Arkangel (BEL)

Prayers Upon Deaf Ears tracks



Immersed in a sea of pain
Chained to a lifetime agony
Existence becomes a thorn stuck in the side of the innocents
Born different, destined to suffer
A throne usurped by man for a Kingdom plagued with tyranny
Malicious, vile, merciless
Modernity devours the children of earth disgraced
Before humanity's demented eyes
Driven by sickness civilization indulges in suicidal madness
Within the walls of Babylon, wickedness is rampant
And snakes crawl under virgin skin
I seek a moral elevation
To salvage hopes of paradise
No more cupidity but altruism to restore harmony
Under a red sky of dying nature
Laments of the dead praise revolution
Tears of the victimized
Flow into a sea of despair


In the mist of inferno, I seek salvation
Filth cannot taint my allegiance for my heart
Holds the truth
My heart and my mind worship discipline and filter right from wrong
Sworn to justice to cast iniquities into the shadows of oblivion
Untouched by the dirt of lust
One standard, one ethic
Redemption for all innocent life
One standard, one ethic
Reverance for the sentiment


Emissaries of demise slit the defenseless
In an act of barbarity
Sharp knives give the final embrace
In a pool of red
Deathtools forged in the flames of scorn
Non human animals die in the name of selfish ignorance
Blood spilled for lust
In temples of terror
Factory farms
Vivisection laboratories
Fur ranches
Slaughter houses
All replace concentration camps still injustice remains
End this evil empire built upon the graves of murdered
And devoured creatures
Salvation I whisper thy name and scream for liberation
Consumption of lifeless bodies is a vote for genocide


I am not tempted by your paradise of lies
Never will I fester in the boels of decadence
Committed to nobility for a higher destiny
In the embrace of truth belongs my heart and soul
I walk the path of righteousness
My quest for justice is enlightened by the blazing sun of harmony
I refuse to partake into man's craving for lechery
A desire fueled by the flames of greed in this world
Mother Culture is a legacy of prejudices
Against non human animals


I hear the trumpets of the apocalypse
Announcing the end of man so please
End this exploitation
Thou shall not poison the earth
Essence of all existence for with her
We fall along into the abyss of avidity
Sealing our fate with the kiss of death
Defense of innocent life is my declaration
Retribution, humanity harvests destruction
As we have sown desolation
Vision of apocalypse complete devestation
Final judgement falls upon us as we rape the land
When mother earth's lifeforce depletes
Action must be taken to free the world from its sickness
Action for justice leads to freedom
Scorched landscape burned to ashes
Original state of balance forever lost
Creation of nature is drowned into concrete
Oblivion embraces paradise while helpless species die
We Forge this world into an hell
Industrial madness consumes gala
Witness the demise of life under the siege of humanity
Breathless mother, helpless she dies


Legions of demons advance in the shadow of mankind
Infernal hordes of chaos wage war against earth
Soldiers of doom pour venom on the land
Final shreds of nature swing on the brink of abyss while non human life agonizes
Anthropocentrism is tainted by the suffering of millions
Admist inferno, I seek salvation to bring and end to your mindless destruction
United we conquer a wind of protest blows to enlighten
The blackness of ignorance when absolute evil forms
I raise an avenging sword and strike the beast into its heart
To preserve innocence, to protect the defenseless
I am striving for an all encompassing golden age
Where justice and compassion prevail
In reaction to decadence emerges a shining order
One that ensures freedom not enslavement