Pure Blood Doom tracks



Out of the darkness
and into the burning sunlight
swordblades flash
the way of the warrior brought unto thee

Tortured screams vanish,
as life withdraws from the fallen
remember no more
Nothing sacred, no solace in death

Centuries of murder

Swift extinction, the burning of empires
built to glorify...
Their crowned kings, cloaked priests
All to fall in single mass

A coming storm of disastrous will
Yearns for hundreds of bloodstained years


A dangerous element: Insanity glorified
People of the snake led to slaughter

Steel fist - Pure Blood Doom
Powerlust - Ecstasy

God re-animation
All-Father nation...
Reich for Wotan
by Hatred canonization

Priesthood of hate,
pagan black order
Under twin runes of fear;
Templars of insanity

The unknown Thule...
Lost harsh paradise,
Origin of the giants...
Buried under eternal frost.

The sangreal quest:
Dreams of royal blood...
In the heretics trail
to the lost Catharian sacrament

Secret chiefs in wait
for eugenic slaughter...
Ancient prophecy fulfilled
by scapegoat extermination.


The one of the laughter,
the one of the sign
and the father of all the hornless ones:
The Way, the Key, and the Call...

...They were, they are
they shall be again;
Mankind, their dream
and they shall awake...

Egregore's throne
in the void of black planets:
Flutes of amorphous idiots,
Wailing to the end of time.

The blind mad one,
center of chaos:
Call to the primordial slime
to reach for the stars...

Master of dimensions,
Creation of forbidden union;
gangrenous green terror,
soul-eater abomination

The Unsleeping One,
the black herald of abyss:
Rider of the nightwinds
and messenger of ancient dreams...


Fimbulwinter has come,
frigid prelude of doom
endless snowstorms,
murder frost prevails.

Mortals wait the summer in vain
winter follows winter.
The age of northern winds
sets upon the darkened world.

The age of knife,
The age of cloven shields
Death-throes of the nine worlds
Sunless reign of violence

Blood is shed over the frozen land,
no man spares his neighbor;
the veil of civilization torn, mercy forgotten
weakness a mortal sin.

Season of the predator:
Hunter becomes hunted...
Beasts of the barren wastes
prey upon mankind.

In the gulf of black grief
Nagelfar straining its chains...
The Adherer and the Hater
closing fast upon their prey...

The dread-spawn of Suttung
assault the watchman of gods;
Gjallar-horn retrieved
To awake the nine worlds.

Ship of dead sailing forth
Wolf-dog's bark growing...
Sinews of the binder
hold the evil no longer

Under the bloodred sky
Ragnarok coming down
Releasing the tormented world
Dealing the last merciful blow

Surtur's final triumph: End of all life
As fires send the earth
to the black silence unbroken


Through the valley of throns,
over the river of blood
Condemned by straw death
Deserted by the Dises

Onwards to the realm of Helheim,
domain of the Concealer;
Hunger her table
Starvation her knife

Journey of the dead
to the judgment in Thingstead...
Without the runes of speech
no way to justify my deeds.

Drink the draught of doom:
burning venom transformation
monstrosity shpeshift
of the unworthy ones

Final insult, first punishment:
passing through eternal bliss,
beholding with grief
envying the joys of the blessed ones

Herded by thorny rods,
anger of Swartalfar;
crossing the cold rivers,
climbing the dark mountains of Nifel-hel

Dying the second time
to enter nine realms of torture:
gates of eternal night
now swallow the condemned one


... The forgotten god walks
invisible and weary;
walks for the last time
over the barren red land.

Deathwish of an immortal,
doomed god of a dead religion.
Bones scattered beneath the cold sand
have no memory...

Inhuman form eternal,
enemy god untamed,
creator of confusion:
adversary feared but envied

Once beyond good and evil,
amoral chaos force...
Fear and respect turn to hate:
defaced, demonized

Pale orphidian terror
red-eye brotherslayer;
left-hand moon devourer,
blood-claw womb-tearer

Defaced effigies...
demonized, then forgotten
Worshippers down one by one
by the blade of time.

At sunrise the last look
at the lost kingdom
usurped lord of the south
now ready to follow those who went before

Dying immortal departing
for the dreamless sleep
of the unworshipped gods
divinity's bitter end


Every cursed night
I dwell beneath the sea...
My mind like clay
in the claws of insanity...

Every cursed night
I share the nightmare
of the Thing that sleeps
so that we may live...

Dreams from beneath the sea
Dreams from under the sand

Every cursed night
I share the nightmare...
Nightmares that bring sickness
and fever that causes dreams...

Every sickly morning
awakened by my own scream
I already dread the dusk
and the call of R'lyeh...


Come forth, Ancient Worm:
rise from the cold red deep
As the world unnatural
finally stands united.

Come forth, Ancient One:
heed the silent call
of the words never spoken,
of Wordless prayers unknown.

Come forth, Dog-faced One:
As the stars are right
And teach the mortals new ways
to shout, kill, revel and enjoy...

Spirit of the sky asleep,
as vermin rush from the mountains
Spirit of the earth has forgotten,
as enemies stretch from the deep.

The eternal stare of the watcher
has been blinded by unlight.
Those who never sleep are awoken:
The dead shall dream no more.

As they roam the black earth
beneath the soiled moon,
the abyss of ancient holocausts
stares back at Tiamat's rotting flesh.


Altars of filth
shrines of sin
the whoring angel
standing tall

With violent craving penetrate the flesh
with urges untold, pierce the soul
driven like a nail through your dreams
where you exist, is where the pain lives

Divine, covetous
deviate being
outrageous, lustful
rise from the shroud

What heaven forbid, is what I claim
unshameful, godless creatures
infiltrate my being
Savage desires burn with strength
Take over my body

My wrath is awakened,
and soon to be killing
hateful seed,
spawn of the suffering
the righteous ones
witness their own torment
as the scythe is wielding