New York Crew tracks



I've been down that road
And I won't go again
It took it's toll on me
And all my friends
Now I'm tired of settling for less
And playing the fool
Keep it away
I'm trying to keep my cool
I'm Fed Up- Fed Up
You say I'm not cool
Because I'm choosing my friends
I won't have that shit
Around me ever again
I'm denying some rights
So you better keep it clear
Because you step on mine
Whenever you are near
And I'm fed up, Fed up
Smoking that butt
It makes you mature
A slave to sex
And you tell me you're pure
You slam that beer
It makes you a man
I'll try to keep my cool
But you better understand


You've lost my respect..
Say you've got a right
And who am I to say
But when you do drugs
You get in my way
I'm not gonna
Waste my breath on you
I'll let your drugs run you through
The things I've been hearing
Are scaring me
A man made substance
That sets your mind free
I can't believe
You've gone back on your words
Those drugs are gonna kill you
If I don't get to you first
So what you gonna do
Be strong or fold?
Make the wrong choice
You'll do what you're told
I'm stepping back
And I'm gonna judge you
I hope that fucked up head
Can tell you what to do
I'm keeping it simple
And I'm keeping it clear
And I won't use words
'Cuz you're too fucked to hear
The crew is strong
And we're setting it straight
And we'll be the judge
Of your fucking fate
You've lost my respect
I've seen your worst
And I've seen your best
And I Won't settle for anything less
I guess you can call me obsessed
You've lost my respect
You've lost my respect
You've lost my respect
Keep clear or take my best


If only I could put into words
The way I feel
Telling myself the situation's not real
Lost and sometimes I feel
I have nowhere to go
Because you tell me it's wrong
To let my feelings show
I've Lost My Place To turn
I know I fucked it up
I turned away
One too many times
Suffered from an ego trip
That left me fucking blind
Friends are telling me
The loneliness will go away
But the memories will be there
As long as
The ink in my fingers stays
I choose to stay away
Because I want to keep control
My head is thinking straight
But my heart says explode
The thought of someone else
Is much too much
And friendship means
You're just beyond my touch


I want it back again
The spirit that we once had
Showing all these new hards
They're not so fucking bad
You and your crew
Would have never made it through
The days we hung out
In 1982
The New York Brotherhood
I can't let go
The New York Brotherhood
where did they go?
We called it the Wolfpack
We called it united blood
Wore chains around our waists
And construction gloves
Thompkins Sq. on a saturday night
See my brother, he's in a fight
They got him down, it's 3 on 1
10 of us show, guess who won?
We hung out on 7th and A
Friends worked the door
We didn't have to pay
Boston came around one night
Push came to shove and
We were down to fight
We have seen the backstab blood
Most came and fuckin' went
They played the part
And they wore the right clothes
But they didn't know
What the fuck it meant
And I see it today
My backstabbing brothers
Believeing the lies
That they're telling each other
And I know I'll be here
When they're gone
'Cuz the New York Brotherhood
Is where my heart belongs
In rememberance of old New York
And to my friends
And the ones I've fought
A special place left in my heart
Those days are gone, man
But they're not forgot


Your sun is setting
And the day grows late
As we walk home
This wasteland of hate
There's people getting angry
In the darkest hours
There's blood on the streets
The streets are ours
Warriors, Never Forget The Warriors
Our mates are a diamond
And we shine like steel
You'll never beat us down
Because the wounds will never heal
Don't take us for a ride
You can't rob a warrior
Of his pride
Warriors, Never Forget The Warriors
It's your hate on which we feed
We are the new class
We are the new breed
Send our regards
To a nation on fire
And with love
A boquet of barbed wire
From The Warriors,
Never Forget The Warriors
You'll Never Forget The warriors