Reborn in Pain tracks



black lord poured hell fire in my veins
to diggest the rest of my soul
in describable pain and hatred in my eyes
strike weak human beings
very small ones beside
the power given to me
how very dirty their forms

fools born from a dirty womb of mother
who was a lover of the death - corpse

I touch borders of madness and pain
the insanity of destruction obsessed me in lifetime
the kingdom of the deads call me
I burst the fettersof my life
I want to run away from the vale of tears
that empty and dead world

hope >>> fools' mother
feeds her children on her venom
holy war lasts blessed suicides
my enemy cries desperately
I'll do him the last service:
I'll feed the voltures on his carcass
fire cleans me takes my life away
but gives me immortality
I don't leave my crusade
not yet
murder - in immemorial disgrace will last forever


I tread with the fire sowing destruction
my wings are rised by the blind demons
the false priests set fire to their temples
fear tears naked body away from the cross

holy things burn from my breath
the friery angels fell down
the thunder tealed
the will the wisps here lighted

I will soffingly bewail fools' lot
and from my tears the children will be born
people with black pupils and souls
the first ones who will prostrate themselves before me

the ocean will come into being from hatred
and it will drown the enemies bodies for ever
the dark side of the moon
turns toward the earth
I tread among the ruins of the world
hypocrisy died with its confessors
I touch the graves of the sleeping evil
which is thirsted for the final return

(the last day...)

you will not be able to eat or drink
your eyes will be shining in darkness
and decoying nocturnal insects
a hungry rat will settle in your stomach
hair will start to shoot sparks and pull dust near like old bugs
the head will be filled with larvae of dirty thoughts
which be drawing the rest of reason
your hands like tentacles of darkness will clench on the throat of ordinariness
fire will blaze in blood and diggest your hypocritical soul
the eyes will look beyond the horizon 69th the last day
of the in world
you will stand rooted to the spot and soon become a monument
you will know then
that you are helpless for good
in relation to the pedestal of the new age


naked nameless ones
the immortals
in the wind
under the west side of the moon

when people's bones moulder
dusk put them to sleep
and the stars will born again

naked nameless ones
call their power
ones who were mad
will regain their minds and consciousness

they will rise again
althought they were driven to desperation
they will die but the curse will last for ever

naked nameless ones
shadows of their ego
nightmares will safeguard them
singing the dead's dark song

crazy dance of bodies
will spread anxiety like dust
in the wind
under the north side of the moon


call me devoul
people make me
an absolute god
give me an empty name
of predecessors

crown me
betray meand wait
for punishment
have an hour
mind the sides
the rough sides
of life and death
as I live there
and I hide
the truth despair

you'll notice me with your blind eyes
you'll hear me with your mute mouth
and nonenity will be done
there are no warnings
darkness is just desire
annihilation of feelings
I'll fame the flames
with the final evil
with a curse of lips forever
I despice love and mercy
poor pointless tissues
I spew on this spawn
I cursed mankind forever


everything comes back here
the beginning of nothing
the end of understanding
primaeval power of these
who passed away
before the human kind came
each of you is a bloody book
wherever you're opened
you red banisheb of alive
eternal wanderer lookind for death
come I'll show you
depths of darkness
hatred of mine
will wind your frail body
It'll ssack out the jowl of mind
ram the venom
I'll show my contempt
for your nation

I crowl to the depths of darkness
everything comes back here
black bells strike up a song
immemorial song of suffer and fear
the wind cries with pain
words of prayer fly away
I grasp them in a silent grip
put them into warm terrified minds
the scream dies like a dying star


my lask is finished
I'll take my own road
under the strenghtening breath of nonentily
dark stars like gloomy demons
lie dignifiedly in company
of dead calm words

silence is the time of survival
final truth hidden in the space
it's an unimaginable creature in its magnitude
unreal one but it pulls my brain near to itself
dust of centuries cover my weak body
like a mountain which keeps the death
imprisoned inside itself

how long is the way of fate?
how many people die in a defeat
when the times comes
the rest comes to an end
and dreams about absolute power
fly away like black raven in the right

I am a master and a purpose
my country from time immemorial
is abysmal infinity
the shadows of volture are wheeling above me
the day of my death is coming
I will revive in a power of hatred and destruction


where flows
somewhere in the caves
that human's thought can't measure
the holy river
that dies in the dark sea
eternal chaos' times streams
relentlessly tear darkness' fetter

I keep on drifting unaware of existence
dead inside and I look
as time passes
immortality shakes hand with me
from the grey distance I can see the end
sings of worlds existence
life - stinking human rouges

and even if I stalk
through the shadows of the deads valley
I won't be afraid of an uncalled whispers
as my dead soul sings hymn of immortality
I'll fly into storm I'll touch the absolute of depths
burning wind will carry me towards fulfillments


to feel to power of fear
to understand his nature and meaning
to make sure that he who can make the most of it
gets the power over the world of mortals
will those be found who can face their
own nightmares of existence
someday they will be afraid of me
they will be afraid and well respect me
it's time you faced your fear
completely alone closed
in the depth of your bodies souls and minds
are you ready to understand
and surrender to this finally
the land of your fears is within reach
how mauch is life worth without fear?


without glory you're dying after combat fight
your death is only dream
without glory they'll take your life
there ones which are hell's butchers
searing land greedly absorbs the blood
predators like a ghosts make circles over bodies
I'm walkin along corpses avenue
and I'm collecting your lifes
everywhere the smell of death and hate
attract demons to the battlefield
they're tearing your souls to pieces
as your bodies earlier
warriors of darkness gone under cover of night
to come back for next slaughter
with new day your life will back
you'll revitalize to die for ages
but without the glory and goal and mercy
and I'll stand here for ever
feeding darkness' demons with souls
and death will be only blissful and short dream


"...nobody can say what will happen in a while
but still there are some stories
which are repeated endlessly..."

slowly decomposing corpse lies on the bed
there is chiling silence all around
the mouth distorted ib a bestial grimace
the sunken and motionless ice
suddenly lungs start working hearily like old bellows
breathing out fetid air with a whistle
the corpses starts learning to live again from the beginning...
no man will rise from the mortal bed
but a bloody beast
the unsaled and greedy spectre comes back
and when it gets power over your weak minds/
panic/terror and blood will emerge from your nightmares