Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath tracks



Death is his life - he kills the innocent for his own need
The end of his knife is stained with the blood of a forgotten creed
Running alone,living his life in sincerity
The fall of a throne satisfies his need for security

Many men before in their foolish youth have tried to mislead the Ferryman
To pass the cold waters with reason uncouth,they tried to play him for a merryman

From a forgotten land he rules the waters to eternity
His bony hand is ridden with the blood of his daring prey
He works for a god & a devil as well
Oh ! Watch him nod as you enter his hell

He peers out from his hood laughing aloud as you step into his lair
His black ugly hood stares into souls as he asks for his fare
But take care foolish passenger,
please beware of the Ferryman !


Across the fields we see the fight
On battlefields fought through the night
We killed by force,we struck them dead
The men were gored,we moved ahead

So many fell to meet their doom
So many more will be there soon
We met our fate & felt the pain
A thunderstorm of crimson rain

Horses galloping through the trees
Bloody sodiers on their knees
Raise the swords,it's time to die
Screaming out our battle cry

Battle Cry !
Battle Cry !
Time to die !
Battle Cry !

A flag is raised in victory
The battlefield is a blood - red sea
We fought the war & lived to tell
About the war & of it's hell

We've seen it all - the bodies falling
Millions watching others mauling
A canopy for human season
Millions die without a reason

Horses galloping through the trees
Bloody soldiers on their knees
Raise the swords,it's time to die
Screaming out our battle cry



The sadness,the sadness
The tears that wash & cleanse
The madness,the madness
Hot blood in the heart of a frenzy

As the sweet maiden leads us through
The skies,the fields,& the water so blue
As we strive to meet the Father of Beyond

The altar,the altar on which we pray for life
Yet we falter,we falter
May the black witch bury the knife

As we find our last kiss on the serpent's lips
Will we never find the truth that lies
Deep within our hearts from birth ?

But now we see in the lives that be
The power of the prophet
Majestic beauty shining brightly
On the foundation of evil ruin