Averse Sefira

Promotional Demo 1999 tracks



Wretchedly ancient, never to fade for we have always been Beyond immortal, beyond All time for we have always been.

So cold and long a path we tread A fiery sphere to light our way Of human suffering we Hone our art So hard and cruel do we remain.

Silently we thrive on blood and grief the desperate cries that go unheard this mania is ageless its legacy bled remain'd unseen before their eyes.

And once upon a time you thought the world was safe so tender and ideal yet poisoned At Its soul.

And so we now descend to Eden's pale remains finally reduced to a violent speck of Dust.

Wretchedly ancient never to fade beyond immortal beyond all time.

For we have always been.


So very weary we stand on the edge of the world and frown - Do we halt? Or press on? What choice do we have?

The nectar of life has grown sour yet still we are forced to exist In these shells for all time we'll never be free!

This immortality is grief our armour stained with the blood of one thousand years before deprived of your eternal rest our wings hang lower as this burden takes its toll.

Shrouded in shadow we move across dimensions unseen crying out as we fly our voices unheard.

Waning, yet undying we long for a suitable end and yet, we are cast in our roles infinity calls...

Bound to walk amidst his chosen destitute in this existence empty... Unwhole cast without souls so sickeningly divine.

So very weary this immortality is grief waning, yet undying infinity calls.