Null tracks


1. Sores Will Weep

Making allegations of questionable value
How can you right what isn't wrong?
All our preoccupations, all of out pretensions
Placated to the point of retardation
This distinction in unfakeable
These flaws are unavoidable
This is a hippopotomac landmass
And we can't even coexist
Automatons and our prehistoricisms

2. Fragments Of Character

Deprived of one's consciousness, all is distorted
Deluded forever, so long with this contortion
A manipulative grip keeps us mentally confined
Fragments of character mold confusion
Enticing words fall out of decaying mouths
This deceiving visage is a slap in the face
Yearning for a piece of mind, all senses are re-
Vealed, bleeding color and shape
Tourturous windings of thought remain
A surge of uncertainty pierces flesh
Left with this vision of clarity that will not be

3. They (As In Them)

Dazed with shovels in hands and gapaing faces
But there's really no assistance needed
The gluttons have already dug all our graves
It's so hard to tell what is and isn't
When contradictions are commonplace
Souls stripped, sensors disabled,
Maneuvered perceptions
The will to foreknow is here
But you don't have to use it
Just live to breathe this ailing earth in death

4. Burning These Days

Life, stretched out landscape beneath my feet
Time disintegrates in the palm of my hand
Familiar roads reflect fortitude
Ridden with fatigue
Breaking through these layers
Another layer of skin
Tolerance slowly withers
Lungs denied all air
Choking myself once again
Premonitions of failure, hinder action
Burning these days
Trying to retain, this balance