Aurora Borealis (USA)

Relinquish tracks



Some say that the lights bring signs of war
Omens and more Fires in the North
Listen to the lore, lit by the ones
Who show the way to the heavens

Some say that the lights connect the worlds of
Living and dead bringing them together
Holes deep in the sky that
Bridge the gap into the afterlife

Souls of the unborn children adorned
Spirits that mourn
Some say that the lights when called to close
Decapitate their summoner

Listen of the tales through the generations
The many places and the traces
Of the power they possess down
Through the ages when you speak the name of

Aurora Borealis, The red dawn,
Burning spears, arsaniit, Blazing Bridge
Northern lights, Foxfire, Child taker
Sky dancer, Heavens pass, Light dragon

The glare will encompass you as you cast your gaze into
Curtains of light through the blackest night

Brightly , Shining

Reflections from the sun off armor off
What we can see of the valkyrie
Choosing the ones for Valhalla and for odin

Some say that the lights are once great armies
And the warriors of the north who will forever
Be doing battle and clashing proudly until all eternity


This Day, Will be a day of great judgment
This Day will be a day of, Holy Bloodshed
This day, Will be a day of Mortal Combat
This day I say to all who come to view internecine

Let the games begin, let the games begin

Welcome all My faction fill this coliseum

Let the games begin, let the games begin

Anticipation builds challenger unknown
Will our paladin meet his fate and be dethroned
When this great engagement is finally said and done
One man will walk mighty the other lies in blood

Call on the slaves event one is done
So that we may continue the celebration
Make ready at once prepare the stadium
Erect the crosses for the executions

Crucifixion is the punishment
Through the wrists and feet the nails went
These men are dead now each and every one
To the next event Bring in the Christians

Once let free from the holding cage
They all gather to neal down and pray
At once the prayers become quickly ceased
A cry is heard, the lions have been released

Claws tear through bone, Excoriation
Appetites Grow, Mutilation

This Day, has been a day of great judgment
This Day has been day of, Holy Bloodshed
This day, has been a day of Mortal Combat
This day I say to all who witness the internecine

This days at end, to all I extend
Invitation in, to make sure you attend

When the games begin, when the games begin
Well meet again when the games begin, let the games begin


Circus Maximus must go down first
While I feel a bliss as flames scorch the earth
From my own hands I cast the blaze
and make the Christians take the blame

Atop my throne I bid you all farewell
Now prepare yourselves for ten days of hell

Watch me feed the fire, for my desire
Watch me feed the fire, Blazing higher

I justify the lives, my legacy will survive
Advocate the lies, and watch religion die

They say, With joy I, They say, I played as it burned
With flame, With flame I, With flame,
I burned it to the ground
For greed, For greed I, For greed,
I blame the ones of faith
They say, With joy I, They say, I played as it burned

My own palace must go down next
So that a golden one can resurrect
A city of magnificence
Will be built the blood the cost

I control the death like a god
No, no mercy Felt, the ungod
Feel the power held, A demigod
Look up to me, the Pa god

Help me feed the fire, For my desire
Help me feed the fire, Blazing higher

The destruction is now complete
Looking down at the Misery
Would I do it all again?
Just pass my Bow and listen in


Rise, Knights
Cut down all before us, Leave no one alive
Unto the holy city we all shall ride

The vow we have spoken, retake the sacred land
Our sins will be forgiven by gods command

Christ, Our lord and savior
Christ, For him we kill
Christ, Lead us to him In the name of
Christ, Denounce the Muslim
Christ, Its him we kill
Christ, Make a covenant and the blood will spill

God wills it, God wills it

We don't need a crown of gold upon the head
We adopt the crown made from thorns imbedded
Through the skin thus we will fulfill
The changing of the guard let the siege impel

The trebuchet breaches holes throughout the wall
The Christian army is in before nightfall

The funeral pyres resemble pyramids
Made from countless dead as their marching
Ankle deep in blood beheading all the ones
on the path that leads to the temple of Solomon

A war of the cross, many there will be
A war of the cross never ending


Mired craft is now in sight
With hunted ones
The treasure that it yields
Will be ours by the first streaks of dawn

The Flag in which we fly
It shows no threat
Allies on the sea
clandestine, deception is kept

The battle soon to be

Windswept oceans guide the way
Riches and ancient gold await
Close the division once again
The distance between us and them

Prepare the cannons , ready the men
Leave no survivors , my last command

Up, raise the red flag
The signal for a massacre
Now, split the silence
Explosion of the blast is heard from artillery

Fires raging on all decks
From the torch
Fitful glow of burning ships
and singeing flesh fill the gusting air

Closer drop the planks
Prepare to board
Ransack that you will
Bloodthirsty, No mercy they kill

Let the battle rage

Windswept oceans guide the way
Riches and ancient gold await
Savage we take what is ours
Bodies will wash to the shore

Asphyxiation from the waves, Welcome to your wet grave

Windswept oceans guide the way
Riches and ancient gold await
No man shall be left alive
Allow none to survive

This flag means malice, this flag brings pain
This flag means horror it will remain
A flag of loathing, a flag of hate
Meet your Kreator it seals your fate

Up, raise the red flag
The signal for a massacre
Now, another in sight
Cast up the sail to conquer another enemy


Dusk brings a last breath
The last beat from a dying
Heart of a once great
Pharaoh destined for the
Journey, A last quest
A last hope to pass through
Dark lands, an underworld
In the search for immortality

Hathor Guides This solar ride

That will lead us through a river in the sky
12 hours it shall be to reach the other side

The twelve gates now await

Look to the book of spells
To lead you through this hell
With the book of gates
the other side awaits

Ra lead me on this voyage and take my hand
I watch the river run dry and turn to sand
Darkness surrounds us now here no wind blows
We pass into the realm where only the dead shall go

Great serpents guard the gates here at every turn
One battle just one loss here the soul will not return
This victory is our now the gate is passed
Six hours quickly fade now the time will not last

The cave of the last task
A last test of sokar
Prevail we will
The twisted path becomes clear
Penitence will show
Regret for the wrongs
A weighing of the heart
Reveals the Soul will not be torn apart

Robed in White
The sun will rise and I will be reborn


The slaughter has released the sacrificial offering to
Appease the appetite of the one that will bring the light

This Dedication of Tenochtitlan will
Be a gift up to the gods,
A gift of twenty two thousand hearts

Bring up victim one, tie him down here,
This day has just begun
Sharpen up the blade, with scriptures near,
The priest will now convey a

Prayer up to his god and ask favor upon his
Clergy and his lands with a beating heart in hand

Plunging the dagger deep, A body falls
Another up the steps to heed the call

Ten thousand carcasses, the bodies fall
Our day is but half done, decimate the thrall

Prepare out kettle for the many deceased
Oh come all ye faithful, tonight we feast

We Offer blood to the idols
If not diseased the rest we eat

Reserve three limbs of the captor's victims
Display the heads at the temple pyramids

We offer blood to the idols
Our lord is pleased thus now we eat

The battlefield is where these poor souls come from
The altar is where they will be forgotten

Another Falls, Another Falls, Another Falls, they fall

Covered in blood all now are in eternal sleep
Cadaverous depths now reaching twenty thousand deep

Another Falls, Another Falls, Another Falls, they fall


Our paradise has turned to hell
The gods have forsaken us
The end has come Indeed it has
Lay down with death our time has passed

Eruption has begun
Swiftly the blue is lost
The sky is dark Forever dark
Unending night the seas shall part

With floods of ore pourded down on the land
Escape is gone as there grows a

Tree of fire with limbs of flame
Poison vapor suffocating
Falling pumice from above
Cast down by the lord of fire vulcan

Black snow falling down Buried in ashes now
Black snow coming down lament those from the towns

One time, two times, we will suffer
And those that last stone forever more

Three times, the last we will suffer
And those that last stone forever more

Dont Look into my eyes, you will see the hope that died
Dont look into our eyes we cast back our demise

Eruption is Complete
Slowly the blue returns
Sky still dark but lighter now
Looming clouds unhurriedly part