Brutality Will Prevail

Root of All Evil tracks



Look into my eyes
I can see what you want me to be
It's a mirror reflection of how you want me to be
Please unlock the shackles that bound my life
Give me the room to breathe
Time alone is what I need
No escape from this life I don't want to live
Each day I play a game I never win
I can feel the walls closing in
I can feel my chances running thin




Everything was perfect but my mond plays tricks on me
Knowing I'm making the wrong choice
You were there in my mind, blinded by a clear day
My sleeping eyes can't see, you're always there for me
I wish my trust was as strong as yours
I wish our love could last one more day
Hold me close, don't fade away
In a state of mind everything is grey
Nothinf makes this right, I'm lost and alone
Nothing makes me smile, crying keeps me alive
Too many chances I'm lost and alone
Wrong choice, I've fucked up again
The best day of my life will be the day I die
So take me back to the same old place that we both found
And we will dig a hole into the ground
And spend the rest of our life, never alone


Under so much pain, trying to break these chains
Why are we still trying, hoping, crying
Looking for the joy that we shared ?
Searching for the memorys that we made
I can see in your eyes, straight passed the lies
lies, lies, lies
This devil I’ve created, a clear vision of myself
It frightens me, more than life
It frightens me more than death
Life, life take me away
Take me to a place
Life, life take me away
Take me to a place, I can die
To a place I can die


Alone in the wilderness, no hand to guide me out
Taken steps in the wrong direction, leading me to an early grave
Cannot keep my head above the water, this way of life is pulling me under
My cold heart is starting to wonder, will my time always be this way ?
I see no light at the end of the tunnel, there’s no cloud with a silver lining
All I see is time moving faster, than the miles that we travelled
I feel my time is up, I’ve got nowhere to hide
I’ll sit alone in the darkness, waiting on my time to shine
I’ll sit alone in the darkness, frightened for my own life
Save your cry, my end is in sight, happiness is a lie


I can see straight through you
By the look in your eyes
What I see is unclear, a cold soul deep inside
Time to face reality and open up your life
Seeing you fade away kills me deep inside
You played me at, my own game
Now I feel, feel the pain
What we need in our life
To save us from this fight
The love that we first shared
I know it’s there to find


I woke up this morning still dreaming
Of the life that you live in
Fed with a silver spoon
Put on a plate for you to refuse
This way of life means nothing to you
I always wanted to be like you
Until I saw the real side of you
So rot away, rot away
Nothing can be done to save


A pack of wolves feed upon the flesh
Of the kids that were put on the test
For those who choose to feed on other's tales
Will be taken away and hung with the rest
Now it's time to make up your mind
There's no escaping the grave you're laying in
Layed out on the line
With your life hung out to dry
Armed with guilt, the narrow path just begun
You are the disease with no cure
The root of all evil to haunt us all
Take what you wish in the eyes of death
I'll take the world
Until my soul is layed to rest
Secrets of the truth