Baboon Rising

Operation Kiyard tracks



Kayasemamba is living in the jungle
Color of a coconut Kayasemamba
Kayasemamba smells like a dirty sock
She is ugly, I don't like her face
You think your the greatest seducer in the world
But, you will bow in the end. To me you are scum
and petty as long as I'm in warfare. Demons
like you make me laugh. When I'm in the Word
victory is mine, Kayasemamba. You got a spear
and you try to spear us Christians, but we have
a duel edged sword which can divide sinews and
Kayasemamba, why don't you take a bath
Brush all the dirt off your grubby back


In my distress, I called to the Lord
From the depths of the grave, I cried
I then discovered wisdom through His Word
Extracted from the pit, where I could have died
I give thanks to you o Lord
For you have given me Your Sword
I cast my care unto You
Your will is what You do
I want to live in Your delight
Casting out darkness, living in Your Light
And as I continue to worship and praise
You have given me the atonement to pray


I was driving in my car one day
And this big 'ole oinker came my way
He plopped down on the commode
Which was in the middle of the road
I waited for the swine to move
When all of a sudden he began to groove
I yelled and stared but the squealer
didn't care
Get out of the way you oinker
Move away you swine
If you don't move him out
So they began to shout
Finally the road crew came on time
They built a road around the swine
The pig squealed in laughter
everyone lived happily ever after


Natural bacon flavor sprinkles
Use of this product gives you wrinkles
With real bacon and butter
It'll make you stutter
Molly's fat free, just like you and me
Only 4 calories, bring on the salaries
Molly McButter-enjoy the hearty taste
Molly McButter-enjoy the bacon waste
Sprinkle generously on anything you like
Pour it on your cereal, pour it on rice
Buy this product and you will see
Just how good Molly can be
Cause It's cholesterol free


What causes fights and quarrels?
How have they become?
Could it be my covetous desires?
Or the lust that I succumb?
I give my prayers unto the Most High
Because of wrong motives, I'm denied
Carnality causes me to stumble
God opposes the proud, gives grace to the humble
Wash your hands you sinners
Purify your hearts
From the world we've been set apart
Who am I to slander? Who am I to judge?
When I myself am guilty, the verdict from above
Revival commences in the heart
Submitting to Jesus for a new start
Ignoring the flesh and it's grumble
God opposes the proud, gives grace to the humble
Grieve, mourn, wail...


I was waiting at the checkout
And I glanced to the left
When I saw a headline titled:
"Joan Collins Mysterious Death"
I picked up a magazine and turned the page
"Cher mistaken for an animal, Thrown in a cage"
"A girl Aged 5 Gives Birth to a 14 Year Old Boy"
"He was Really a Construction Worker"
This Sigmond Freud
What do these periodicals show?
What inquiring minds want to know
"Oprah Dies of Malnutrition"
"Charles Manson has a new Invention"
"Nuclear Warfare is good For Your Health"
"Donald Trump Lost All His Wealth"


Kiyard (over and over again)


They fight a useless battle
They insist to slander Christ
Compulsion of deception
Their eyes squint in the Light
To hare krishna or buddah
these words of insult are not said
It's to the Word of God and Jesus
Who raised up from the dead
Hatred without reason
Blind to the truth
Persecuted season
Ignorant in what they do
Persecution of the Church
With claims it lives on greed
An overkill of futile lies
Your money we do not need
Because we live for Christ
And the world we disown
Unbelievers hate us all
Our belief they don't condone
Separate yourselves from the world
And deny it's evil ways
Since you cannot defeat Christ
Join Him and be saved
Open your eyes to the truth


Went to Bejing, there was no king
Went to Seattle, there was no cattle
Went to Texas, found all my "x"es
I wanted to go to Maine, instead I found Spain
Went to the Alps, they lost their scalps
Went to see the Brits, they didn't shave their pits
Went to the Taj Mahal, I was looking for the mall
I wanted to go to Vladivastok, ended up in Woodstock
Went to Quebec, there were lots of rednecks
Went to Oregon and played the organ
Went to Madagascar where I bought a Japanese car
Went to Scotland Yard where I found lots of Kiyards
Went to Wyoming where I saw buffalo roaming
I wanted to go to Nigeria, but I ended up in Siberia
Where in the world am I?


Satan is a deceiver
All he wants to do is lead you
into the pit of hell
Where you will scream and yell
He fools all of you
With his lies and alibis
And he wants you to deny
The Living Son of God
Who is my Staff and Rod
Thank you Lord for blessing me
With Your death on Calvary
Your resurrection is a reflection
Of sin and it's disconnection
You can't trust this
You lead me to salvation
Now He calls me to preach unto the nation
Now we are about done so turn unto the Son


Seeds they seem like bullets
Since water flew in the sky
The rich became the shoppers
And the melons became the rinds
Produce lingers in my brain
Of melon flesh and the rain
A fruit I never liked
Nothing more remains
No seeds or no pink flesh
No one could ever see
How the ground remains mesh
Hear the shotgun sound blast
And see the melon for the last
Let's watch the melon explode
Shades of green are all I see
Watermelons of society
The melon slowly decays
The fragments that were
Melon(ies) of Supremacies
As the next one waits to die
Melons always remain the same
Rinds are always to blame
The melon begins to drain
Shades of green are all I see
Slices of what used to be
Watermelons of Society


Soft tissue wasn't released
Zachary Taylor is now deceased
I wonder if he ever will rest in peace
Maybe Zach ate to much garlic salt
Or maybe he O.D.ed on a chocolate malt
But either way it wasn't his fault
The test results are in,
Zachary wasn't poisoned
But he is still dead
Zachary is in a decomposed state
So we really can't tell what he ate
What ever it was-he's dead-it's too late
Since then, he's moved 3 times
Is unburial really a crime?
I guess it's better than eating slime.


At Golgotha where He was crucified
A miracle took place when he died
Sins were banished from every race
As blood dripped down his scarred face
The guards had pierced His side
To make sure He was dead
In the tomb is where He was laid
After this brutal bloodshed
His temple was destroyed
And on the third day rebuilt
Accept Jesus now
Or feel eternal guilt
Bloodshed-the price was paid for all
Bloodshed-to those who heed the call


(Matthew 28: vs.18-20)