Mad Max

Night of White Rock tracks



Oh, Lord have mercy
I"ve travelled all my life
To a place that"s long forgotten
A place that"s in my mind

I hurt the ones that loved me
The beast could not be tamed
Bringing hate and agony
Why should I be ashamed

A journey full of lies
My heart as cold as ice
Let your spirit be your guide
To the gates of paradise

Again - to hell and back again

Oh, Lord have mercy
Don't you turn your back on me
I sold my soul to darkness
For the promise to be free

I washed my hands in innocennce
I cursed your Holy Son
Raped the soul of freedom
Oh, Lord what have I done


Never thought it would end this way
Keeping my feet on the ground
I can't believe what is going on
Life goes on round and round

All is black and white
I don't wanna fight no more
Is it wrong or right
Tell me what I'm searching for

Nothing's gonna change at all
When I'm standing with my back to the wall
No one understands the pain
This is why I'm losing it
Losing it again

Should've seen it long ago
Like a secret gleaming light
I fall asleep but I cannot dream
In an upraging endless night


Here I stand, a broken sinner
Wanted dead, but not alive
Got no chance to be a winner
'til that day You changed my life

Hurt the ones that really loved me
Never cared what's right or wrong
Took all that I had for granted
'til that day You came along

You made a blind man see
Now it happens to me, I'm free
You release my soul, now I'm ready to go
I'm free, yes I'm free

Hope to see You on the other side
Hope to see You where the lights are bright
Hope to see You where it all began
Hope to see You, Holy Man

This old man told me the story
Where You turned water into wine
Jesus, can You really do this?
Is the truth still in my mind?

They say you're love can build a mountain
And your words are carved in stone
All my life I was a prisoner
Now I stand here all alone


There was always something
Missing in my life
A part of me was always incomplete
Like a house that ain't no home
Like a child that's left alone
It's hard to find the things you really need

Words are not enough
To tell you how I feel
So let me sing this song
Straight from my heart

You're incomparable,
you're irresistible
You're unbelievable
But I believe
you're so adorable
You're unforgettable,
you're unbelievable
But I do believe

There was always someone
Missing in my life
This part of me was always incomplete
Like the sun without the rain
Like a picture without frame
It's hard


Closed door, another fight
Two wrongs don't make a right
Spoken words not meant to be
It's darker side of me

Cold heart, bitter tears
Two fools on a ship of fears
You cry while I can't speak
You're strong, but I am weak

Days like thunder
Nights filled with rain
I need your guidin' light
To save me, save me from this pain

The sun won't shine for me
The sun won't rise
Oh, please forgive me Lord
For tellin' all these lies
The sun won't shine for me, sun won't rise
It burned my soul away,
I'll die with open eyes

Deep down and in despair
I breathe, but there's no air
Too blind that I can"t see
There"s a darker side of me

Too weak to say a prayer
My fears won't go away
Has love turned to hate?
Say am I just, am I just too late?


There's a world of forgiveness
There's a world filled with pain
There's a world full of sunshine
There's a world drowned in rain

There's a man who is lonely
There's a man who is sad
There's a man who is crying
All alone in his bed

It's still the same old game
We all can feed the flame
It's up to me and you
There"s nothing we can do

We are all homeless, in a certain way
We are all homeless
That's the price we have to pay
We are all homeless
Even if you think you"re not
We are all homeless
Unless we...believe in God

They don't know what is laughter
They don't know what is fun
They don't know what is family
But they know what's a gun

They don't know what is friendship
They don't know what is hope
They don't know what's religion
But they know what is dope


Ready or not
Give what you've got
Open your heart and your mind

Up from above
You're struck by His love
He is the one of a kind

Answer His call
Don't wait 'til you fall
Yesterday's never too late

Raise your voice raise
Raise your voice

Right in your face
There might be no trace
Feels like you're crossing a line

In the blink of an eye
You'll never know why
It can happen to you anytime


Neon lights shine down on me
Paralyze my sight
I tumble and sway, oh Lord how I pray
This nightmare ends
Undercover, under rope

I'm a man on a mission
I fall down on my knees
Lord, I made my decision
I am Your fighter for peace

Upon my soul man, I'd never lie to You
Upon my soul man, all I see is You
Upon my soul man, never give You alibis
Upon my soul man, I'm a soul sacrifice

When the world comes down on me
It is Judgement Day
I'm here to stay, believe what You say
'til the end
Undercover, under rope


Man in the TV,
He's talkin' to me
I watch all these pictures
I don't wanna see

War in the Far East
Kids runnin' wild
Hate and starvation
A mistreated child

We're ready and willing
This is our time
If we don't change it
Life ain't worth a dime

A bad day in heaven
Is a good day in hell
Follow your saviour
He's breakin' the spell

Wherever we go
We hear the same old lies
The same old stories
Same old alibis

They're talkin' freedom
They talk like saints
But when it all comes down
There's nothin' gained


Hey you
Do you need a remedy?
Come on
Do you want my sympathy?
Hey you
This is not a prophecy
Come on
Come on and follow me

Stop - stop - stop
Look what we've got
Here's somethin' for ya

Night of white rock

Hey you
Do you need some energy?
Come on
Do you want a guarantee?
Hey you
This is not a therapy
Come on and rescue me