As Hell Retreats

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I am mad as hell for your condemns
On those who can't even decide what to be like
Your self-righteousness is giving all
The wrong placements for an innocent man

What makes you think they are inferior?
What gives you the right they're more of a sinner?
What makes you think you are better?

Who do you think you're fooling with your figments of...
Who do you think you're fooling with your figments of power?
Back off of them, it's not their fault

You don't know how to love - and by that you are a liar
For loving God, but not loving all

Quit treating them as inferiors and look at their interior

Back off of them
Back off of them
Back off of them.


You are the one who tells my future
Or you attempt to at least
And I listened, thinking you were my savior.

I was the desperate one
The aging of life caught up to me too fast
And then I realized what you all plotted
You tried to steal me
Steal my freedom of what I truly want to believe.

It's been three years and I've got only one thing to say.
Don't steal my God.
Don't you ever steal my God from my reach.

I believed in your words and not his
But to me, my brother
You're still my brother forever
And I still love you
But don't you dare attempt to be my God again.


We can overcome anything
That stands in our way
And together we will raze Hell.
Raze Hell.

This world has had enough of this torture
It's not taking care of the orphans and widows
I am so sick of this filth

We can overpower the demons
And together we will raze Hell.

This darkness will make us heartless
If we keep idle

I can't stand to see you like this
And neither can His son
So raze Hell from your future.


We rest with closed eyes
Never knowing when someone will leave us behind
Instead we shut it down, we shut it off.
We all become lost of what should always be found

Ignorance blinds us.
Ignorance blinds us all from beauty
Beauty of having a thought for ourselves.

Instead we discriminate the ones we love
And push them aside
The next thing, they leave the world
Our world, our arms, our grasp
And we can't apologize anymore

Jesus, you only ask us to do one thing
That is to love all and serve all.
But we become weak instead with demons
We become impure

We can fight this off, we can overcome.
With you Lord, our Almighty.


Why do you look up to me when I am only human just like you?
I'm a failure, I fall
I never give my all

Don't depend on the person I am
I get lost in skepticism, too
I get lost

We're not gods, we're only messengers

Quit looking straight for the answers
Look up
Look up
Look up
To someone who gives His all without exceptions

The only thing I can do is give you aid
Because I can never guide you all the way
Because sooner or later I will be gone
And He will still be by your side.


What have we become?
People who say we care for each other?
A nation where we are under God?

We ignore, we deny, we never pay attention to the sins we commit to the helpless...
...To the sins we commit to the helpless.

If we’re supposed to be one nation under God, why are we denying the blind (denying the blind)?
Why are we denying the sick?
My God, we are not under You.
We are the disease.
We are listed under the disease.
American Christianity is a disease (is a disease).

America, if we can find ways to kill people,
We can find ways to help.
Quit with the overspending on violence that makes us the contradiction.
That’s sending us straight to hell.

We are a contradiction and I apologize to those who’ve held out their hands.
I apologize.




You have done nothing
And You're becoming nothing in my life
I'm pushing You out, I'm getting rid of my faith
Because I want no part of this name
Because I don't want to be a part of this shame that we have created

I'm becoming a bastard, a fatherless son
My attempts to bring you back to the righteous core
Isn't working anymore.

"What were you thinking giving up on him?"
They would ask me.
It's because it feels like He is never with me...
That monster.

As I sit back and watch the world
Take you over with greed and power
All I can think to myself is poor God.

Poor God, I've given up on him.
Poor God, for his name is being used for malice and violence
I'm going to try to pour God back in my life
And I'll fight, and I'll fight, and not hide.

But will it be worth it? Or will I still hear nothing?
Come on, you monster. Give me something.
I am waiting. I'm only waiting...