Misery Index

Misery Index - Commit Suicide tracks



Out of the past, fall the bodies that have come before me
Following your path, they're just slaves in need of live.
No ending in sight, the rape of another lover satisfies the
Thirst till you find another high.
Branded and exiled, the
Silence as you dive headfirst into this wasteland, this
Coffin, so warm and waiting.
Boxed up, and nailed down, you
Suffocate on words unspoken, shut down, and choked up, your
Mind so brilliant - and so broken.
Demand your life (I'll Fucking) it back.
Arms stretched, you're clutching handfuls
Of air as you go falling back to your abyss, you'll never
Drag me down there with you.
Foucault is laughing - this
Tragedy that you created, so young - yet rotting, your
Beauty bured, your body wasted.
Demand your life and take It back.
Hours too late, as the sands tick away upon us,
Guts half-strewn across the floor of my life.
No project of Fate, all bonds cut and abolished,
Carry your disease like The other parasites.

2. ALIVE ?

Working, these bodies unconscious, all slaving for a
Lifetime with nothing to show.
Hours injected, with years Invested,
For these martyrs with a dying wage-death wage.
Alive yet lifeless.
Tired of breathing, tired of living,
Tired of slaving, alive yet lifeless.
Tired of breathing,
Tired of living, tired of slaving,
Born-dead new world Slaves.
Dying for notions of progess, a manufactured caste
Of actors displayed.
Demands rejected, the bosses
Connected, in this inbred power play - death play.


Behind walls of lies, lies the plain truth which some
Attempt to deny and hide, reality's grip is slowly
Loosened, images falsified.
The media's shit has you Brainwashed.
Open your eyes, stop being blind you'll
Clearly see the horrors are real.
Miserable conditions,
Agony prolonged, yet you ignore the pain they feel.
Their Propaganda has fucked your mind.
Chickens debeaked,
Chickens are smothered, pigs are starved, bulls castrated,
Veal calves fed hormones, antibiotics, female cows
Constantly impregnated.
Man's tyranny over other living
Beings, cannot be justified or proven sane, people starve
While doomed cows eat what could be theirs, factory farms
Are modern day concentration camps.
The conditions these
Animals are raised in are inhumane and extremely cruel
Forget these fairy tale images that the media has so
Conveniently led you to believe.
They are reared to live And eventually die in misery,
They've put family farms out
Of business to profit from the animals suffering.
So it's Up to you and I to stop the torture.


My throat swells with desire
And it pours from body like Sweat.
Liking my skin I ingest every drop.
In all this Revelation my closed eyes could not see.
Am I not, my own Will?
And so what am I waiting for, again and again...
I Want to believe.
As I choke, wanting to scream as I choke,
But I thought this could not be real.
And as the last drop Of my hope escapes...
I look back.
I've bled for myself Again and again.
In all this revelation again and again...


We take the sun within our mouths burning passion as we
Swallow it down.
Barely lucid.
We cannot feel the pain
Anymore only the humility in knowing we writhe in the
Elements human life.
We feel displaced taken from our inner
Self, within endless times.
And upon endless eyes we Search...
You plead to be from this as blood runs through Dry eyes.
And yet we look upon this with not distaste.
Without hope and without truth chaos has taken the days, we
Live broken.
With fires burning inside scorching the life Now lost.
With our own volition we will taste the sun in
Its splendor.
Living in spite...
We take the sun within our Mouths and consume.


Approach the image filled with fear.
As the image grows so Clear.
The future now takes full control.
The ones past you Now behold.
Never to return.
Memories will last.
In the Future.
You think about the past.
Never to forget.
What you Have seen.
People come to pay respect.
Taking pictures of The dead.
This is what life comes to be.
Once they lived Now they're deceased.
Death is oh so strange.
The past no One can change.
What you can't predict.
Is how long you'll Exist.
Open casket... open casket.
Life will never be the Same.
Death can never be explained.
It's their time to go Beyond.
Empty feeling when they're gone.
Never to return.
Memories will last.
In the future.
You think about the Past.
What you have seen.
What cannot be real.
You now Believe.