Anti (GER)

Longing for the End tracks



I have nothing in common with you!
My inner self, an emptiness
Nothing is important!
Nothing cares!

I am alone between the masses
I am an actor in their world.
I play a role.
For what?
To be?
To be a kind of a human?
I am leading myself, behind myself
Day by day

No one see, what I see
My face is a mirror
I�m sitting behind
Wearing what you will see
Behind this grotesque mask of humanity.

Questions without answer
Answers with unreadable questions
The cosmic plan, before my eyes.
Emptiness, Nothing
The ultimate evil
I have nothing in common with you
Do you know what you have to fear?


There are times, I ask why
Sometimes I could kill,
Sometimes I would die.
I damned it all.
What is left?

Nothing, but ashes, hate and memories that fades.
Is it this for what we life?

Day by day...

I won't no longer.
All the woeful lies,
The betrayals,
The distress,
And the mankind produced-shit.

But there is still another way.
No easy choice is there's no return.
But what keeps me here?
Is there any argument strong enough?
What's stronger, the fear for life,
Or the fear to die?


To see this world
How it falls
To see my life
How it dies
The war with myself
The battle in my mind
Suicidal thoughts

This hopeless waiting
For the only moment
It plagues me
Rage rules my heart
The debris of my life
Pave my memories

Fading will to life
Longing for the end

Black colors
Dead feelings
Dark lights
Faceless emotions
Silent screams
... All I see
... All I am

Destruction of the I
Salvation of the will
Escape of my sorrow
Death conquers my life
Walk the path of the dark
For eternity...


[Taken from the Book "Necronomicon" ]

Zi kia kanpa, zee kee ya kan pa
Zi anna kanpa, zee an na kan pa
Zi dingir kia kanpa, zee deen geer kee ya kan pa
Zi dingir anna kanpa, zee deen geer an na kan pa

Hear me, o thou agaku!
Come to me by the powers of the word mashgarzanna.
And answer my urgent prayer!

Zi kia kanpa
Zi anna kanpa

Zi dingir kia kanpa, zee deen geer kee ya kan pa
Zi dingir anna kanpa, zee deen geer an na kan pa

Spirit of the Earth, Remember!
Spirit of the Sky, Remember!