Gestapo 666

Nostalgiah tracks


1.Scriptures Of Our Black Melencholy 04:05

Wasted Years of Despair
Desolation : The Shining Moon
Light our Paths in Sorrow

Annihilation of Judeo-life values
Burning the Books of Lies

Decaying World will Perish in Flames
Mosques and synagogues in ruins

Piles of Human corpses carbonized.

2.Gestapo Of Satan 05:22

The Nocturnal Polizei
Once Ruled the world
Old Times of Pain and Torture.
To Desecrate the name of god.

Jews were eliminated first.
To Satisfy our Master Satan.
Tortured Till Death.
Merciless Practices of Surgery.

Death Camps Symphony.
Sing Death every grey morning.
Blood Shining on Snow.
Pieces of Corpses Burning around.

3.Deshumanization (For Master Satan) 03:32

KILLING , Spreading DarkneSS
Raping human condition
Evoking the name of Satan

Open the portal of Hell
The Owen will burn them all...

4.Dethroned Tyrant Will Return 03:57

Too many years living as slaves
of the corrupted jewish world
Too many years of suffering in silence

The beast will Howl again
Under thunders of fury

The gates of Death camps were once again open
Invitations were sent to every kind of sub-races.

5.Shadow Hate Division 03:58

Shadowed Death Divisions of Gestapo's Hate
Marching through the Battlegrounds
Crushing all hope, all life, all your dreams
For a Triumphant new Reign of Satan

Where once more the smoke rises from the pipes
Lies the destination of our Gestapo's Black Legions
The Demise of all light, all mercy, all your creations
The climax of the beauty of Human Breath.

6.Bestial Rites Of Sacrifice 03:47

Pentagram drawn on the ground
Black Candles Burning
A Silver Chalice Full of Impure Blood
The Bestial Ritual can begin

Bestial Rites of Sacrifice
Black Altar covered by Blood
Blood for the Master Goat!
Our Blood for Master Satan!

7.Hail Gestapo 04:12

Black Gestapo Metal Holocaust has began
The Eagle spreads it's Black Wings of Death
The Swastika rotating in reverse towards the Abyss
This is the Night when Suffering will Commence

Hail Satan
Hail Gestapo

When the Moon rises to reveal the Silhouette
Of the Barbwire fence behind which human Life Ends
Where Torments and Experiments are Cruellest of all
This is the Morbid creation of Satan's Gestapo.

8.The Forgotten Temple Of Belial 03:50

Twelve coffins sleeping

In the depths of the temple cave
Old profaned Tombs of old Bastards saints
Headless corpses, Smell of Putrefaction

The temple of Belial
Rites of Satanic Sacrifice
The temple of Belial
Invoking the name of Satan