Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Nocturnal March tracks


01 - Wicher Za Gorami

02 - Chronicler Of Chaos

Upon them mighty spires of chaos,
amidst the vortex of time,
behold the blackest orb of uncreation,
for the great harvest is acoming,
none shall be able to endure !

Procreation of ages unborn,
foreseen from times untold,
scattered mortal incinerated remains,
sand in the wheels of a precious lifecycle.

.... and spokes dissipate into oblivion ! ...

Reap ... despair,
Reap ... deterioration,
Reap ... death.

Last entry into the chronicles of chaos,
scribbled with immense decay,
followed by eternal, glorified peace !
Glorified unit of human life,
light up in the fiery great void's shine !!!

...blazing red - spokes dissipate into oblivion !...

"Human sibling, reap what you have sown!"

Reap ... despair,
Reap ... deterioration,
Reap ... death.

03 - Spectral Runlets of Tulwod

Dimly shaded haze - thought entangling,
whilst rivers of crimson red brawling -
open the gates.

Open the Gates !

Awake thee not, sleep ! Sleep on.
Fill these dormant eyes
within them clandestine flames
omit spraying these dolorous sparks.

Sway in unison with Cimonar before
Blackest despair usurps the spirit.

Die Macht der Sinne belebt die Kraft !

As a pale moons' lunar plate,
extricates its' bulk.
Out of nightly cloud covers -
pale silver shafts graze,
The spectral runlets of Tulwod.

... eyes piercing an invisible object
in spatial distance,
as gracefully grim paleness in full comeliness
dives into streams of Tulwod.

04 - Scaffold Salvation

Open! Scraggy portals and gates of the world !
That the king of honor may cometh in.
Open! Rusty fetters of enchained flight,
praise his godly adherents.
For ever and ever his truth lasts.
Immutable enduring death's throne shall be.

Enlighten the path of the spiritually impaled,
in pale moon's grave-like countenance.
Illuminate crimson shadows of subjugation,
praise this godly light.
For ever and ever with steady pace,
immutable enduring shall be -
the road to Calvary !!!

Oh glorious heroes of might, who fulfill his will,
now imploringly on knees ...
From sea to sea, from the ocean to the very borders of the earth,
the build up, never vacillating empire,
now strengthless stumbling, dragging,
on dusty path to Christ's scaffold !

05 - Whispers of Arcane Cimonar