Metztli Obscura tracks



Life of darkness I had chosen
For honour to sin so absurd
Bliss of the undead
Embracing repugnance of the obscure

Inhaling and self destroying
For principles profound on this earth
Self humiliating so lustful we wait
The death of the night

Smoke of wisdom
We shall breathe for the night

Prepared to walk
The path horrendous of the earth

We shall become one in sorrow
As life its meaning of none
So time will happen in darkness
Within ages of anxiety to meet again

Night so black is the night
I had bright as nightlight of the moon
So I learn the secrets of luna
Those taught to cleanse this fate
Progeniture of this darkened medium
Virtue in magnificent wisdom

So black is the death of this sense
Of mortal heresy
And misery pageantry

Triumphant on death and beyond
And in clouds of smoke you ride
Feasting in loss to transmigrate
The afterlife you brought in pestilence

Thus confine to nothing
As nothing we had become
As night so dark and black
We near in anger, no longer trust

O precious power of the dark
Let the day be the night


Mictlantlocalli teyacana tzatziliztli
Ye patani xojtocomol

Ne machtia in tequitl
Can mictlan tlacatl
Itoca notocahuan

Cem tlalticpa catzahuac
Can anehuantin huica tlamatiliztli
Ic ixachi nahualli
Huitzil tecatl

Huitzilin in zapolin
Cana huitztlampa
Chiltic tlapalli
Tliltic nocatl
Ic tlein in zayolli cateh

Patani miquiliztli

In metnal tozquitl
Mimiahuameh tencuyotl

Potoniliztli xoyauhqui
Ican poctli nemini

Can chincatl
Tlaltec panaliztli
Ca yoliztli atle ixtlamachiliztli

Ye patani xojtocomol

Xochitlan cuitlatl nahuac eztli
Palaxtli matlaitzahuac cemancac

Yuhquin nemiliztli
Patani palani

Itech amixtli yolimochitl
Tlahco patlani poctl
Can azmeh

Yolcatzin capotzahui izcalli
Cempohua apimizmiqui

Tlilecmixtli potoniliztli miqui
Itechpa patlani
Ye patani xojtocomol


To death and darkness
For deceit of all life
Earths ablaze and succumb
Towards black pest. erupt

Feast in darkness so black
Besieging and exploring this darknight
As these efumes of the obscure
Everlast no longer in the light

Set me free pest of midnight
Gather me so down, deep and below

Forever into darkness never explored
Nightlight of this penumbric moon
Teach me the unknown
Towards black pest. arise!

Sunless we feed
Within the realms of the unspeakable
Dawn as meaning
Foreseen truth
Towards black pest we summon
Somber ecstasy everdark
Withering decrepit unveiling
Twisting and effacing

To the bleeding womb of hades we ride
So dark and black
Towards this black pest
We ride

Grieving voyage of blackness unknown
Exalted forth into this void, had grown

Consecrating the works of the night
And learning through summoning the voices
Of the darkside calling so dark
Pestis vermilis
Mysteriis. arise!

Black vomit spilled on the earth
And calling the spirits of this putrid soil
Dark nature calling within
Spreading its pest
So black forth the night


El humo lleva las voces de aquellos
Que su muerte solo ha sido el empiezo
De este largo
Camino a la nada
Entre neblina salitrosa
Y vientos de azufre

Escuchamos a nuestros muertos

La luna palidece
Lo mas negro
Que ninguna noche haya enegrecido

Dentro del humo lunar
Cabalga la muerte
Dentro del llamado
De los muertos
Solo la noche me enseña
Lo que es esta vida
Como vivir para morir
Dentro esta peste

Trance de vida lo que este mundo busca
A traves de estas lunas

Me cantan en armonias
Nunca antes escuchadas
Enegrecidas voces de los mios
Escucho y obedezco

Perenne es mi oracion que canto
Hacia ti padre mio

Humo lunar hypnotico y salitroso
Nubla esta vida de mentira
Escucho a los mios
Mas muertos que la noche

Mas negro de la noche
Los brillos mas negros
De la media noche
Dan saber en lo negro mas negro

Añoro los tiempos en cual
Los muertos
Regresen con nosotros
Tiempos de luna negra


He who dwell in thee earth
From the clouds and above we call
On putrid soils of burning ash
We call and yell the names
Of the black

Most unholy of revering feast
In earth and beyond incubes malign
Deceiving on the name of the unspoken
In the seed of men
Breed as rats

You suppose my name
But til light dawn and dusk rise
No one knows the secrets of the moon
Most unholy of revering feast

He who dwells far beyond midnight
In earth and six feet below we bow
He whose falling descends into absurd
Most unclean of seraphic disease

Unspoken one of tongues never heard
Before light and dawn you will deny me

In darkness and ledges of this earth
Reckoning the wrath from above
As tyranny deceits into beliefs and religions
The evil one resides deep below regions
On horned crafted bliss enthrones
These beliefs
Of the most filth unclean

Darkness vomits and yells
The names of the enemy
Earth whose land spoiled
Its conquered in fear

The most antiques memories of the earth

He who dwell in thee earth
From the calls and above we call


Machilia ich taca
Ce naiyanalli
Ce naiyanallo

In yuh timiectin
Temiactin miquini
In nahu nahualli

Tinochtin den tlacameh
Tinochtin tlecamactilia

Quenin in tlaculoyotl
Tech ehua teixpolhuia

Quenin in tzompanxochitl
Tenochtin ehua huaqui

Nican tlalpan
Queme quenti
Quetzalli tototl tzancuanic

Cuauhtin in oocelo
Mazqui cuahuacpa chachiuhcozcatl
Mazqui cuahuacpa teocuitlatl
Nahuan ompa ehua

Tinochtin ehua
Tlamictilitl tlalticpac
Ticpiah tlein polihui
Acayac ca tlalia

Yoiotl no huehuetotl
Imacaci amo

Tlahcoyan ixtlahuatlan
Quihtoznequi yoiotli
Ca miquiztli tlalticpac yaoyotl

Cuauhtin in oocelo
Mazqui cuahuacpa chachiuhcozcatl
Mazqui cuahuacpa teocuitlatl


Anguish brings this night through the light
Magick unknown of esoterian might

Through the spells of the black
I cast upon
This heaving earth
Of ablazing misery

As this night becomes midnight
Lunacy and dementia transforms in the clouds

This darkened moon grieving in panic and fear
Of this trance of darkcraft spelled
Theres no colour through dark of this night
As this evoking of the black
The unholy one
I preach in opacity
Towards the fear of god
Of this useless fools
As humans conceived

Through the mundane ecstasy to worship him
Within drugs as this human realm of the absurd
Feast into angst ante anguish to this work
Of the night to self destruct and beyond

The living spells
That towards the night and far beyond deceives
And fortuites in darkness untold
Magic so dark as night
Between witchcraft
Works of doom on earth ablaze

The castings at the alchimia of the none
Brings wisdom of untranquil anxiety
To shape the vistas of cosmos and within

Through the most absurd
And obscure darkness

The gleams of the most darknight moon
Brights magically
Between shadows

Forlorn now forever the evil in the night
Its spreaded in this nightcraft form
Vermin the air in plagues from unknown
Pest those flesh in earth never known

Anguish of despair within the trance of the night
Fevered into this malpractices of the earth
Angered gardens of darkness unveils
This unfathomed obscure opening of the gates


Drag the winds forth in pestilence
Exterminate everything those who live
Power from darkness
Enlighten the zephyr
Carrier of death
At least is unleashed

Within the sulphur winds

It rides the pest from black and death
So dead in night
From pesten so black

Instigating dark ridden vociferous
Myst and winds of this grievous disease

Beggars of the light, perish and cleanse
In this darkened sulphurous storm haze

And myst unpon this soils, sulphure winds!

Rage into unknownof this zephyrous
To bliss the underworld below
And night so dark, forth in darkness

Obscure in the litanies of the beast
Seize the life into avernal fire
Doom of the night
And moons forth midnight
To perish all life
Gangrenous earth ablaze

Death from above in sulphur awaits
On the prestige of the night erupts

And flood the earth in heathen
With carbonous gas and vomitous craft
As sword through worlds
It rides death from above


Ayahuitl pehualtla
Ic tonati tlayohuallotl tlein polihui

Intlemahuatl poctli capotzahui
Miquini yolimochitl
Ehecaquiahuitl pehualtia

Huetzi Ixpan yohualli
Ce huitziliztli quiahuitl ayahuitl

Ce xochipilli cemancac
Metztli tliltic pohualli ayahuitl

Tonat miltzin tlayohua
Ipan xibalba
Tlamactlilia tequixquitl

Tlenamactli tlacatl miquiztli
Yoliztli tlayohua
Tach cauh catzahuac

Pixqui yohuale huitztla patlaniztli

Tleco inin tenoch patlani
Canapa totajtzin quetzalcoatl

Ca patlaniliztli yohuac techializtli
Achicahuac tototl axan
Mocuepa xibalba