Agressor (FRA)

Orbital Distortion tracks



Life isn't worth living
A smashed up logic rules our instincts
In our world, life has no sense
But it's not a sense
It's a desire
Everyone knows that our motion of time
Changes it's voice according to our fancy
Intense pleasure spotting from my guts
Invade your wet body

Creeping over your mind
Tearing your phantasm
Infectious contence of life
Rules all of your acts

Human race raugh procreate a chain of circumstances
Will stop in your life
Everyone choose his ideal
Don't be trapped

Feel these abstract emotion
Invade your neurosensors
Pleasure and pain rule you...till death

This plague is here, there's no way to hide
High level of contamination
Cos it's a paralytic disease


In the night the wind of war blows towards that plain
Black horseman await the command to start the fight of pain
Shield and dagger, all weapons gleam in the dark night
Spirit of death and the lord of war breed an evil might

As the signal is done the slaughter
Begins and the soldiers starts to fight
Disaster, pain and tear invade all of this peaceful land
Come from hell, the horsemen with the unholy fight
In an endless cry the massacre stops
But see the bloody corpse

In the air, on the land, at sea and everywhere
War and panic, flesh and blood are creeping through this world
But some survivers have joined their forces to kill again their mystic powers
The legend comes back when the mystic warrior is pack

[repeat chorus]

Barbaric roars and noises of war, revenge and fortune is ours
Unchained slaves and their holy priests have lost their powers
The demons quam their fortress when their lord celebrates his victory
Wizards invoke the mystic forces to fight the hordes

But the wind of war is still blowing through this night
Invisible mystic forces without mercy
Emerged from nowhere, that warrior has gone
A mayhemic destruction, it's a plague which picks the bones

[repeat chorus]


Astral spirits run through the limbos
Where no physical laws could govern there
The old time is lost when human being
Worshipped god, was afraid of him

We keep our knowledge
Too dangerous for us
Our craft is the edge
The key of wisdom
You're my image
But you're of my clone
Don't enter our domain
Or will come the elemental decay

Were wolves and trolls will invade asgard
Atroce mutants are living their world
Essence of live, bows on the altar
Technological abominations are the result of war
Technological level
Have killed the old rites
Fainest nymph and owosh are in the wither domain
Spirit against matter
There's no logical laws
Don't cross the gate or it'll be the elemental decay

The day will come when human being
Will obscede the gods and control their domain
When their spiritual maturity
Will reach her paroxysm
This time will be the good one
You'll understand why
Our power can't be yours
You'll have to wait for this time
You've got a lot to learn
To reach the top
You can't enter now or will come the elemental decay!