Paths tracks





Uprising, eternal chaos is rising
Destroying, ethernal chaos is destroying
Confession, eternal chaos, my confession
Execution, eternal chaos executes me

Watch me crying
I'm suffering the pain of life
Feel it bleeding
Mental wounds around my mind
Hear me screaming
My freezing voice surrounds the night
See me dying
Another soul erased by light

Erased by light

I feel the hate flowing through my veins
Innards an guts all over my face
Watch me crying
Feel me bleeding

Darkness comes back, no way to return
The dead will reign, our black souls will burn
Hear me screaming
See me dying


Illusions in my head
Are entering my mind
Pictures of love and hate
Reflections in the light

Thoughts and perceptions
Bursting my soul
I want to explain
But how, I don't know

Creation of mine
Things I will share
No reaction, no understanding
Alone, you leave me there (in the)
Shadows of twilight
In the darkness of death
No glimmer of hope, no answers in sight
I will take my last breath

My creation
My damnation

But somewhere beyond
I will dominate
There i will be the master
Of mercy and faith


So long before our time
A forgotten land, banned from our minds
Rests somewhere in my soul

The longings in my heart
Moving back on these old paths
More stronger than terresrial life

My path will go ever on
Over rocks and under trees
By caves, where never sun has shone
By streams, that never find the sea

Over snow by winter sown
And through merry flowers of june
Over grass over stone
And under mountains in the moon

My path goes ever on
Under clouds and under stars
My feets were gone for long
Turn at least to home afar

Eyes, that fire and swords have seen
And battles in the halls of stone
Look at least on meadows green
And trees and hills they long have known


Mourning illusions are surrounding
My heart and my soul
Confused from a melody inside me
The end of my days
The end of all my dreams and I cry
Thinking back to times
I had the chance to decide

Sometimes, somehow and somewhere
I will walk the right way
Throwing off the sins on my soulders
Listen to the deadly symphony

The melody whispers to me
I'm closing my eyes and I am
Gliding in the endless depth
The dungeons of darkness

Forlorn from the will to life
In silence I die
Opressed from the guilt, i had inside
In silence I'd die tonight


Dunkle seelen, graue sätze
Aus de, feuer entsprungen
Hier endet die hetze
Durch nacht und nebel
Verfolgen mich stimmen
Von gefallenen engeln
Es gibt kein entrinnen

Ich kenn keine ruhe
Nicht den schlaf
Was für andere die norm
Ist für mich ein grab
Ein grab völlig verlassen
Zuerst muss ich irren
Durch tausende gassen

Bevor die dunklen seelen
Mich nicht mehr hassen...

Und in der nacht der wahrheit
Steht er vor mir
Befiehlt mich vor ein grab
Aus dem grabe empor
Zerreisst der blutrote himmel
Ein blitz des grauens

Er trifft einen der sieben engel
Und er stürzt auf ihn herab
Doch nach seines erwachens
Schaut er mir tief in die augen
Er verfolgt und hetzt mich durch die nacht

Durch das geäst und das gehölz...
Renne ich...

Bleich im gesicht vor angst und schreck
Renneich so schnell ich kann von hier weg
Weg vor dem letzten guten in mir
Ich kann nicht mehr aus, ich will weg von hier

Mitten hindurch, durch das dickicht
Zerkratzen mir die bäume mein gesicht
Ein splitternder dorn
Der von einem ast abbricht
Bohrt sich fest in mein gesicht
Die energie des lebens
Die sich mir entzieht
Ersetzt durch das feuer
Das durch meinen körper irrt


They are creatures of the night
Mysterious and dressed in velvet
Be never there when you're alone
They'll suck your blood and rape your soul

They are creatures of the night
They fly up in the nightsky

In lonly nights of fullmoon
They're dancing in your dreams
Casting a spell on you
Abducted in shadows of the night
You've beenlured in their dark empire
Where hundred of black figures are staring at you

They stare at you like hungry wolfs
Their lust for red sweet blood
And for your pale skin
Paralized from their gloomy eyes
They hold out their hand
And then they're getting slowly closer

Look up in the nightsky and celebrate
Vampiric dances, they're dancing tonight

Look up in the nightsky and celebrate
Vampiric dances, up in the sky


Thunder and lightning
These sounds are frightening
Heaven is burning
Away with my yearning

I'm walking in endless meadows of grass
It's silent but I'm feeling strange and restless
I'm looking from where the sudden wind blows
Something is coming from the north

Wind becomes stronger
Tears in my eye's
Shadows all around me
So I don't realise
That black clouds and raindrops
Are forming to a force
Something is coming from the north

Earth is trembling
Fog is gambling
Squadrons are blend'in
Everything seems to be ending

My mind tells me to run, but I don't know how
My body starts collapsing, I can't run anymore
There is somthing above me, illusion or truth
Something is coming from the north

Something is coming
Something from the north


Beyond the houling winds of sadness
Forests in pale darkness lie
The cloudy sky is filled with sins
The shadows of the moonlight die
A crying grave is opened wide
Shadows rise in the night
A song of sadness sung in days
When misery and pain leading my ways

The mountains cry, the pain will fly
An endless sea of agony
Receive the light, receive the night
Release your tears and feel your fears

Everything i had, and all that i wanted
Seems now to belong to the life of anotherone
Sitting there and watching my time seeping away
Just like flowing water on sand dried by sun
For long i have asked myself, but noone responded
In this gloomy silence i have nothing left to say

Beyond the whispering of the night
The sins are lost in darkened might
A stream of tears in shed, in grief
When light and warnth, the darkness leaves
Now muddy gloom recieves it's bless
The frozen snow and ice will slay
Beyond and cover up my way


Under gloomy stars
We're walking our path
To glory and victory
Or pain and misery

Under gloomy stars
We're marching to war
Through the darkland depth always deeper
Followed by the reaper
Reaching a battle full of gore
A scenario of horror
We are born forlorn
While we're listening to the sounds of horns

Blood on swords, my battleheart hurts
Surrounded by black birds
Death to all mankind, whispered from the deathknight
Dispatched from him

The sound of horns

No soul and no feelings with pain they're dealing
Black blood they're bleeding
Acting out of false pride, behind masks they hide
Dispatched by him

The sound of horns

In the middle of the night
The stars are shining bride
Noone is alive, under the sky
Body next to body, guts next to guts
They are born forlorn
Never listening to the sound of horns

In the middle of the night
A last man is standing light
Tears of fear run from his skin
His soul is filled with sin
As a shadow rise from the ground
And he listens that the sound
Of horns dies away
And the evil starts to say