Flesh Consumed

New Order of Intelligence tracks



Machines target their creator for extinction
Gears of automated factories gyrate,
Synthetically manufacturing
A near indestructible mechanical infantry
Cybernetic organisms multiply in a single filed line
A sea of artificial intelligent exoskeletons
Hydraulic cylinders protract and retract
As gears shift in unison
Producing gross amounts of bioplast sheeting,
Septum, and various metals
Creating an inerrant race of silicone and steel
With unerring precision
A mechanical juggernaut has taken the throne
Honing execution droids roam the radiation-forged wasteland
Drilling then deploying nanoparticals and
Gaseous death into the human dens
Potassium cyanide compounded with sulfuric acid
Seeps into living quarters
Droning hums overtake every audible wave of sound
A new order of intelligence has come to power
Eliminate the human race!
Terminate the human race!
Exterminate the human race!


Chained to times of lingering doom
The radiation goes echoing down for centuries
Mankind awakes from the ashes of a cannibalistic
Barbaric society
The humans are blind to the robotic mayhem above
Execution droids hover over the now desolate city ruins
In search for prey. As the human scouts hunt
For resources they
Discover the mechanical he'll that waits
They witness body movers cleansing the wasteland of
Littered corpses. Human cadavers are scattered throughout
The radiation-infected earth. The pack splits up.
As the head scout departs an assassin guts him from behind
Blades impale him at the waist and rip up
Through the shoulder and spine
Blood and entrails spill out as the
Human shell falls limp to the earth
Another human is sifting through he radiation when
Infrared optical sensors hone in on the prey
Actuators grip then crush the skull
Cranial matter slides down the titanium frame
Creating a pool of jellified brains and blood
At the tripod base of the assassin
The few surviving humans retreat into the subterranean dens
The tribe begins constructing weapons made of stones
Sharpened human bones, and metal scraps
They prepare for war...


The beginning of the end for man
Gassed out by droids the humans are forced
To engage machines above ground
Man versus machine
Armageddon begins
We stand face to face
Extermination of the human race
A sea of human bodies come into view
Through the radioactive haze
Deteriorating steel foundation projects
From the concrete wasteland
The flourishing machines paint the sky
With the shimmering of metals through
Transparent green radiation
Powered exoskeletons move into place
The robotic hum crescendos like a droning engine
The mechanical infantry overtake the horizon
Man versus machine
Armageddon begins
We stand face to face
Extermination of the human race


Artificial organisms flood the desolate ruins
Steel and flesh collide
The humans attack optical sensors then immobilize
Nanoparticles drift through the wasteland in
A shifting cloud
The micro-robots enter the bloodstream ensuring a slow
Agonizing death in which there is no escape
Equipped elitists scan the proximity
With flawless precision high-charged plasma blasts
Incinerate humans upon contact
The apocalypse
Inferior race
Consumed by fire
Reduced to nothingness
Human troops target a primary generator
Hundreds of machines power-down in a wave as an
Electrical surge sifts through the land
Calculating logistics
The machines prepare to use orbital kinetic weaponry
With a tweak of a satellite the remaining humans incinerate
In a hailstorm of concentrated laser beams
And nuclear warheads
Consumed by fire
Reduced to nothingness
Man is extinct


Beneath the septic system of the metropolis
Hides a lair of torment and killing
An assembly of intertwining tunnels and passages
The underground labyrinth leads into a pit
Chloroform on a rag, I drag victims into the feeding ground
Awakened by the bestial gutturals of starved boars
The gates are drawn and the beasts are
Released into the labyrinth
Adrenalin pumps as I watch the boars hunt down the prey
Eaten alive by the pack, ripped apart and
Devoured in minutes
Cranial bone crunches as they gnaw on the skull
The sound of the teeth scraping on bone gets me high
Feasting on cranial seepage
Gelatin textured brain matter leaks from the cranium
Human scraps are all that remain
Plummeting into the depths of the cesspool
They descend into the abyss
The spikes below split humans in two
Fumes from decaying flesh induce vomiting on contact
Tortured souls emit blood churning shrieks from the depths
Skeletal remains impaled on stakes aging back for decades
And sustain for decades to come


I saw at the leg with rabid determination..
Merciless and murderous I grin with delight..
A rusted hacksaw ripping and tearing through muscle..
The blood spilling and spraying from severed arteries..
Stench of past killings linger with choking humidity..
I meticulously pick loose meat from cartilage
And begin to feed..
Then carry on with the killing..
Blood splattered on my face..
Fresh cadavers hang from meat hooks..
Most of the body laid out in pieces but
The victim still conscious..
I've sown, severed and splattered the corpse to be.
The hunger to kill pumps through my veins..
Upper cranium removed exposing the brain..
A calderon of boiling acid hung over the prey..
I commence the acetic death..
A pile of skin, flesh, and bone sizzles on cement..