Abaddon Incarnate

Phobia - Abaddon Incarnate tracks



This is what we're told...
It's a part of murder...
We can kill the rest!!!

Each has to be thought of,
It's a complacent thing of thought...
Human suptions lost...
What else do we got?

Devastation.... Devastation...
Devastation... Devastation

Even as the river flows...
Master reasons is to control...
As our selfish deeds is in ya...
Devastation always controls


People are always hating...
It's a simple sign...
Insurgence riots is what we got...
To become the enemy mind

Riot nation!!...

Through arse violence we have taken...
Has blood spilt through us all?

Riot ration...
Some things you can not hide...
Built by there laws!

You have to see through your eyes!!!

Riot nation!!!


Human heating hurting...
It's a cold way of life...
Cold blood runs through ourselves...
Eats away our lives

Human observation...
Human observation!!

Where is the pleasure...
O live this life!

It's the end... It's your life!!


Things aren't the same...
Each and every day...
Pressures seem to kill it's on going my way

Don't listen to what they say (x2)

Get on with your life... It is your fight!

No need to suffer... It is your right!


Enter the living god,
Beneath emerald forest the mother earth
Enter subterranean hell, where executioner awaits his prey
Thirsting for blood of the chosen to die,
Macho priest disguises sexuality
Hiding his madness behind his mask of religion
Chthonic grave for the sacrificed slaves
Earthquake, solar eclipse,
But the bloodthirsty priest keeps hacking off heads
Tidal wave, drought and disease,
Build more pyramids to the homicidal gods
Agony of faith, apostle of pain
Die to satisfy perverted lust for death
Into the cold waters we offer the corpse
Glass exhumes still beating hearts
Naked corpse turns pale in death
Spectre of the angels of the underworld
Ignite their bloodlust with the ripping of flesh
And the breaking of bones, with hammers of stone

Arcane words, scrapped into fleshless skull
Auto script, words take on a life of their own
To memorize the death the agony here
Look to the stars, mathematics of sacrifice
Ancient cult of blood and sacrifice,
Has no place amongst the civilised
But the priest keeps hacking off heads
...with his glass knife


From the saline depths of issyk kull,
Parasites they carry to us,
A gift to our filthy unwashed ways

Vermin apocalypse parasitic death,
Mass despair, terror, unseen killer

Hear ye! Bring out your dead,
The plague doctor's futile attempts to heal them have failed

Cursed is cursed was and cursed will be,
Damn to world and it's sick to hell, that is my decree

Rotting corpses fill the gutter,
Morbid shadow haunts my days
Cursed of this pox disease, vermin apocalypse.

Dead children, cling to dead mothers breast,
Drunken fathers in despair commit suicide
Plague doctors, hide behind, bestial masques,
Their magic is obsolete in the face of this pestilence

Rotting corpses fill the gutter,
Morbid shadow haunts my days
Cursed of this pox disease, vermin apocalypse.


Swim down into surging chaos, wrapped in deflecting orb,
Golden armour nailed from angel soul,
Safe in this crucible - surrounded by liars
Madden by the sights i see, aghast at my humanity,
Sick of my flesh, tired of my bones,
Safe in this crucible - haunted by mistakes
Angel dust, to keep me awake for months
Elixir of the dragon, keep me angry for years
Cauldron of lies, to keep me proud of myself
Fathoms deep I met myself in mirrors of black nothingness,
Pressure of all the
Suffering in the world, deflected by this crucible
Forever paranoid
The movement of the peoples of the earth,
Pass me by lightning quick, all these
Years waste away,
My armour becomes a tomb - I make my own doom