Agressor (FRA)

Neverending Destiny tracks



Life isn't worth living
A smashed up logic rules our instincts
In our world, life has no sense
But it's not a sense
It's a desire
Everyone knows that our motion of time
Changes it's voice according to our fancy
Intense pleasure spotting from my guts
Invade your wet body

Creeping over your mind
Tearing your phantasm
Infectious contence of life
Rules all of your acts

Human race raugh procreate a chain of circumstances
Will stop in your life
Everyone choose his ideal
Don't be trapped

Feel these abstract emotion
Invade your neurosensors
Pleasure and pain rule you...till death

This plague is here, there's no way to hide
High level of contamination
Cos it's a paralytic disease


In depth in dark from the farthest boundaries
An infinite power spreading his dream of fear

This damngerous curse
Comes from the unknown land
It's the first time, you open the gates
And day after day
Developing its unformed mess
Sprawling arms, guts and bumps
Invade all your carcass

You can't stop this unknown spell
These bumps tear your brain
You can't stop this unknown spell
It's a psychological pain

One day time will come
The spell will leave your brain
You'll be ripped and torn
And your brain will be erased


Astral spirits run through the limbos
Where no physical laws could govern there
The old time is lost when human being
Worshipped god, was afraid of him

We keep our knowledge
Too dangerous for us
Our craft is the edge
The key of wisdom
You're my image
But you're of my clone
Don't enter our domain
Or will come the elemental decay

Were wolves and trolls will invade asgard
Atroce mutants are living their world
Essence of live, bows on the altar
Technological abominations are the result of war
Technological level
Have killed the old rites
Fainest nymph and owosh are in the wither domain
Spirit against matter
There's no logical laws
Don't cross the gate or it'll be the elemental decay

The day will come when human being
Will obscede the gods and control their domain
When their spiritual maturity
Will reach her paroxysm
This time will be the good one
You'll understand why
Our power can't be yours
You'll have to wait for this time
You've got a lot to learn
To reach the top
You can't enter now or will come the elemental decay!


The past of a millioin generations is enclosed in my head
Ancestral life and future actions are not an unknown secret
That's why we've passed, the ultimate concentration
My life is now a dream and sometimes a nightmare

We'll have to try to find
The spirit who live in us
We must don
Ourselves in our spirits

Passing through possible futures
Past and present we mixing in my mind
I am the hunt us observer
Noone can escape from my sight
All centuries i've travelled through and all people i've met
All events of the human's story are seed of cosmic dust

Nightmare and pain, it's the voices from below
Power and glory, it's the voices from beyond

You know i'm a mutant
Perhaps a man, perhaps a god
Intense experiences and pain
Have given me my power
I live in an ocean of thoughts
I'm the fish of destiny
But i'm completely unchained
By the moment of my despots

[repeat pre-chorus]

Emerged from my imagination
Those scornful spirits
And men sqange intensions
Could destroy my life
Or control my brain
With their unknown forces
That you'll feel the pain
Enter in your corpse

[repeat chorus]


Through time and space
Evolution of universe can't be stopped
Nature patries on some real events through her infinite power
No distinction between god and humans
They act in the story of evolution
Hour the wind of destiny carrying my light in the corridor of time

Our existence is a point on the line of eternity
Enter in the deep abyss of time
Neverending destiny

During their life, human being has known how to evolute in a special way
But universe is there and it can be changed simply with the acts of one character
The force which rules our endless world go from each part of it
Time has come for the complete change to become true
We're in a new benod, it's our fate
Neverending destiny

A new day rises for humanity
Time comes to make way for another life
Time changes in the law of evolution
We were satisfied with our old life but
Some events have changed it
Now we study process of life evolution
Through genetic experiencies
Human destiny is in our hands
We'll be reborn from our ashes
Neverending destiny


You're the prince of fire
Of the eternal flames
You're guardian of the life
And i burn in your name
You're the blow of the dragons
The resurrection of the phoenix
A strange sheet of smoke
Shroud the castle of styx

You're the keeper of the flames in a kingdom of magic
You were born in evil hand, prince of fire

You're waiting for the time
To take your reverse
You want to burn my mind
But what do you wanna change?
You want to destroy me
Take care of my power
Cos i've got the power with me
If you use your overpower

[repeat chorus]

Now time has come for you
I need your soul, your blood
It's toy the sacrifice
For the mighty prince of haze
He waited sudden for you
And now he's the lord
For the final sacrifice
It's time for you to die

[repeat chorus]


In a time when some men knew this power
Only those men realised their desires
By invoking those infernal ghosts
Infernal forces, you're going to be lost
Stolen by some angels and given to men
This mighty force is now invoking them to pray
Witches and wizzards haunt the world
And cast their spells
And the demons come from the deep abyss of hell
Suddendeath, sudden power, sudden impact
Witches and sorcerers you must sign the satan's pact
To cleanse the witchery, the chains, the spells
The one leads you the rule of this power from hell
Beyond death, beyond the demon of the god
If you want to go further
You must use a strange tongue
Slaughtering babies it's a sacrifice to the sky
But the heretics must die and burn high
Dark power
So read the book of hell
And you'll learn how to cast a spell
You'll control the dark power
To realise your desires
Surely this unknown force can be controlled
Take care of you when you cast an evil curse
Cost the legions of hell can come back to destroy you
But you light your candle and start your strange mass


To the universal master, prepare the attack, prepare his revenge
His thought and all his preachers will be read to bring the snange
And his mighty power are going to change the face of the world
And you'll be just servant, his slave forever in those worlds
Protected by the universal power, he'll win the battles
And govern all from his castle
He'll control each land, land of ice, land of sand
He's going to clean those lands by killing the wrong
Worshippers who could stop his reign
Annihilating the faithless, that's his business to preserve his reign
Low he's the leader, leader of the gods, leader of men
He manipulates your minds and destroys the brain of mankind
During his reign upon those worlds, he's going to tear you
He awaits the moment to tear all souls and distill the brains
And now time is near, you're going to smelt, it's your fate
It's another suffering, a new way of life, anew way of thought
Now you're under my force, you do what i want and you do what i say
When you'll understand what i wanna do you'll come with me
You'll come with me

9. Brainstorm

They try to change your life
They turn you into a puppet
You want to run to midnight
They say, they move your fate
Sometimes they take all of what you've got
They tell you what to do
And you must swear the oath
They say it's for you
They say if you obey
Then you'll forget your sorrow
And you'll be a mighty man
And you'll know your destiny
To find your sanctuary
Where noone's got any sorrow

You've sworn the oath
You can't break it
They change your mind
It's the brainstorm
They take your life
Its the brainstorm

Tonight they know it's time to die
Prepare your knife
You've sworn the oath
Tonight you'll know your sanctuary
But tonight the blood flows free

[repeat chorus]

Now it's time to remember
Of who has followed jim jones
Who made this slaughter
They're self-burning forever


In the night the wind of war blows towards that plain
Black horseman await the command to start the fight of pain
Shield and dagger, all weapons gleam in the dark night
Spirit of death and the lord of war breed an evil might

As the signal is done the slaughter
Begins and the soldiers starts to fight
Disaster, pain and tear invade all of this peaceful land
Come from hell, the horsemen with the unholy fight
In an endless cry the massacre stops
But see the bloody corpse

In the air, on the land, at sea and everywhere
War and panic, flesh and blood are creeping through this world
But some survivers have joined their forces to kill again their mystic powers
The legend comes back when the mystic warrior is pack

[repeat chorus]

Barbaric roars and noises of war, revenge and fortune is ours
Unchained slaves and their holy priests have lost their powers
The demons quam their fortress when their lord celebrates his victory
Wizards invoke the mystic forces to fight the hordes

But the wind of war is still blowing through this night
Invisible mystic forces without mercy
Emerged from nowhere, that warrior has gone
A mayhemic destruction, it's a plague which picks the bones

[repeat chorus]