Baboon Rising

Pennywaste tracks



Under the gun, government control
Criminal minds, out on parol
Under the gun, life on the streets
The right to bear arms only for the cheats
The velvet glove with an iron fist
Pacifist illusion, a bullet just missed
Psychotic killer, coke, dope dealer
How could they take the blame for victims
Now the laws devoured the rights of civilians
To own a gun for all the right reasons
It is a shame that our freedom is under the gun


It's been some time since you left me
Just like the others, you gave me that line
You let it be known how much you loved me
Then you said that you needed some time
Looking back at the good times we shared
How you said you'd never leave, I remember
Now it's plain to see that you never cared
Our relationship, you grossly dismembered
You left me in the cold
Getting dumped surely gets old
One thing remains to be true
I've got my coin, so who needs you
Females, so eager to deceive
They can take their lies and leave
They say that our gender is bad
It's plain to see what gender is mad
Love to you is like a toy
Breaking my heart was such a joy
The reason is I was too nice
All I want is a bowl of rice
My friends will never stab me in the back
The hypocrisy of women continues to stack
Feminazis continue to rise
They will fall to their demise
Women, can't live with 'em
It's not that we hate the opposite gender
We just hate what they've done to us
In a relationship with them we are hindered
It's gonna take some time and God to give
them our trust.


What? What was that? huh?
What Jay, what? I didn't say nothin'
Yeah #58 with a hot quarter from hell
I got the mastitis blues. What did you
say Jay. So I just gave her shot and
said "there ya go girl" What did you say
Oh, Nothin' Mom. I'm just thinking out loud
to myself again. Yeah get the feed, losin'
money I ain't got. Yeah Mark got those
blues feelin too. I know it's rough, but
someone's got to do it. So, I'll get up
again tomorrow and get right back to it.


Don't remember eating bugs
I realized they taste the same
The more seriously I ate things
The hungrier my belly became
I had no idea how much it cost
More bugs passed before my ears
I found out eating bugs was free
Sure beats drinking a beer
So as you hear this, know my friends
I'd love to dine with you all
Don't frown when you think of me
Eating ants at the mall
A soup de bugs
Un soup de mense
Who am I kidding
I don't speak french
These are the insects that I eat
It's not the same as meat
If that junebug was still alive
I know it would be fresh
Toilet paper surely ain't cheap
Mix it up in one big mesh
Little insect, such a simple thing
But the indigestion is hard
It makes my nose run, my feet stink
My terds come out charred


The rubber bullet that could
ESP Neck on a sandwich
Can I poop on your x-girlfriend's toe cheese?
Balloons are very delicious and I can't spell
Why doesn't Mr. Whiting care to yell?
Bayou of chicken nuggets
That baby looks like Gabe


Life on the farm is very laid back
Koil milks the cows, Jay feeds the cats
Life is so happy, Skies all around
Bills are in the mail, I really like the browns
My hair looks good today
My room is cleaned up okay
My watch is still on time
Koil and Jay just bought a swine
Someone actually called for me
I'm about to enjoy some coffee
I'm so happy that I could cry
Don't have a dryer but my socks are dry
Food on the stove, my feet don't stink
I just clocked out my feet don't stink
I like my toilet bowl the way
That it flushes into that hole
Theres air to breath, snot on my sleeve
Twizzlers to chew, there's some on you
Got my own room, get paid soon
Eddies back in town, acting like a clown



I've tried GE, I've tried Tonka
But Samsung is the best
Just close your eyes and take a breath
Snorty is a cannibal who likes to eat pork
We like to feed him well with a spork
My nose is all stuffed up I can barely breath
But if I blow with TP, I just may sneeze
I really like things that are neat
It's nice when my feet don't stink
I adore watches that are in time
I admire anything that rhymes
When you clip your toenails,
they say to cut them straight
Dialects are pretty well done mate
Feed me with a rubber band, trouble going down
Little bit of Reynolds Wrap, make it come around
A pennywaste for your thoughts
Psychologically I've been dropped
Coffee always cheers me up
It's cool when the commode can flush


There was a time when I thought you cared
Now the pain from losing you is all I teddy bear
I sent you flowers and treated you nice
All I got from you was confusion and strife
But, don't worry, your not the only one
Others have disemboweled my feelings for fun
Your love is like a stiff elbow in the cold
Your love is like getting old
Your love is like the timing in this song
Your love didn't last very long
Your love is useless can't you see
You never had any love for me
You were as warm as the inside of a frozen food truck
Your tender kindness like a chameleon with it's foot stuck
Love to you is standing me up on a date
Talking to a wall helps me to relate
Can I ever trust again? My heart is Titanium alloy


The gore I see daily festers in my mind
It doesn't stop with watermelon rinds
Decapitated avocados thrown in a fruit juice waste
The smell of molded tomatoes lying strung
with seed half dried on the floor beyond the grocer's door
A cart wheel grabs the attention
of a plump fresh grape
The sight of it's mutilated flesh
drives customers ape
Some of it's skin sticks to the wheel
a long track of bloody juice
It's veins and seed are peeled
Putrid stench-rotting fruit
Severed bananas from their shoot
Acorn squash smashed against the wall
It slides unrecognized rot that falls
As it lies in the dumpster festering
with maggots and flies,
I prepare my paper bag for this delicious meal to try
I store it in my drawer in case I get hungry for more.
Slimy bacteria infested fungus FDA tested
My sick mind compels me to
Brutalize, Scrutinize, Analyze
Mutilated, Decapitated, Refrigerated
Fumigated, Rotting, snotting, fruit
The soft innards spew forth from kiwis
and peaches. There juices run
Sticky fingers. I'm stuck in a rut
From pulling apart cucumber guts

11. FL266

Running a price check on a loaf of bread
Paper or plastic going crazy in my head
Someone told me a tale about Chuck and Diane
Steve Hart is the leader in the chain of command
Pickup on the front, carts are on the lot
Make a bank run, run some back stock
As long at lunch that I am fed
Lyn Hall said "That's what she said"
Jeff Pawling is a great Kiyardo
He and others deserve a trip to Key Largo
Dastoli's in the house, Lana laughs funny
Danny's gone fishing, working for money
None of us dread going to work
We all live to be grocery clerks
No matter what dept. that we are affixed
Were in it together at FL266
Top 'o the mornin' to you
Excuse me while I tie my shoe
Is the Man on the hit list
Gloria scans at Store 266
Time to sweep and mop. Donuts are MVP
The stockers are cute, Bond is on the scene
There is some cleaning to be done
If we can't slack we can't have fun
They say that the customer is our boss
Stop the shoplifter, prevent the loss