Acid (BEL)

Maniac tracks



His sound's atomic, it rumbles your stomach
Although it sounds loud, he blows your ears off

Lord and master
Shepherd of sounds
Max overload, overpowering the slaves
Max overload, overpowering the stage

To the devil he's sworn, on the day he was born
He'd create a pink noise to turn girls into boys

His superforces break down the halls
He destroys the concrete and demolishes walls

So haven't you seen, he acts very mean
He levels the volts until ya head rolls


Maniac, you dirty villain
Where does it get you, all that killin'
Maniac, death's night friend
We're gonna get you in the end

Running fast, free and lost
Maniac choses his victim
You won't know what he's like
When you try to beat him
Killing cruel, sharp and sudden
Murder is his one delight

Maniac, he's cool and deadly
A lost death scream in the night
Screwin' as a waxy viper
He strolls along the city roads
Biting as a bloodless vampire
Always eager to cut throats

Darkness is his only friend
A woman his obsession
First he's polite and very kind
Before he gets to action
Stabbed bodies, bursted heads
Form his deadly trail

Scalps of preys all wide spread
They know he can't fail
Laughing at your mortal fear
When he catches sight of you
He strikes fast without a care
It doesn't matter what you do


Moon is high when the clock strikes twelve
Black car's coming, steered by the devil himself
Big black tires, they tear apart
What has been molten inside your heart
Black car on the loose again
Hot engine, no race he can't win

Black car, blasting through your life
Black car, smashing down your wife
Black car, blasting through your life
Black car, smashing down your wife

Six yellow lights, shining bright
Warning from a black car
He's out to fight, driving the night
His horn blows out your brains
He fools around with your remains
He's the metal ripper of a thousand names

It keeps on speeding through the night
He strikes you down with the speed of light
There is no law or a justice freak
Who dares to fight this king of speed
Black car, he demands sacrifice
The one who sees him is the one who dies


Going down the USA
Land of dope and take away
Stars and stripes, bros and bikes
Gonna have you one by one
Fear the day when we come
'Cause we are loyal to none

Big America, gonna catch up with you
Great American, gonna have lots of fun

If it's Detroit or LA
If it's all the same when we get to play
Catch the plane that flies to fame
We've got tons of noise to give away
Heavy metal warheads is what we'll launch
'Cause atomics are made for a crazy bunch

Wanna know how it feels
Getting fucked in yellow on wheels
A yellow cab is what I mean
Kind of hot and very obscene
We've got no virtues, only dreams
I'm gonna eat bacon and beans

Drinking Jack Daniels
In a big black limousine
Turning the show
Into one big Halloween
Heavy metal's breaking through
I'm gonna play it, now how about you?


I eat brains, I suck blood
I've got no shame and I hate God
Let me loose, I need juice
Let me go, don't ya know

What I create takes revenge
It uses hate, that should make sense
Destroys your mind with such a power
It strikes you down, like Acid sour

I'm the devil's daughter, Lucifera's who I am
I'm the devil's daughter, Lucifera's who I am

You can't recall my father's name
Stealing souls is his game
With a little help from his mind
This memory should get behind

Now I'm free, you will see
What I'll do with all of you
I may curse, I shall kill
Or even worse, yes I will

I am wild, I am hot
Give me sperm from your rod
Let me think what I need
Could it be Satan's seed

Wear your cross upside down
Come join me, let's get down
Take my body, suck my juice
You'll be dead, when you refuse


Speeding through the night
Lightning and thunder along my side
I'm gonna hit the highway
I'm gonna do it right tonight

No time to hide
Be proud and fight

My future ain't too bright
I've got to steam on throught the night
I've paid the ace to win the race
Nothing's gonna stop me show

No time to hide
Be proud to fight

No regrets, I've gotta blast away
Going far above the sound of love
I'm burning like hell
Blustering on an engine of steel

No time to hide
Be proud to fight

Fer the trail the end is near
The road is clear, I'm almost there
Barely touching the ground
The finish line has been found

No time to hide
Be proud to fight

No time


nderground, where the city smells
Lives a creature out of hell
Won't see him comin', won't see him go
You're a dead man, and you don't know

He's almost human, he's Satan's pet
His icy hell fire burns your head
He's the prince of hell and fire, oh yeah

Where lights are dim, he rips off your limbs
His evil heart tears you apart
Blood is his one desire
He's the prince of hell and fire

He's the prince of hell and fire

Keep on going, don't stand still
He will get you, yes he will
No time for fighting, no time to cry
The time has come for you to die

Hell and fire
Hell and fire
Hell and fire, oh yeah
Hell and fire


Drinking amounts of bad beer
Too drunk to get behind the wheel
Where the hell could I be
What the fuck's going on with me

Bottoms up, drinking a lot
Bottoms up, empty your cup
Bottoms up, bottoms up

Lots of small animals
Are coming straight at me
Pink and green, black and white
Which way's left, which way is right

I had whiskey, vodka and gin
Tomorrow I'll start all over again
There are some other holes to dig
I feel pissed off and very very sick

My life is one big party
Where I am the special guest
To celebrate you need money
No time to lay down, no place to rest