Luminosity tracks



Our lives are so bleak; we must enhance the human condition
An altering of genome that surpasses the threshold
The line that separates us from divinity
Forget the past and all of its fallacies
So break the laws of humanity
And share reciprocity with the inanimate,
It will take us away

With all these man made delusions and untenable claims,
A vice to be expedient
We need a spark of ingenuity to silence them all
To prove that we are the creators of our own destiny’s

The age of false prophecy is obsolete, efface the eulogy
And become the voice of rationality that choose to speak
Of obtaining the knowledge of gods

This is a glimpse of reaching infinity
We’ll be the ones who construct reality

We’ve always thought that our answers would
Bring us transparency
Deny that change is the process that will set us free
Defy the steps of obtaining totality
Why would one decide before we see what’s real

It is a certainty that we will transcend
From these beliefs and look at life objectively
This is the dawn of a new propagation
The progeny that will bring us peace


Contain the self and stay away from every instinct that compels you
Become the vessel that maintains a sense of dignity before you break the silence
This has been a falling out of apprehension, a noble voice Without a thought of why they spoke ahead of their intentions
There is no way to progress from these attractions,
Forfeit the act you’ve lost the right,
Destroy the will to speak your mind if you can’t handle it
Why not take the time to stabilize the inner desires
I thought you had the interior that supersedes this
Embrace what you lack and grow from the unknown, a simple concept of patience
Observe and learn to place faith in man,
For he is the only advisor that this world has to offer
The negligence has brought this affliction;
Resist a common law that should guide us all
I’d rather be the etic in this aggregate of unfamiliar faces then to be the attraction
Well aware of my being, I can actualize perceptions from the ones who will deny me
This is the end of the jury,
I cannot take these inspections, rise above the hate and step away from the masses,
From within I can hold myself down without interaction
The ability to look past the things that displease and control the emotions,
Which crush our dreams, is the final frontier of reaching this solidity,
An ideal release of strength to break us free
Never again to be fazed by anything,
We will stand back and gaze as the rest of them fight to stay alive,
Remaining unspoken our conflicts have now deceased


We have both bared witness to the truth but our origins suggest otherwise
Holding us down, for the other’s view is incessant
Paving a way of disbelief that fractures the core
And leaves us the opposition to the things that make us whole

Our motion is relative…

Bring me one step closer to feeling your pain, for I cannot replicate
The process that has made you who you are today
Would you do the same for me?

Instead you seem to bind my words with something dispassionate
As if all of this means nothing
Filtering out everything
An affinity for us to disagree

Do you see the gravity?

Go into another dimension to isolate yourself from the views (x2)
For the truth only resides in the eyes of your kind
Even if the rest of the world were to wait for eternity

To see the other side

To see the other side of life, out of context from your predisposition
You cannot believe what you see but the view is clear from here
And I know you’ll feel it when you get there




We are torn apart by this effort to reach authority
And yet the illusion of power guides us towards hypocrisy
There are ways to decrease disorder; remove this isolation from holding us back
We must increase this interaction
Although it rarely manifests into anything more then an altercation,
It is the only thing that we have left
This infrequency to be in touch and always leaning towards the other side of life they know we can’t believe
An anomaly that binds the difference between beliefs, it can make the tide become reality
Where are all the words that will insure our merge to this new society?
It is a place of prosperity
Lets make it known so when it’s cold, there’ll be a sense of unity
I never thought that we could build a lasting bond of community


I am bound on translating this form of illusion
A series of lifeless misdirection’s
Force me to place faith in words that serve no expressions
This emptiness, a void with intentions
Takes me to a place that one cannot relate
Where the light is dim and depravity calls

I hate the feeling of this aggression,
But the patterns displayed here are more then controversial
Theories attest this absence, prevailing as minor in advancement
Falling short of what hides beneath the confines,
A mind lost by its own will to rise

Look into this abyss, where we find emotions that wait
And prey in hopes of attaining some recognition
That fills the chalice only half full,

Why is it that every moment must be crushed by this disdain?
Is there a way to subjugate these repressed memories?

I must be losing focus from these pressures outside of my own mind
External factors weaken my senses, bringing hostility into our lives,
I hope it’s evanescent
What is this need to be above everything?
I never wanted this barrier, but your thoughts are so god damn callous
Remember that if you fall, I’ll be the one with open arms to save you from the collapse

Before you leave and forget me, just take the time to reflect
On the images that you have portrayed, before we fade away