Roswell 47' - Future Breed Machine tracks




Their freedom was taken away
As they crashed
To be a project of science
The experiment;
We'll make sure it won't last
Unexpected ??? Once

The incident was shut up
Because national security
Was in jeopardy
They say the weather balloon crashed
But we know it's bullshit
We have the right to know
What really happened in
Roswell '47

Shipping back pieces to hangar
To slowly put it together
To find new weapon technology
And maybe answer how to live forever
What freed them spread disease,
Chaos and confusion
The energy fields so strong
Will be worth it
But we have the right to know
What really happened
Roswell '47

They came to visit us, a secret
I'm not sure it really happened
They lost control
And crashed to Roswell 1947



An even strobe a pulse of flashing
Hatelights of sythetic souls massproudeced
Hammered into shape a sign of times dreams
Turn into systems a new way a new breed
Implanted in our minds

Here i am in the hand of a sterile hate the
New control i can not wake i'm not a sleep

New intelligence arise in emptied bodies
Turgid flesh tested through eternal spastic
Fits through not known codes mother
Machine in genocide now scorn a dying race

Evolution in reverse now it's time for me
Changing What am i to be contorted an
Eternity defeated

Programed to appease you we're symbols of
Perfiction humanoids runed by your laws
Destroy erase improve lesson first sub-
Mission we're docile servant dogs our
Leashes are you limbs computed deep