Before The Dawn

My Darkness tracks





This painted smile stains my face
my spoken words meaningless and false
my eyes won't reflect a thing
impossible to see me brake

The mirror on the wall
staring face unknown to me
behind this mask I hide from thee
these tears impossible to see

This painted smile stains my face
impossible to see me break


The sun falls asleep and I rise high
all the things I need are above in the darkest skies
With sorrow and grief all the things I have done can't take away these fears
I am sinking too deep
state of darkness it hides my falling tears

My seraphim, all this darkness I carry deep within you would never understand


I feel the dark side crawling in
I suck it in with joyful grin
I breath inside and keep it there
this darkness I will not share

Were you with the ones who left me here with nothing more to fear
I sense the pain and taste the blood
I yearn for pain that leaves no scars

Deep down in my darkness
unrighteous dimension of despair

I hit myself against the wall
I hit myself I beat me raw
on the floor I cannot move
In my darkest hour the time has stood

Don't you touch me don't you dare
to brake this silence with words of care
my universe, my darkest cell

Deep down in my darkness
unrighteous dimension of despair

mirror mirror on the wall how much deeper I shall fall


Paralysed, I cannot breath
tearstained, unable to inhale
kneeled down, face on the ground
screaming aloud but cannot hear the sound

I would have given my life
why can't I give away my pain

For my mind of child unbearable inside
inner demons feeded by my mind
four walls still closing in
why I still feel when I'm dead within

I would have given my life
why can't I give away my pain

...take my pain...too much for me to take...


Break up the tide that makes you whole
break up the mind, the heart, the soul
I wish I could take a stronger stand
look up to the one who is more than grand...I bow

For my faith and trail of life
unbarrallelled your sacrifice
like every father and son in bloodline we are as one
When the darkness comes still child inside will chase the sun
I reach the stars above and know you never let me fall

Every failure and fault increases the cross I bear
deep inside the demons feast on me and tear
into pieces everything and in my ear
I hear your words unspoken and they will cease the me


This sense of failure haunting still
lack of confidence feeding my fear
descending sun invites the darkness in
the child inside, with silent cry

I don't want to be alone...again...

Starfire above when darkness descends
no angels of empyrium have come to send me


Deep inside me is a world of fear
Deep inside me beyond compare

I seek my saviour
to prevent my failures

Breathing hate with twisted grin
please separate me from that skin

Worth for nothing
do all these tears this world is dying
acts inhuman
Making me change my ways of crying

Reasoned, senseless, that's how I feel
how defenseless and blind can one be
purified shall be my name
after your hand
placing this picture to the frame I alone stand


Deep within
on my skin
bitterness feeds my grief
I fall inside
and close my eyes
Can't push my heart aside

In my space we watch the sleeping sun
In my dreams
all evil things undone...against you

Crawling still
with broken will
why can't I be forgiven
I fall inside
and close my eyes
Can't push my heart aside


Ignorance is bliss
hatred shows the way
things that make a man to act in godly ways

Suffocate he must
the anger down inside
fight against himself but will he win this time

Break the weaker mind
crush the thin white spine
nothing here is not so sacred
too big of a cross to bear
is the beauty that we share
....give into human hatred

The world is crawling in bitterness and human hatred
we live for breeding sin

Victims are deep inside
cloudy is the sky
Getting darker all the time
scary is the deepest secret
the path is lit with lies
blinding you for life
....give into human hatred

11. 4.16 AM

4.16 a.m.
all the small things grow 1000 times
I was murdered by beauty