Agnostic Front

One Voice tracks



Listen up here said a wise man to a fool
Here unlike there there are no set rules
Remember one thing you came here alone
Thats how youll do this bid, thats how youll go home
Learn how to do time, dont let time do you
Now that youve entered your humanity is withdrawn
Known only as a din number, your life is at pawn
I bet you never imagined to be beaten
And caged with no one to pity your prayers nor your pains
And you thought in the streets that your life was so unfair and cruel
Make one careless mistake here boy
And youll drown in your own pool
So take this advice stay alert and on cue
Keep only to yourself and your ears in sharp tune


Stood strong through right or wrong
Fought pain with time and hate
Here i stand alone and on fire in a room with a view,
A fence with barbwire
Today my world ends and so theirs begins
Slowly trying to justify compatible sins
I stand here alone and unafraid
I've known in my past i've done worse days
May be apart from my dreams and desires

Yet no man can withhold me from what i most admire
Stood strong through right or wrong
Fought pain with time and hate
I'll fight when they try to strip me of my rights and wont,
I wont accept defeat
I may be down but i will not be beat
One voice

With pride i'll keep on striving till
I die and never, never will i black out
The streets remain in heart without a doubt
One voice




Face society and its bias laws
Roam through endless courts and its corruptive jaws
They say a man is innocent till proven guilty
For sure they meant the opposite in reality
Forced to a plea, forced to give in
Refused to seek justice, chosen to turn their chins
Now youve got their offers
He say you cant refuse
They choose your public defender
To be sure youll give in and lose
Don't get caught don't give in and lose

Nothing beats the truth to be set free
Minute turn to hours, hours to days
Days into nightmares with therapy pain
Forced into a plea to withdraw your rights
Fell into its contents refusing to continue the fight
Now the truth is sought, costly in its length
Time to be set free, regain your natural strength
Don't fall into - broken rules - don't be fooled
Hold strong, stay free


Here we come to demolish the wall
We've waited years to witness this fall
Today we see the truth among curious lies
We've come to seek justice with our own eyes
Brick by brick we slave for a life and mortar mix for dimes
We won't allow ourselves to be beat
We won't level this wall of dirty deeds
Our rise will be your fall
With force we'll crush your wall
Yet it is true how we've been kept in the dark
For our life lacks the beauty of yours
And while the poorer get poorer
You could care less because youre set for life with riches
Brick after brick weve slaved for your life
And mortar mix for nothing but dimes
Never again will we ever be beat
Nor will we level this wall full of dirty deeds


Pure hatred burns deep in my soul because our bond has cracked in time
Its taken months for my cool to explode
Now whats been damaged remains in my mind
I should have listened to those you called fools
For the fool was i to be led blind
You've played your final game, the odds have failed you again
My faith was all to blame
I thought you were a friend id trust till end
These days you learn to trust no one
You must include those closest friends
For what has many of their promises done?
But left you betrayed in the end
I should have listened to those you called fools
For the fool was i to be led blind.


Yesterday, my wourld crashed with a blast
That period i chose to bury my past
It tells of time - my back against the wall
Back then, a victim of society to maul
Spend your life pushing and shoving to climb to the top
But you're held by a thread
All the work you've don't goes to waste
Because in this life you just cant get ahead
Again my world came tumbling hard upon my back
Life sifted through my hands like sand through an hourglass
It tells of time i'll never recapture
The grains controlling my life scarred me forever
So this is how it goes - you give with no return
You're always undertowed - can't get ahead


You see it was drawn easy, my services for a rewarding fee
Never thinking then of the hundreds i've hurt
Their morals and family so deserted, you see,
Back then my mind was conned, caught in a pipe dream
Understand my path set forth from a struggling background
Mom always worked her hardest maintaining her four hounds
Scared and afraid that my own child's future was at stake
Quickly reacting was where i made my biggest mistake
Filled with dillusions i fell

I fell deep in my grave carried by deceits devouring waves
I can still remember her nights in tears of rage
Never giving up even with her life in a ruthless maze
Took a harsh lesson for me to understand life
What once was taken granted stabbed with a knife
I've towed along loved ones throughout my experiences,
Placed them in torturous wars when it all was needless
Now and then i failed to think deep clear inside
Now and then i rather maintain a modest existence
Now and then never again will i barter my freedom


Bless me father for i have sinned
Those crimes that i commited, well, i did em again
Empty my soul to empower yours
Lead me blindly down the path to salvations doors
God in your vanity laws you decree
Will give eternal freedom with murder first degree...
Look in the mirror, what would you see
A reflection of your people struck by power and greed
Bless me father, for i have sinned
The guidlines for my behavior from above, not within
They say man is his own hell
Man created in gods image, that goes for you as well


Clenching my fist, holding it in
Can't keep up the guard, i must break within
I've kept to myself, obeyed my script
Now i've violated into a boiling fit
I've givin fair warning, best known to enforce you
You wish to challenge my anger, i wish to prove you untrue
I've set no room for lost untrue memories
Of how it was then from those who lived

Step back new jack
It would have been wiser to have kept you in check
Destroying the chance of you crossing the line
Retaliate, step back new jack
Take this advice, retreat off my tracks
Build your own life, dont live off my past
For in this future i'll play a new role
Excluding freeloaders, i've set a new goal
I've given fair warning, best known to enforce you
You wish to challenge my anger, i wish to prove you untrue
You'll never know the load of shit you dug throughout time
I could never ever sleep at night with you in my mind
I don't live a life full of lies
You built your own wall to break
I always had a lot to give and all you did was take
I won't live a life full of lies


Four hundred years ago as enforced today,
The barriers built then to reform undesirable prey
Removed from civilization, reduced to depraved moles
Once freedom is withdrawn the levels of hatred soar
For in this house you call our home,
Your righteous land, your torturous tombs
Lust in our future to strengthen our eyes overlook instigations made of immoral lies
Force fed lies

Keep our lives in colors, animosity you feed
Create a need of power, when men wear shades of green
Now pit us, bait us and place us on your board
Come arm us, force us, and use us in your war
Again in our valley where the buffalo roamed
Your sociopathic battle mourned seven new souls
The mission a success, divide and conquer technique
The creator not a myth, just an injurious elite


I remember just the best of you,
Like the beatings and bruises you gladly through
And when it came down for mental support
A blatant strike was how you would resort
Tell me what i have done wrong to deserve pain so strong
Haven't i proven your pride or just a loser in your eyes?
So what in the truth is to expect from you after being so abused, so confused?
But thats alright because it only shows that all you had to offer were a few low blows
Where did i do you wrong?
When have i done you wrong?
I know you wish i never existed.
Showing destain you never resisted.
A real father figure you never showed.
Just emptiness is all i knew.
Tell me where did i go wrong?
Was i when i was first born?
I could never be your son for all the damage that you've done
Where did i do you wrong?
When have i failed to show that i can only hold such wrong...
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