Waking The Cadaver

Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler tracks





Countless nights getting twisted
Extreme illicit substance inhalation.
Fuck...I'm crazing some penetration
Because hoes, let me tell you,
I do it unprotected like its my occupation,
And gaurenteed
Your pucking up your lips for a spraying.
Fresh shave on my piece, babe I'm always ready,
But just cause we fucked a few time doesn't mean we're going steady.
I have too much much womanizing on my agenda,
I really respect a true anal freak,
To satisfy my needs,
When your around me you know its time to get on your knees.
I like it raw and dirty,
And when I see you acting flirty,
I know its time for you to hop on.
Craving satisfaction of a different kind,
If you only knew the thoughts inside my mind.
My killer instinct awakes.
Forceful anal intercourse,
Rupturing the bowel,
Ass to mouth,
Your blood must taste so foul


I could only imagine the fear in your mind
As my hands grab your throat from behind
No doubt
For this bitch
I'll use the pressure point choke out
Because when it comes to sluts
It's a good chance your gonna see my glock, before you see my cock

Dark room awakening, strapped to the table
The lights illuminate my instruments
My pickaxe, snubnose, the sawnoff, the meat cleaver, the chainsaw
You see what the fuck I'm workin' with?
This isn't a dream bitch, to me, your nothing but a hole
So when I look you in the eyes, the only words I say is
I'm in full control

Horror when you see my face
You've seen the blotters in the newspapers, you know I'm famous
So bitch I'm gonna start this shit with a pickaxe to your anus
Blood pours; fountains from this whore
I look at my prick, and I know I'm craving more
I grasp my cleaver, my tool of dismemberment
Hacking at your limbs, slipping in the blood on my floor
Jamming your severed arm into your rancid vaginal pore
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I spew at the sight of the slashed and gaped asshole
Hyper-extended vaginal cavity fuels my urge to disembowel.
Removal of your mangled innards, forceful extraction from your busted anus.

Now that I'm done with this brutalized cunt,
As I walk away, I spark up a freshly rolled blunt.
I left her there to die slow,
This is how I show zero respect for this busted ass hoe


My thoughts control me.
I can't hold back any longer,
I must commit these acts,
My fantasies compel me,
Planning this perfect crime.
I have studied your surroundings for months now.
I know exactly when to make my move, and exactly how i'm going to make my move.
A perfect murder to me is all about strategy,
So unaware as i stalk flawlessly,
Repeatedly in my dreams I have pulled this job.

In front of the mirror as you prepare for sleep,
This is when I sneak behind and put the barrel of the shotgun to your head,
I like it when you see my face.

A blow to the skull, I make sure your still alive.
I only kill quick when necessary, but this is a score I must settle.
Now is when my fantasies come, so I reach for my blade
inflicting this mutilation, slashing your face, stomping your body,
I love to see you in such pain, for this pain is my extasy.
Suck the barrel, and look at me in the eye,
Do you think I really give a fuck about what i'm going to do?
Decapitated by 12 gauge slugs, I can't even recognize half your body anymore.
Your family will probably tell the authorities I'm a suspect,
So I eliminated them before I eliminated you,
Dragging you to the basement, I place you with the rest,
nude, in perverted positions with your loved ones.
Fiendishly I masturbate to the scene I have created,
the investigators are going to be shocked.
My payoff, my crime gets televised,
Overwhelmed with laughter as I realize,
They'll never catch me.




The best part of waking up is a new night to capture,
Scaring piles of pussy meat awaiting my rapture.
Pulsing, dripping, wet, warm, and here for my pleasure.
Use and abuse
Sleep, kill - repeat.

Sluts and Whores. These filthy girls want me in their mouths.
I deny at first,
Just to hear them burst, and beg for satisfaction,
I try and seem, to not know what they mean,
To create a type of distraction.
She grabbed my cock, so i grabbed my glock, and this shits gotten fun
And she knows my dick tastes so much sweeter when she's staring down the barrel of a full loaded gun.
Oh my god babe,
I'm gonna blow !
In a few more ways than one,
My cock, my temper, and my urge to dismember,
All up in your face (along with my gun)
Oh yes, fresh flesh, nailed up to the wall,
I skinned this bitch and removed her tits,
Then ravaged her gaping hole,
I am the Type A Secretor.
No trace.
No match.
No clues to follow.
And it will be harder for you than it was for her to realize,
And to swallow.


Lost morals is all I have as explanations for my recent behaviors.
In some situations I would stalk, but recently, I can't hold back.

Any Scenario,
Think I haven't done it?
Let me tell you about an act of violence known as Tire Iron Emblugeonment.
Any victim of my choice,
The last thing they hear is my disturbing tone of voice

Tire Iron grasped, adreneline pumping,
I have the extreme urge to mash something.
Your face the perfect object.
Swift blow,
Cold steel cracking your skull.
Relentlessly smashing the skull of this victim.
Lifeless body I hold in place, damn this motherfucker ain't even got a face.
The blood spray hits my face so I get a taste, which enlightens my curiousity for cannibalism.
Seeing your brains on the pavement, I know now,
This was much more than a quick kill for a thrill.
Consuming the cranial release; a taste like no other.
Continuously beating ligaments till they separate from this now delapitated torso.
Blood pouring, body smashed, bones broke,
This stupid motherfucker thought my hatred was some kind of a joke,
Left there for the police to find, a decaying piece of human carnage
Unrecognizable on the pavement.


Abduction is the way I start my day.
Finally all my planning has paid off.
Eager to dismember.
Your skin so sweet and tender.
Strapped to the chair.
Degrading you right to your face.
Puking all over the place.
It's time to finally shut you up.
Stabbing you viciously.
Watching your face was priceless.
Blood Splattered Satisfaction.
I dealt you away (repeat)
Good - Now your times up.
Preparation has paid off by - Never quitting.
Disposing of your body was a pleasure.
No one will ever find you.
I'm sure they will look hard - but only I know you're in my backyard.


Forced deep into the separated cranium of a crusty used up slut: my gigantic rod.
Swollen member penetrating her now empty eye sockets, and all other holes are to be filled.
Crushing and fucking pulverized brain tissue with a still moist tongue caressing my sack.
The bitch never saw that one comin.
She tried to scream, she tried to fight.
But I plugged her throat.
With my ten inch pipe.
She choked and gagged and punched for mercy.
But this whore should ave known better.
I busted out my trusty blade.
and removed her skull from her twitching body.
Now theres silence and the bitch is dead.
Finally I can fuck some face in peace and quiet.


Tonight this cunt will pay.
My dick will beat her face.
Her life and her cunt are mine.
This slut shall now see.

All night on this bitch I release my piece.
Yes. Yes. I am the man.
And I will kill when I can.
You can try to run.
Burt your done.
Gun to your head.
One more sound and your dead.
Kick in your teeth.
With my cock piece.

Sweet labial meat.
Her inside out twat.
Tastes great to eat.
Dripping and slipping and oozing and flowing with spit.
This vile slit.
Will ghost ride my prick.

Blood pours from her tender throat.
I left her bound to a tree.
Nude. Mangled. Butchered and Blasted.
Now these skanks know not to fuck with me.