Redemption tracks



The fury lives in every soul, it´s hard to let it go
We are chained to a norm, a vortex of life
There is a beginning, there is an end
To every story we cannot mend
Relentlessly we hold on to our faith
But easily like ashes it's blown away

I know it's not easy to go on
Without courage
Without knowledge
Tread on the unknown a risk too high to take
When you're a pawn, predator and prey

Sell your mind, sell your thoughts
Ways to go, ways to choose
How come you know you're not abused?
When it all seems so clear and smooth
Time is short, short is the fuse
Disposable human, there are no rules
Mind killing routine wears you out
You will see it
When all that's left is
A blackened image

Gather up your ideas of philosophy
Seize that golden opportunity


Wave the flag of victory
Instant access into vanity
Around your empire, a shroud of emptiness
A bridge to darkness, gloomy nothingness

Cold world of reality

Face it, or break the wall of sanity
Climb over, feel the bricks eating your skin
Bounce off from its hard surface
It leaves you dead and alone in this rotten place
Dead end, this madness you behold

The dark eye
In the pitch black night
Seeing all, cursing daylight
Narrow ideas built on a false perspective
Lead to dreams of illusions that are so addictive

No applause, everyone is gone, the scene is empty, only the clown remains


When we blow out the flame
We'll surely fall from grace
Love and hate are diveded and the balance is not right
Somebody shows pure loyalty
Another one is dwelling on dishonesty
This world is breathing its sickness
And we couldn't care less

I'm losing the grip on my own sanity
My last hope is you, my reality

We blow out this place
This bitter man needs salvation

Evolution, we cannot tame
To termination it leads us anyway
Illusion, in the womb of parasites
Static phase
Will keep us mesmerized