithesis of nature
Entering this asphalt tomb- self -
Interest my prime dictator.

Now that i stand to carry the weight - try to conceive me that it's all for something?
Now that i stand to carry the weight
I lie to myself...am i living-dead?

Four walls surround me with wires outstretched
The triumph of time over space
The modus vivendi- each man for himself
Each alone
And each an island

Get me out of this hole somehow...
Get me out of this hole right now...
My great depression


The illuminaught sharpening ubiquitous blades
Sycophants turning their knives
Conflating the past to the present
Deadbeat dregs dragged to a masterplan

It's written on cuneiform tablets
Your trapped within their daily madness
The final solution

Push the pen
Conscience now
So, push the pen
Through the centuries
Through your grandfather's blood
Conflating the past to the present
Sacred bonds perpetuate a masterplan

Cuneiform tablets
The daily madness
The final solution

Right at the street,
Tentacles of ritualized fear tame your cognition
From birth, right from the start,
Illumination shaped your paradigm
A relationship based on manipulations
Tapping into your mind

Fear ritualized to control

Cuneiform tablets
The daily madness
The final solution


We revel in our treason, our catalyst for change
We don't wait for answers,
We laugh, seize, and live our days
Embracing our sedition,
Crawling off our knees
As John Brown -patriots,
Who force the world we want to see

Who you'd call a traitor,
Is the son of libertad
La unica esperanza
With no master and no god
"Freedom-haters", agitators?
What would they call Thomas Paine?
Founding fathers
Praised as martyrs
Or terrorists by another name?

What you call the Nation-State
Is fiction in itself
Agreed upon illusion
Enforced by violence - ruled by wealth
This land is fucking your land,
And not through them defined
By fucking flags on SUVs
Or Superbowl half-times



March out, submissive, tundra-locked labor slaves
Eight years inside here, counting down our endless days

We're rationed, worked
And flogged 'til bitter dusk dissolves
And backons back to here, so far from mother's arms

Each day, a penance, each night, a sigh
Through every night I ponder, what exists beyond these walls

This dreaded repetition, gnawed flesh, a shield gone numb
I'll tread this place no longer, tomorrow I'll be gone

Into the unforgiving, a bleak and barren land
This rock, and birch-bound cradle, saps the life from me
No gods, no laws, just open empty earth
At one with crystal-white, to die alone

Narodnaya, our time is nigh, open your door to the end

White clouds of frozen breath, these ghosts accompany
Waiting for death, together longing for release

And from my resting place, I stare at Narodnaya
Beneath the gray clouds brooding, the air escapes my lungs