Baboon Rising

Megland tracks



Once the king of the Motherland
An empire has grown
He drained the Fertile Crescent
And called Kuwait his own
He rose to power in a Coup
Established the Ba'ath Regime
His dominion of self exultation
Instilled fear by the cruelest means (WMD)
The effigy of torture and murder
Is evident in every place
The funding of terrorists
To advance his own breed of hate
After the blatant defiance
Of the international community
One nation had the fortitude
To stand against his tyranny
In a snapshot in time so endless
The statue of his likeness
Is pulled down from its place
It's head beaten about the face
Dragged through the streets of Baghdad
Smitten with shoes by all who had
The burning of the currency
Celebrations of the people free
Once a king in an ancient land
Surrounded by palaces so grand
Viewed from the Tigris, the Mole
(Was) Dug up like a rat in a spider hole


The power of the metal shaft
Is evident in the fields
The tractor transfers its power
And revolutions yield
The working man's necessity
It makes the implements go
The energy in the metal shaft
As the tractor pulls in tow
Power - bring us more for sure
Take Off - Speed is the only cure
Heavy rounded metal
Power take off shaft
This solid piece of metal
Has the strength of many men
It's abilities in its actions
At a thousand RPM
The interest in this machinery
May seem a bit weird
But it's such a neat item
Kind of like Jay's beard


The cop with a trigger happy finger
Justice is sure not to linger
Sledge is the one in demand
Laying down the law with a heavy hand
Bring the Hammer down
You can't
Bring the Hammer down
Trust him in bringing the hammer down
With gun he's not messing around
Those PC nuts can't stand his style
Sledge Hammer goes the extra mile


The sad tale of a dead whale
That beached up on the shore
Weighing more than 50 tons
Disposal would be quite a chore
In the name of scientific research
And morbid curiosity
University biologists in Taiwan
Schedule an autopsy
The animal's enormous size
Proved a challenge to the workers
It took three cranes to load the carcass
Unto the truck drawing onlookers
Because of natural decomposition
There was gaseous accumulation
And gathering in a small city street
The innards of the whale people would meet
A blubberbath for all and all
A blubberbath now doth call
A belly bursting with enthusiasm
The explosion left a deep cavern
Entrails and blood left for all to see
This messy event goes down in history


In the capital of South Africa
The craving for chewing gum was strong
Of anything that could be taken
It was the Chappies they longed
They formulated their plan
Salivating from their glands
No regard for demise
As they pondered the prize
They gathered the masking tape
Making their way to the gate
They raided the warehouse inside
Armed to the tilt, they didn't hide
They caught the security guards
At the barrel of a gun
Used the tape to tie, blindfold, and gag
And took 21 pallets of chewing gum

6. MEGLAND - Miniature World

Born in a factory, shipped to store, enclosed in a small box
They were the craze of the day, action figures all the way, brand new and untouched
Packaged for all to see, hanging there in glory, communicating with the others
In their own little world, whole and fully complete, the scenery never changes
Will someone buy them?
Let their life truly begin
Now they are in gestation
The first one bought will surely win
The purchase is made, transaction complete
Leaving the old world a new one to meet
The drive to home is a bit bizarre
They are just anxious to have come this far
They breathe fresh air after birth
Unwrapped from their old earth
Enter now into Megland
Hello to your new homeland
From months of play they wear thin
The strap that holds their legs in
Their bodies show their wear and tear
From all of the abuse they wear


The strap that holds their legs on
It breaks and their waist is gone
All they are is a pair of legs
And a small hook for a head
Unlike Lazy Joe
They bend in the knees
With all the kicks they know
In a candy coffin they sleep
What was once thought to be a disaster
Now seems like a happy life there after
Without the torso things are neat
After all they are lighter on their feet
As time goes on
Their joints loosen up
Their spirits are still strong
Their hooks still look up


In late spring or early summer
The annual invasion begins
As the maggots grow restless
The wings hatch from their skin
An imminent security breach
The airborne creature from within
The growing numbers accumulate
For a battle they seem to win
They penetrate the living quarters
From every access point they come
Their defiance of repeated warnings
The war machine will soon run
The war of the flies
We will fight until the end
The war battle cry
Massacre we will send
They gather at the front lines
Inside the walls of the garage
There they meet their timely death
With a swift swatting barrage
Their bodies litter the floor
From conventional warfare
The warning still not heeded
So the sticky traps will ensnare
At their level for all to see
The flies fall prey or leave
One by one they fall down
To their death on the ground


Dorothy - your so beautiful
With your yellow spots and white gloves
Dorothy - wearing you're summer hat
And nothing else and that's a fact
But Dorothy I've just gotta know
Where did your lower jaw go?
Dorothy - with you're sharp teeth
You're Australian accent is really neat
Dorothy - just 5 years old
Not extinct, but rather bold
When you eat you're roses how do you chew
Without a lower jaw, I'm really confused
Dorothy's teeth shine so bright
But there's something that's just not right
Peculiar as I've said all along
Her lower jaw seems to be gone

Once when we were boys
Violence we would deploy
To our sister's toys
Their dolls were left for dead
Cut the hair from their head|
This doll's life
Is under the knife
We would drive in the car
With the door open and ajar
We'd scrape their limbs on the tar
Rip them limb from limb
Let the torture begin
A doll's life is not clean
Once the wounds are seen
If their owners had a brother
Their demise is in order


I formed my own nation
Once in my backyard
I surveyed its boundaries
In the ages since kiyard
I established my structure
Freestanding and pristine
I founded a capital city
And harvested mint tea
Hey - I've got myself a country
Hey - with a constitution defined
Nation building provincial planning
The UPR's short life spanning
The UDAST's short life spanning
I was not the only one
Who built themselves sovereignty
I have this friend who
Discovered the UDAST
His landscape was vast and all
And was formed on a farm
It advanced in technology
But was no cause for alarm