Alabama Thunderpussy

Open Fire tracks



Pulses are rising, creatures are dying
Hollywood can't paint these skies
Stenches that linger as Death licks his fingers
Invoking the floods and the fires
Somewhere the sky is beautiful and forgiving
Where are the days before she came to the cleasing?
Evacuations, Earth's desecration reverting the bedlam by night
Nature reveals changes oh so surreal
How we've taken for granted this life
In the pool of destruction
Swimming with hungry shark where the bodies litter the shore
Danger cuts across the fields
Leaving mounds of debris so torn
Souring the path of all I fear the wrath of the woman scorned
All have seen her
Death's dealer
Flushing all peace away


I was thrashing away
Swinging wildly to no avail as deception excavated lifesblood from my bones
Knocked out the buried alive
I can't help but to feel inside that somehow
I shoveled half the dirt into this hole
Sing your song to me
Void of harmony
Drive me to death then try to nurse me back to health
How can you stare back in these eyes that sink into my head?
Goddamn, you're poisoning me
So damn vain, all the world can see
The irony is you're killing me, but I'm already dead
Sing your song to me
Void of harmony
Seek your wildest dreams
Tear mine at the seams
Some call me strong, yet I feel so weak
Spring of life's gone, Autumn's turning bleak
Brutal Winter is damn near killing me
Tendrils rising to start again
Born again
The Phoenix rising from the flame
Left behind the ashes with new lifesblood in my bones
Haunted by nothing more
And when I bury the past for sure, I'll be standing above the ground when I fill up that hole
Sing your song to me
Void of harmony
Seek your amnesty
Far away from me


Got to change, this life's a bore
You might just get what your asking for
I said before that I spoke the truth
I thank you for your paper trail of proof
Time will reveal how the righteous wrong
How they conceal with the forked tonque
Cherish the words of the dying man
Only fools compomise themselves
Greener grass on other hills
Happiness is not a pill
With damage done, one should not grieve
The door hits your ass when you leave
And you know just when you've hit the bottom
When your children forget your name
Got to change for what's in store
God knows we all are deserving more
I said before that I spoke the truth
I thank you for your paper trail of proof


Once an angel came to me and said 'Do you lack inside'
And so I raised my head to reconcile
My burdens of the earth must be well deserved
So I begged for mercy from the one
Now the angel's gone, and hell's become my home
I sit and think how life has gone
Would it be unfair to ask for more?
The beggar knows
The angel since returned to the one once spurned and claims the invitation won't expire
Somehow I just can't see salvation as elite
And so I sent the angel on his way
Should heaven be so vain, bring on judgment day
I sit and think what love has done
Could it be that I'm the one so wrong?
The beggar knows
Your congregation's meeting
The chosen pray
Ignore the beggar's pleading and turn away
Sinners rising sinners casting stones again
Sinners bring the beggar to his end
His eye have seen heaven's at hand
Thunder roars, the clouds bring gales forces, wicked battering
The sun hangs his head in shame
Those who joined in life with the beggar shall be reconciled
For the vain-cast into the lack of fire
And now I hope you see malaise in vanity
And that you may not be a chosen one
Ain't no one really knows which way the spirit go
Yet I believe that action speaks a ton
If we are to become one with salvation
I sit and think what death will bring
Will I burn in flames of fly on wings?
The beggar knows


Strung high above the trees
Discord and entropy
Incessant banter's got me full of spite
I've got no patience, got no time
Misguided shoves
Remove your gloves
Dismiss the warning and you're gonna learn
None shall return
Coiled up and poised to strike
Jackasses are alike
Somehow it seems they breed in overtime
I've got no reason to be kind
You're talking tough
I've had enough
The day our paths do cross you're gonna learn
None shall return
Your insolence now jades
I'll rain on your parade
But you won't step outside
Small dogs without much bite should stay inside at night and bark behind the door
Apologies so weak and frequent that they reek of insincerity
A population that's so vile and base
Eradicating moral code
Their legacy no more than commonplace
Tonight the worthless breed is overthrown


Fists flying, on the run
How whiskey taste like fun
I've had my back against the stars, face down in mud
Run through the hurricane
Coincidentally felt no pain
Crank up the amplifier so loud
Don't wanna hear your lip no more
Take on the world
It's whiskey war
Backcharge the system fast
Cops confiscate your grass then burn it up when they get home
And you're still in jail
Doctors will write the scripts
You'll show 'em past your lips
One legal dealer with a quota
Ain't gonna take that shit no more
Take on the world
It's whiskey war
Signal towers pushing power overhead
Scam religions, premonitions of the dead
Listen to me, carbon copy wannabe
One cannot be what they weren't born to be
Don't take for granted what's your home
I won't pretend I'm aristocracy
I'm just a troop in Whiskey War


Casting shame upon the malefactors is is dilution of all their play
Also-rans begrudge the titleholder
If you don't cheat you're destined to fail
Dreamers spend their fortunes before they wake
Underdogs become imposters for the accolades
Gracious smile now shakes the hand of triumph
clean your wounds and head on to brood despair
It's hard to breathe staring at your blue ribbon on the mantle of another's lair
Dreamers spend their fortunes before they wake
Underdogs become imposters for the accolades
I want to taste redemption before my wake
Gotta be the titleholder before I hit my grave
Green in my eyes of the hungry
Green pockets of the great
Green is the vain imposter
Green grass above my grave


We fight tonight beneath the jet filled skies
Terror and courage cannot be disguised
Remember family to dull the pain
The battle's over, yet the war remains
I've given up my dreams
Now you protest and scream
Freedoms you gain are born when good folks die
Even if it's not right, with valor I shall fight
Just help me see the new sunrise
Distrust the enemy with cunning guile
Protest perimeters with no denial
Is my baby safe outside my hand?
And is her heart inside another man?
The stakes are high
I must not die
My child is all I see
Strong shall survive
I am alive
But now the enemy's stalking me
We die tonight beneath the jet filled skies
The terror overtakes our blood filled eyes
Remember family despite the pain
The battle's over yet the war remains


Pistols scream
God's mysteries
Semi-automatic on a lunatic spree
Plagued by birth
Fault of the earth
Castigate the falsifier with a lead scourge
Sins of the father
Broken by man
Voices exhorting beckon the plan
Taking no hostage; open fire
Duct tape dread
The living dead
Execution style to the back of the head
lives defiled
Mother and child
Evil assailant so turned on the wild, showing mercy for no one and none shall survive
How many times can a childhood be blamed for these actions contrived?
God went away
Spectres arriving expropriate
Sins of the father
Broken by man
Voices exhorting beckon the plan
Taking no hostage; open fire
Emissay of Abaddon
Black rage sins define
Reprobate hellion
Enchanting angels' minds
Tempt them with a succubus
Conceive hell's uprise
Blood stains the street of ill desire
Assassins aim and open fire
Dispatching penalty
Bricks bathe skulls and bones
Inverted crucifix tattooed upon their souls
Hag woman cackling, acknowledging their fate
Waiting for just a taste from lord Satan's plate
To buy the prize, you sold your soul
Charon awaits the ferry's toll
Blood stains the streets of ill desire
Assassins aim and open fire


All support the system of denied hypocrisy
Blackened auras justify the selling out of dignity
Set the stage, manipulation the double-dealers sow
Kiss of judas on my soul
Look out below
Bitter winds are blowing
Freeze the rain upon your back
it's so hard to walk alone in constant fear of their attack
But never mind the barking, for their rotten teeth can't bite
Affectation and decay devour from inside
Pretense and imitation
Birthright of all alive
Some reek of ostentation
Knowing they'll never thrive
Dissimulations posturing behind your cloak
The shameless hands embracing you in facades then slit your throat
Double-dealer from the gutter
Double-dealer from the mire
Take a good, dublicity
Leave a bitter taste behind, afterbirth of treachery
Circumvent the subterfuge with vengeance and disdain
Put your boots and jackets on and brave the rain


Uncounted millions living the dream
Some things just aren't quite what they seem
Drowned in temptations
Black hearts turned ill
Insatible, can't get their fill
From deep within the pits of sin, a hunger calls to feed
While children sleep, the devil creeps and pumps you full of greed
Unholy millions living a lie tell it straight into their eyes
God bless the victims and cure the lame
Sometimes they are one and the same
Now greed has gripped your heart
Inner conflict has you torn apart
So goes diseases of the soul
Harbingers of your fate laughing at you 'cause they know it's too late
Your future sealed, the bell does toll