Abominable Putridity

Promo 2011 tracks



As I awake to the black
Unbleached detecting cells
Regenerate no adapting to the
Darkness I must sleep
I can hear sounds of
The tools metal on metal
Testing for a proper incision
The smell of a hospital
Lingers in the air
A foreign tongue a language
I do not know but I
Can hear the laughter
Bound in this chair my
Last memories are close
Remnants of torture (x2)
When will I wake consciousness
Of lucid dreaming I can feel the
Metal as my mouth fills with blood
When will I wake (x2)
Above my carrion I peer down
Below to knowing now I am gone
A victim of the sick
I hed to the afterlife for retribution
Remnants of the tortured I sleep
Remnants of the torture a permanent dream...(x2)
Pain while dreaming - now i see again
To unmask this execution from
The nether realm...(x2)
Putrefaction denied my soul no sleep
Purgatory I lye waiting to ruin...(x2)


Lying in a box
Dark with emotions
A claustrophobic disease sets in
Lungs drawing in more air
Lack of memory present
As the heart races with terror
Lack of oxygen
Lack of oxygen
Missing from the third world
Below the song I lie
Missing from the third world
Below the song I lie
Damage to visceral organs
Membranes of those cells open
Adrenaline damage imminent
Lack of oxygen
Storming of adrenaline
Incompatible abnormal rhythms
Triggering the fear to succumb
Knowing of what's to come
Pass away pass away
Wandering in to the other side
Calming the fear as a rush subsides
A stage of separation
From this physical world
Pass away passing on to the next
Sleeping in your grave - lack of oxygen
Lack of oxygen
On this side or the other


Hymns of the season feast on weakened minds
Attending the divine liturgy recounting the word
The invisible reveals the word of truth
Kneel before the pagan symbol - repent...(x2)
The last communion
The last communion
Fashoined from clay - ashers of men
Serve the sun - fot it dies at night
And brings new life - come out of the netherworld
Navigate the abyss untill the hour od re
All cattle all worms he has created
The mud of the nile - fermented and decayed
Without seeds - watch as the sun shall rise
Gilgamesh the oracle...(x4)
A stone in the desert of set
The tablets of enuma elish
Long before the word was truth
The bread of life - the truth and the light
The last communion...(x4)
Pharoh of hor-us in life
Pharoh of hor-us in death
Pharoh of the sun of ra
Walking through the fifth dynasty
The elder of paganism
The identicle mythological origins
Stealing images from the pagan world
Speading a disease of resurrection...