Phenomenon tracks





Astral Conversions, spiritual modes
Invalid termination of a tyrant yoke
Parasites of innocence, the accident of god,
The plague of suffering reminds the coming of the fall...

Depraved emotions, a sanctum place.
Zodiac circle, the signs of Hell.
The law of heritage on a chimera based,
Labyrinth of genesis division's parade.

Electric perversion for a human being
Perpetual motion like an infinite sin.
A schism of holiness, the science of will,
Crossing the universe with nails and dreams

Religious archetype, the parody of a mass
The void solution like a God with mask
Artificial silence, a never ending faith
The roots of abhorrence command the instinct of hate...

Insulting the virtues of a sun with an endless light
Between... between the ruins of the mind
Defecting to the esoteric isolation like an eye
You are incited to betray...

Possessed by visions, an ultrasonic end
Chemical systems... of the broken DNA
A soul with chains
The egg of knowledge

Depraved the spirit of those who keep the flames
Behold the eruption of the cosmic seer

A vortex of renewal - a whirlpool of souls


I am your heroin
That controls the eruption of Gods
Descending the spheres of thousand (black) aeons
An equal gravity of worms...
A fortune of Cosmos
A fragile dream...

Putrescence at levels, the Age of distant zones
An architect of marionettes... diabolical spawns
Reforming all the characters of the "gentle" mankind
Extremity with sequence by nature's side

I am your scars
Of the failing unity
A symmetry of numbers, an empty code
An equal gravity of worms
The only eternity
A filthy steroid entwine the truth and false

Annihilated codes with artificial rules
Incarnating the virus of generative wombs
A sun that regulates the organical soils
Confusing all the energies of a visual choice

I am the Virus of human's purity
I am the Code of every human sin

Invoking my poison that leads to the other side
A product of evil corrupting the faith of I
I am the Virus of human's purity
I am the Code of every human sin


Pure disease, a chasm of souls
Parasites of endless things, in divinity's well
Infected with curses, the flames of God
Imperial races, chaos enthroned

Marvels like snails
A wheel of depression
Dehumanizing the shaded breed
To zero and one

Generators of plague, never ending mind control
Diagramming the spheres of the seashell
In the source of all evil, the ultimate devastation
A torrent of existence

Chaos enthroned

The space is bleeding, with the hate from the race of Memes
Universal prototypes, an open door to infinity
Insected with corpses, the apostolic wrath
Etherial crossing, chaos enthroned

Cyclones and storms
The last days of humanity
This corrosion in perfect design
To zero and one

The action, reaction, dementia like a maze
Creation, corruption, the universe in haze
The balance, imbalance, the edge of obscure realms
A zero, subhero, the life of human breed

Chaos enthroned


I hear the woe
The crown of nature's filth
The endless source
The force of Navel's realms

The Navel of the world, the center of silence
A dynamic source of hate and decay
Universal rage
Like a vortex with never ending flames
A fount of gnosis in our hands...

Exiled for aeons like a slave without his birth
A heart of nothing in the center of the Earth
The resurrection of the cosmic holocaust
A sign of a universe beneath the human kind

A blessed ground with the energy of gods
An equilibrium of present and past
Sophisticated themes for the next arrival
A cryptic dimension that centralizes...

The whole of ion soil... the ebon fields of Nemesis
A mouth of holiness between the spheres of Hades

I hear the woe
The crown of nature's filth
The endless source
The force of Navel's realms

The balance of the cross, a sacred dimension
A systematic revolution of storms
The Intercosmic creation
As the oxygen imbued the Eternal Source

A sign between the eldest realms
A cyclone with the force of Hell
The infernal devotion
A land that was blessed with curses from the space

To protecting us, to realize, to believe, to feel again...


Where time is but a loop,
A loose stitch in the Universal Cloth,

A Streamer might seize upon a chance, a fatal slip,

And plunge the fate of planets into chaos...
Then, a shivering light

Will appear through the shrunken cosmic dust,
And explode into an extradimensional wall, respawning the ultimate Universe...