Compos Mentis (DK)

Quadrology of Sorrow tracks



Unfairness I now see
A man whose fate so terrible grim
A life in glory has been ripped away from his honest hands
A bride to be
Now nothing but a fantasy
Left alone with half a soul
And no more tears left to pour
But suddenly now I see
Raging from within a dark corner of his soul
A bestial lust so frightening large
Causing even me to close my eyes
A change of heart
A change in a man
A face which changes to an animal's
A cold, dark and vicious wind touches my skin
He is as calm as can be
He stands upright and calls out these words:
"der Mench ist Gott!", "domine Satanas!"
Vampires and demons gather and kneel
They have made a new master
He rips his shirt from of his body
And roars and hauls at the moon
And turns his face towards me
I now see his yellow eyes
Filled with lust and demonic power
He smiles and spits on his late beloved one's grave
He spares me
But I know not why
Till' this day I have never known why

And then he runs with all of his subjects out into the night
But when they reach the gate, warmth and light causes them to freeze
The demons scream and fight their way back to their own world
And the vampires dissolve and leave their ashes on the ground
I close my eyes


Farewell my beautiful bride to be
Let thy raven guard upon thy soul
Thou shall not be forgotten
No, not by any chance
Trust in me to be thy raven
A soulless carrier
Devoted in nothing but thy memory
Chosen and trusted
Beyond salvation
Let me be the one to carry thee to the land of the dead
I will fly thee through the dark forest of pain
I will protect thee from the lost ones
Soulless beings who reach out to grab thee
Just to make thee a member of their fiendish union
I already see their faces and hear their screams
"get thee hence!" I will scream
But they would already have turned away
Thy inner light have beaten them all
Just by one glance
And even the mightiest demon falls by thy hand
But I know not where I will find my peace
While my angle cries me to sleep


I had a dream
I saw into the future
We all have nightmares

Thou were gone... forever
But the scent of thee
Was still overwhelming

Alone - alone again
Lost in this world
And the present had become past

Why - why me
Isn't there somebody else who can't bare this loss
I - am alone
And darkness penetrates my mind
I see my life flashing before my eyes
I am walking in the woods at night
I think, but my thoughts dissolve
But what can it change
It's like that everywhere

Time had come
And the days were done
I can't bare this loss

The light from thy eyes, that I used to love
Has passed away, forever
Will I hear the birds sing again, from the trees around me
Will dawn appear again, and dusk disappear

And I cry - alone
Isn't there somebody else who can't bare this loss


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