Dorsal Atlântica

Musical Guide from Stellium tracks



Many things tell me nothing anymore
They don't touch my heart
The little things that meant so much
Today seen like flashes from the afternoon's T.V. movies

I've been wandering around
Drowned in doubts
Yes, now I figured out
I'm living on the
Razor's Edge

From one hour to the next
You find yourself alone at an intersection
And between four walls
Then you recall that from the time you were born
Only you could choose your path

I've been wandering around
Drowned in doubts
Yes, now I figured out
I'm living on the
Razor's Edge


My music is only music nothing more
I'm playing to learn, exchange ideas and grown
I'd like to be a synomym for credibility
I won't move ahead pissing on others like some some
I won't go to useless parties

I won't play the role of a fool
I won't stop creating
Recycle yourself

I won't sell myself out for any false gains
I won't flatter any critics
I won't change money for advantages
I won't be a part of a group of any age
Is it worth selling your soul to be well off ?
Hey, what do you think about it ?

I won't live on dreaming
Foolish games are over
I just want to recycle myself

Momentary pleasures and material laws
Momentary pleasures and material laws

I won't shock for the sake of shocking
I'd only like to find the secrets of the universe
But first of all I must find myself
You know the universe lives inside every small little thing
And that's wise of it
And sure you won't be a fool to find yourself too


Among the remains of our Daily Bread
We get used to blinding our eyes
Is there anything as amazing
As proving our smallness to believe
That living is the only real thing and forgetting our own lines
While performing on the screen of life

Hidden and unexpected

Young and old people shut
Themselves up in the egoism
Of the body's opinion
Pure illusions of we who lives
Each second numb
The body get off the stage
And returns to the essence
To once more get into the game
For another attempt at the 108th

Hidden and unexpected

Death comes to catch us with
Our virtues or badness
And she's so disagreeable
At dinnertime
Unheard word in the throat
Definitive dead


When wealth is the only fount of virtue
When passion is the only tie between man and wife
When society reaches the level
Where property is the measure of achievement
Then you will be in Kali Yuga

So that we can see us free
Then you will be in Kali Yuga

Forget life's dream and get close to the truth
Why do we always have to win or lose ?
Don't just accept the rules
This clue comes from within
Consistently ringing our inner bell
Our souls clamouring for the end of their censorship

When dishonest is the secret for sucess in life
When sex is the only form of pleasure
When ones'outside fancy appearances
Are mistaken as religious values

Poor mankind
No place to hide
The exit is still there
Love is still alive


Make use of your culture
To avoid the cracks in every communication system
That acid rain wastes away

Along with monuments
To human beings
The death of each animal
Facing extinction
Including you, human,
Remain of an ancient past

As for the ones who cannot cry
Only heart of stone will be born

Seductive ultra-violet rays penetrate the raped ozone layer
These rapist chloroflucarbon gases

The creation of the all-powerful man
Seven subraces of the seven races
That once more will rise again

Standing incoherent without reacting
Do you believe the opposing poles have holes ?
Is this reality really that far ?
Will it be made only by indecent hollows ?

You and all else will pass
Because what's missing in this awful world is love

Four single letters cannot be found
Is any library of our world around
Dear Earth, sorry to tell you
But they don't love you at all

They don't love you, they don't love you at all
Don't they love you? they don't love you at all


Rock is dead along with the attitudes
Artists who have only been troubled with themselves
And never with their fellow men
They have been concerned about flauting
Their jewelry and dimes and their planned transgression
Their rebel behavior in records' covers
The faith of removing mountains succumbs
Crumpled up by the tentacles of materialism
Consumism and merchandise

Marketing loses it's prior function
And serves only for profits
Shall Rock only be when the reason of the heart still exists
While blood circulates through the veins
While music is still able to impel you
To thought being off is not being the ordinary
It's being coherent
It's to live and let live

How can Rock breathe if it has been suffocated
Inside detergent flasks ?
Rock is dead !


The real warrior never brings the hammer down
It's heart against heart, brains against sex
Those are the labyrinths on the path

Don't look back and turn yourself
Into the same old child that you were born
Restore your innocence and strength

Fighting has given life to you
All you've got is to believe
Let your heart guide your way
Come it up today, warrior

That revolution won't come about though weapons
The true revolution fits in when uselessness has lost its value
Open the doors of comprehension
Forget all their weakness
The hard to gain freedoms
The tyrannies of the rational man

Fighting has given life to you
All you've got is to believe
Let your heart guide your way
Come it up today, warrior

Dumb and pale
Shadows, crawl
Go ahead in this complete darkness
Not lead by blind men
Don't be afraid to be reborn
The day has come ! The time is now !
Warrior !

You know man's looking for
The answers on the outside
But when he rediscovers that
He's always known
That they come from within


Youth is the shortest and most fleeting chapter of our existence
"I hope I die before I get old"
That shit has been told so many time
I've been thinking about it for 20 over 2.000 years
We turn the page and so we happen to be serfs
After believing
We've been kings

I wish I had more time to guess my role
Let poet rhyme with little sister insistence
Through the unknown
Idealism takes it's price

This isn't only my generation
It's not mine !
I don't want to be part of it,
I don't want to be

I'm not a lamb stuck to the dogma of the unique generation
I just want to live far from drugs and hatred,
Violence toward everything,
Call me as you want, reactionary, a terrible kid.
Give me a rope for my throat,
As I can't avoid having it around my neck
Let me solve this riddle

How to externalize the meaningless ?
Should we all know it ?
Would we be able to comprehend it ?
How can I write about the indescribable ?
What would we do ?
Why should we try ?

This isn't only my generation
It's not mine !
I don't want to be part of it

How shall I understand the soul ?

This isn't only my generation
It's not mine !
I don't want to be part of any
Eternal generations


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