None Shall Be Saved

Marseille Hardcore tracks



In this times of doubt out pain where man have learned Nothing from is past
Where democracies become tyrannies under repression of cops
Where lobbies of black gold can deal the price of milions of Life
In this defiance I choose to stay against the world
This is the place I've never wanted to be
The things I've never wanted to see
But this is where I am
Religions, extremism exallation
But from the ashes of liars grow the roses of hope
I'm so sick of violence, of all their worthless judgments
In this defiance here I stand against the world
Today the all the world will see
Human kind victim of his own nature
Never underestimate stupidity of man
Cuilly by ignorancee
Here I'm against the world


Fallin hifher than never catch me and hold me tight
Heart shakes heart breaks the more I see the more I want
All my way leads to you
I'm stick of livin'in between
Cos im my heart it's worth more than I could ever show
I expect nothing but the shelter of your arms
Prevent me from this world I'm so safely in your eyes
Shall we wait for better days ?
The best is yet to come, in this life not the next one
I knew pain hate and sorrow
Without them you never know better days
But love overflowing now
Rebirth of a dead heart
Here is my last stand
Our fate is your it vow lies in the palm of your hands
Despite of all I am I burn my wings through cold warmth of Your love... Burn my wings
Will I go back to ashes ? Only time could answer that


Going nowhere, the purpose of all these fuking lives
Who do we think we are ?
Never adapt, submission everywhere we go
Violence for answer
Now I wait for the end
Of this world I've known
Revolution of time
Hope and pray and suffer
Just a stave made man
No free will no anger
Witness of your life
Look behind you dies something as really changed ?
Evolution has stopped
We must reject the standard they protect
As much as we can until our last beath
Where is god ?
Nowhere here in fact
I wait for the end of their world I wanna see it burn
Revolution of time


Media creates fear of the others
Individualism increases for a better control
Formerly religion was people's opium
Today TV have replaced it become an almifgty neo go
But it's not all said and done
This fucking world is cracking down
And no one cares after all that is a fact
Violent scene drugs ans obscene inject in docile brains
Everyday govern by
Maybe it's tome to close jails and open schools
To from more teachers than cops to learn more from
Each other and purchase wisdom and freedom at any price at Any cost
You know what I mean ?
Fear and consumption
Rulin over the world
Fear and consumption
Everyday govern by
Fear and consumption
Rudin over the world
Fear and consumption
Everyday govern by
So take a look in your empty conscience
And don't be a witness of life
Illusion of freedom
Information under control
Now every single mind turned into an enemy
For god of consumption