Baboon Rising

Out of Balance tracks



Cross the street one day
Cars are in the way
Your chewing on some hay
You slipped on a fillet
Your going down the stairs
There are socks everywhere
And Jell-O in your hair
You slipped on your dairy air
Dumbfounded in a hospital room
Two broken legs
'cause I slipped on a broom
Fell right down under my feet
Something didn't feel real neat
I wanted to say "bleep"
'Cause I slipped on a sugar beat
Doctor said I had to drink Tab
My clothing is a bit drab
From my neighbor new shoes I'll nab


Caught in an explosion
An explosion of putrid and stench
No one knows which way
To get to the bench
In a world of confusion
Nothing seems quite fair
Except for the elephant
The elephant's dairy air
Torturous encryptions
Babbling my brain
That goes without saying
I'm sure we'll be quite insane
More lyrics to fill up this song
Make time to eat a hot dog
That's a foot long
No preparation or time to prepare
Thrown into bits and played on the air
Which you could sell to make a big profit
I'm sure all the money you'll want to pocket
Thicker in the veins and you'll be swingin'
I'll knock on your door but I'll be poor
You'll beat me out 'cause I don't have gout
I don't what else to say so I won't
Bird brain on a holiday, Nothing more left to say


Comeback from a wretched pit
Where style and grace don't seem to fit
Changes in Gutwater
Onward to the slaughter
Changes in Gutwater
Onward to the slaughter
Sewer County, USA
The smell alone keeps me away
The smell alone keeps me down
Keeps my head to the ground
Stick it in like an ostrich
I'm never coming back again
Theres only one place worse
And that would be in a hearse
Wholesome people with a bad attitude
Especially when the giant
Brings on a tidal wave
At their only pool with great fortitude
"Chickens are us" is the motto
Imagine if they had their own lotto


Who let Prince Albert out of the can?
The guilty ones pride shall keep him humble
Scoop up all the money from the wrecked armored van
'Cause of the 6 year old boy who caused such a stumble
Let me wind up my radio, bask in technology
They say don't overdose on milk if you dare
Holiday greeting card might blow up my biology
Little cabbage patch kid might eat my hair
Proposition 215 and 209
Votes of controversy to the mind
Throw one away, the other is fine
Equal opportunity for all
Throw the dope to the grind
Heard a boom sonic
A headache chronic
Six million bionics
Speak a little ebonics
First lady tried to talk to the dead
There's many of psychiatric help near by
Those cattle futures helped keep her family fed
Obstruction of justice 'n breakin' the law
I can't understand why


Blazing carnal passion
Is snuffed out by the wind
Love rears it's ugly head
As a hallowed point enters in
St. Valentine was beheaded
As ordered by the king
The only love that can be real
Can not come from a human being
Intergalactic ballistic missile
Intercepts Cupid's broken arrow
Convoluted dried up thistle
Is more appealing than you know
Romance seems way too overrated
It doesn't last, for me out dated
The media sticks to this spoof
Like puke on a hot tin roof
For every ballad I wish I had a dime
I'd be buried in currency many a time
For every chick flick that's on the
big screen
There's a hundred more to be seen
Don't people know what to celebrate
On the fourteenth of February?
Not all this pungent mush infatuate
It's Ferris Wheel Day can't you see?
It's what you want to be
Why aren't there more movies and songs
About automatic weapons and guns?

Look out, you know here it comes
Money is gone, it rips you, strips you
No more fun, the deal is done
I wanted to buy a new guitar
I guess not now
Can I borrow a silver bar
To buy a dairy cow?
Whoa, thought I had it all
But no, Government and it's laws
Are coming for you
Look inside, Open wide
Moneys gone and so am I
Do you know what I mean?
I feel like a stupid machine


Flushback-baby please don't go
Flushback-lets us out the door
Flushback-worldwide travel bureau
Flushback-sing like Elvis don't you know
I'm gonna sing that pure sweet sound
Ever since we came around
When you find them in my hands
Twice the melody is what I cram
Some sing with a joyful noise
But not me, I make an awful noise
Alby the Krul loves to drool
All over Mohammad
Alby the Krul wasn't such a fool
To use Honey Hump as a tool
I'm not much of a singer
But if saw you'd say
I was a real dead ringer
For that guy in that movie
About that girl with a dog
And they say..
Flush Flush back, baby don't go
Flush Flush back, I said no
Flushboy-wher did you go?
Flushboy-they'll never know
Flushboy-I don't even care
Flushboy-Sing in spite of me
Flushboy-We've lost all track of the melody
Flushboy-There's even no sense of the harmony


Spontaneity, wake up with a cold
One day healthy, another day old
Snort anthahistome with a rubber hose
To break up this congestion in my nose
As silly as this may seem
The smell of mucous is quite keen
The aroma doesn't last too long
When it dries up the smell is gone
When your lying alone in your bed
All the snot goes to one side of your head
One side is clogged up like a drain
The other so clear air goes to my brain
I wonder where all the burgers are stored
I've never tasted one, never been that bored
I wonder why it has to be
Made up of three consistencies
One is slimy, sometimes runny
Just like honey
The other is gooey, sometimes chewy
Great with stew or a huey
The kind you flick are harder than a stick
They seem to be the easiest to pick


Take me away to the cleansing place
Where the doors of the bathroom are open wide
The shower head greets me there
My body odor I try to hide
Take me away close the shower curtain
Where you can pee in the drain and no one knows
The place that holds the shampoo and soap
When I'm clean I sit next to you and...
Pray that I won't stink forever
The pungent man will not be me
Today, I'll clean myself forever
When I'm clean, It sure feels neat
After many days in manure and mud
In the bubble bath I do confide
Scrubbing inside and around my ears
Wash under my arms and my behind
Fly me away to a cleaner world
Where there's no more stench and
can be no grime
The place that holds the shampoo and soap
When I'm clean I sit next to you and...
Here I am from the suds super bowl
Fresh and loved, I crawl out of this hole
No there's no time left for crawling in the mud
No there's no time left,
I'm too busy with the suds and..


Undeniably true
What's happened to you
Made from the bark of a tree
Now it's attached to your butt
Instead of your knee
Instead of plastic surgery
Advances in medical science
Make it possible to be
Corkbutt, Corkbutt
Cosmetically corrupt
Gluteal implants
Make your body light
Attached under the
muscle real tight
New and impressive
Physiological design
Made from pure cork
Strapped to your behind


I would like to page Eddie Echo
To meet me in the Cafe Commons
Edward is the mastermind
He's the one who took the time
The reason why it is this way
He's the one who wrote
He's to blame
You may ask why it's a simple one
To explain to you about this song
His genius is beyond that of
A tattooed squirrel at feeding time
His theory is pure sublime
The audience sits in awe
Captured by his vocal flaw
So if 'ole Eddie Echo would make himself known
'Cause the royalties and loyalties he doth own
If only he would come around
For all this noise we'd shoot him down