Applaud The Impaler

Reanimated tracks



The degredation of humanity manifested in the minds of our altered consious.
We have been led here by the blind, we have been led here and left to die.
Are you proud?
Our exsistence festers like a week old wound carved in the back of humanity.
The development of malevolence was fed by ignorance.
And nurtured by the very thing that plagues our kind.
All their greed has bleed us fucking dry.
They prey on the blood of the innocent.


I can feel the plague coursing through my veins.
My body rots, my flesh decays.
And I'm just waiting for the worms when I feel the infection surge.
Searching for an open orphus to sastify my carnal urges.
A taste for flesh. my heart is dead but I'm still walking, my heart is dead but I still
thirst and hunger. obtain my angel lust, so I can fuck you hard.