Misery Index

Mumakil - Misery Index tracks




Class is cancelled!

Multitudes in swarm
On nations at the center
Who watch their world deform

This global insurrection was given birth by the ruling class

And the children of empire - whose world this is to take
Open up the Seventh Seal and watch the West decay... decay!

Apocalyptic riders, above black horse's hooves
Have come to reap their harvest, to taste their labor's fruits

O' begotten Caesar!
You can't deny what is theirs...
And quickly you forget
Just how YOUR West was won...

...then lost.


Ignorance is bliss
The culprit of twist
The quintessence of spin
Their right legs shorter than their left

Barking fascist cur
In pursuit of his own shit
Parading as prophets
And on each word I fucking spit

As descents try to clean
The right wings fucking mess
Rupert Murdock buys,
And bill o'reily pounds his chest

The time has come for change
So for them i dedicate
For lack of objectivity
49 of hate


What instills fear into the hearts of men
The pale blank stare of the bastard sons of Sam

Waltons perched on high, big brother Bush's patriot act
As Fear, the great inhibitor, can motivate the taking of lives back

Consume... your empire your tomb

We sold our SUV's
We bleeding red and black
We got up from our knees
And took that shit from Wal-Mart back

And I could give a fuck about this shit robot parade
Red white and blue and sleep
And so soundly they shall stay

I'll curse this till my throat will bleed, bleeding red and black
In the wake of awakening, red and fucking black

Consume... your empire your tomb

Lying to yourself, a state of self delusion
As commonground with greed is a commonplace illusion

Who should peddle fear onto the hearts of men
As fear, the great back-stabber, can give one means to stand


Outside your gated homes,
The world begins where your street ends
Yet in time, your demons will come crawling back
Praise God for what you have in life
For your wealth is as hollow as the heart you hold inside

A nightmare in three dimensions, this opulence embraced by man
Reapers of the peasant's harvest, gorging on the fat of the land
Caged in worldly mansions, picking vassals out from the poor
Worship at the altar of avarice, where Bourgeois man is born

As dead men walking spoiled earth, who spend their shining coffers dry,
With thirst never quenched nor quelled, you ever think to question why?

Outside your window of comfort, its like night of the living dead
For each dime you bleed from another, the stench of your poverty spreads
Defining the world in equations, commodity prices and fees
You see other humans as cattle, to service the gluttonous beast

A werewolf's banquet, of ostentatious parody
Masquerading fortunes, amassed through servility
As you eat them alive... now meet your slaves
Gomorrah caving in,
On your precious homes, four walls falling fast



Hundreds deaths per year,
That's not enough for them
And for their traditions,
They would do anything

Neutral country
But necessary war for you,
You're given warfare
That you keep at home

In spite of many warnings,
Our government denies any responsibility,
In the slaughter to be perpetrated.
A decimated family, Massacred citizens
That's not enough for them
To finally change that


How long can you hide the truth?
Systematic manipulation,
You're caught in a lie,
Your life is a pile of shit.

You're brought into emptiness,
There's nothing more to lose,
You're caught in a lie,
Your life is a pile of shit.

Taken in a devouring sphere,
Can you feel your bowels melt inside?
An organic layer seizes you,
The final product of an infernal chain.


I don't give a shit about the price you let on me,
Won't work to fill your pockets anymore,
Fuck your incomes, we don't belong to you
Just keep your fake smiles for your kids.

Let's steal the money from the rich and use it for goods,
Blast off the walls around you
And feel welcome where you're not

You're not my boss, just high on cash
I will do my part to help you fall back on the ground,
And make sure you fall on something hard.
Taste the sweetness of real life.

Archaic hierarchy,
Military discipline,
Global prison,
Pathetic submission.


They're fighting for their father's mistakes
For the ancient wars, for age-old genocides,
How many decimated brothers
For greedy reasons and venomous pain?

Here we are, with our growing hate,
With nothing in our hands, facing guns and tanks.
How much blood will politicians spill,
To protect lost relics and their sick glorious bills?