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[Intro - instrumental]


Everything within me turns rapist
Everything turns saint
The spit and the blood
And your longing for god
Have lost all meaning now

And I offered myself to the night
In a spray of blossoms red and white
And I took my seat among the depraved
Like a choir boy
Like a returning faith

A race of demons
A race of thieves
Is asking for shelter
Is waiting for me
For we love to betray
In bursts of grief and laughter
For we servants must answer
The call of the blood today
Does that make you sufficient unto yourself?


Swear never to be gentle
To always be unkind
For love is hard to handle
For love will rob you blind
The burden of saintliness
The temptation to kneel
The mute fear of being caught
In vapours of sin

We who sing of the void
We who burn with love
So strangely plaintive
So strangely complete
In a few drunken hours
In a few hasty words
From our watering mouths
Lose all we came here for

If you were mine
I'd blush a little and die




A submission so sweet
A silent pact sealed
And it was in its shade
That i buried myself
Trembling like a thief
Nothing concealed
Not my hideous shame
Not the angst i felt
We are all weeping
'Cause we can't undo the lie
Not with a word
Not with the blink of an eye
We are all weeping
'Caue we can't break away
Not without getting hurt
Not without leading astray
I'll state my case
I won't go down
You've lost your face
Now you're after mine
Are you turning time
Over to lies?
Over to lies
Swear never to frown
Upon the things we left
Now and again
These walls are shaking
Now and again
These walls are breaking
Now and again
These walls are breaking us in two
We are waving stealthy goodbyes
For we know we have failed you
You would not ever break the ties
Nor the code, now, would you?
I'll rest my case
I won't go down
You've lost your face
Now you're turning on mine
Are you handing time
Over to lies?
Over to lies
Swear never to drown
The things we love
They're all gone
For we left those things behind
Would you embrace
What is left to me?
Ever embrace what is left to be?
Would you embrace
What is left of me now?


We are drifting along without remembering
We are merely strangling shadows
We are morose, we are pathetic, we are done
Look at us now - we are kneeling
Look at us now - are we kneeling?
When we should be weeping with rage
Or at least be rattling our chains
Look at us now - we are over
We remain outside the circles
Watching them turn
When we are left with nothing to give
Nothing to overcome or conquer
History smells of traitor
History smells of whore
It's flowing in our veins
It's oozing out through our pores
You who mistook love for boredom
You who have no self-control
You who confuse talking with breathing
What do you know of the lives we're leading?
History smells of traitor
History smells of whore
And yet again it pours death from the skies
For a sunless life


We echo death
We echo pride
Odour, colour and sound
Of the ones who fell from grace
Those who fell away
And all the trinkets unbound

This is a lover
An anguished memory
This is a warning
We fall
As servants fall
In stone gardens

Your pride should be a lighter thing
An easy thing
A cheerful thing
Our solitude growing obese
We stay and fall

A rose for the vanquished
A kiss on the neck
To be hanged
We're all doubled up with love
A traitor's love
A guardian's love
Rejoice at this
This imperishable craving for hopelessness
It's hard to live on what they feed you here
It's hard to live on what they feed us

It's murder and treason
In this dead-ripe season
The leaves are falling all around
And it's hard to believe in
Some sort of meaning
In a world that's turning
Round and round
And everybody's leaving
Everybody's kneeling
When all that's left to want
Is one good reason
One good reason
For this to be left to doubt


You sent for me to punish me
But I'm not yours to save
I never asked for the answer you gave
Are you trying to find
Something pure, something fragile?
Your hopes are stiff with filth

I refuse all gifts
For yours are scented with envy
Go take refuge in the fields
Go nurse your longing in darkness

Are you hoping to find
Something cruel, something sacred

Your hopes are stiff with filth

You admire the lions
You despise all sheep
But following lions
Makes nothing but sheep

You are all bending in the wind


This age spits a race of snakes
This age unleashed
The sirens and the bells
And filled our mouths
With a leaden unclean sweetness
We have turned so numb
Can't muster hate
When we are not one
we find no way to take revenge
When god is such a painful idea
We do not sleep
We guard by betrayal
Like wolves avoiding the pack
When passion flees
Faith must endure
When all is lost
When the bells cool off
Will you be faithful?
Will all masks come off?
Will our master break
The mould in time?
Unleash the sirens and the bells

And you will find that
It's all corrupted
People and things alike


We live on tea and grief
We who brought this cult to light
We who only live for them
And only by their code
We are entombed alive
In these poems
Watch us dance on the beaches
Watch us die in the sun
You think you understand our pain
And that lives full of fatigue
Can sweeten up
You have come to love
Our name
This dancing spray of flame
This tribute to our god
But we are savage children
We are sleepless soldiers
We partners in grief
We have turned to them
As flowers turn to the sun
For they make us disappear
In the darkness of their fire

"Wir kennen einander nicht
Wir moorsoldaten
Und suchen wir alle auch das licht
Wir moorsoldaten
So leuchtet doch all unsere müh vergebens
So leuchtet auch der tod vergebens
Leuchtet das leben uns denn nicht?
Wir belügen einander nicht
Wir moorsoldaten
Wir betrügen einander nicht
Wir moorsoldaten
Und bleibt auch alles stehn
Um in gleichgültigkeit zu vergehen
Wir zerfressen einander nicht
Es lebe die freiheit!"


Our cause so sweet and bitter
Has lost its hard blood glitter
It remains afloat on the waves
When anger fills our sails
Mutinous for the space of a second
You prayed and feared and beckoned
Now your heart is pounding away
just like mine
Should i accept this out of kindness?
Should i reject it out of shyness?
Your sleep is stabbed by dreams
Just like mine
Should i accept this out of kindness?
Should i reject it out of shyness?
Your gift so pure and sweet
Unlike mine
To thank you for what you've brought
We lure you close enough for a sword
And just for a little while
I betray you without guile
Your secret prayer scattering the smoke
Made you squeal, made us hide the rope
Now all fear, all hope is gone
Like the moon and the stars and the sun