Misery Index

Misery Index - Bathtub Shitter tracks




At dawn he rides, the fleet sets sail, the tanks will roll, when Mars screams, Across the world, our children wake, abandoned offspring, writhing there, Choked by the hidden hand of God, The swansong is on his lips, an albatross hangs from his red neck, The doves are dead, the hawks are free, to propagate the burdens of empire, What eyes have seen the world, From well worn knees, Where corpses lay at soldier's feet, Conquistadores. God Speed! The Prophet and the angel, Inside his oval lair, She whispers to his empty head, "Conquistador... War is peace", As infidels in Eden's garden... We'll tear out the serpent's eyes, "A class filth infested, the heathen of the Holy Land. We'll trample, stomp, and segregate them Their God is dead-infected, they're rats within our shrines. Conquistador... Why would I lie? Have another drink of wine, Toast it to the terrorist, You're brothers in each other's arms, Doppelganger's in distress, The clash of the fools, he arrives, Blinded and faith. Martyred, Cleansed and reborn, As the suicide crusader with the passion of Christ armed, In the shadow of the crescent moon, The crucifix shines in its petrol graveyard, In what God's name shall they rule? ...The Cowboy and Caliphate, in love with each other.


Before my eyes I see a wall,
12, 000 miles high,
And the same amount wide.

Within that wall are faces
Of people
To whom I once could relate.

Now communicating seems hard,
When there's an ego barrier to break through.

Opinions of self opinion
Cloud a new horizon,
The vision a mere illusion.

Biased in conclusion,
Trapped in seclusion,
To the outside, exclusion.

When an attitude is so biased,
What can you expect to change?

Banging your head,
But the wall's not moving,
It's enclosing.

Burning so much energy
Enthusiasm burning
Is change the 'real' obsession?

Or with a sense of pretention,
Do you merely stive for cedible attention?



We are on the history, but sill making long story
Is it beyond our memory? What happened at rudimentary shit
The continent, peninsula and island country
What are we hating? Is it for money? What's the reason that we won't be one?
Did you say this sea called toilet divides us?

People on the paer

Some nature were killed
Forest was destroyed for wiping our tears and blood
Are we wrong to use this paper?
The east Asian People get the paper
We didn't we wipe each other's ass?
Pooh P.O.P Pooh P.O.P. People on the Paper

Do you say We mush look back our shits
On this paper that you invende?
But we think it went back to the earth
We stand there, and make our new shits

Shit on this sea
As for Asian ass which will make for one
Asian People
Reshit to shit now
Are we a shit of history?
Eat it each other, mix it all
Asu of people

Do we want to tear this paper?
But there is old shits sticking on our minds
Odorless and shapeless old shits
What do we discuss?
Is important to open this door for next shits?


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