Black Majesty

Sands of Time tracks



Life has passed us by
as though time was standing still
An endless era like the melting snow
Fifty years have gone by
but not a day will pass
To remind us of the pain
I'm lost in thought and my body is standing still
Now glancing into darkened state of mind
Memories from the inner self
The threads of life that bound me were
severed long ago

[Pre chorus]
In a time when all was chaos and the truth
Would lie the world saw lost corrupted minds

We are searching for a world of change
Conflicts divide and they unite
Fall of the Reich
When a nation is united and the people are as one
Fall of the Reich

Throughout the ages the stories have been told
Visionary madman who have tried
to rule the world
Manipulate the masses to reform their ways
They'll rebel against the call

[Pre chorus]



We're all waiting for a sign
Show me a way which is divine
We're following paths where the blind leads the blind
If this world has fallen behind
Do we blame it on mankind?
For all the sins we've left behind
When will we rise again?

On these sad wings we write this history
to leave behind our legacy
The future holds the key
that opens many doors
The choice is yours
Choose carefully

There's a light that guides our way
Close our eyes and we may say
we're only to blame if this world is in flames
Persevere 'til we can achieve
A harmonious reality
With open eyes what will we see?
Our rise again


If you follow the path that your visions have seen
They'll be blinding your eyes
And then stealing your dreams
Don't confuse love with hate
You can follow the path
In which your heart believes you'll be sure to receive
all your dreams have foreseen
Now go and make that choice



Destiny hands of injustice delivered

[Pre Chorus]
What has been received is not always as it seems
Standing and alone the light fades as he leaves

Saviour be known
Say a prayer to keep us safe
Your words will prevail and set us free
Father of time the sands are drifting
Through your hands like water

Draining life controlled by a life of deception
He has seen the visions that guide us to wisdom

[Pre Chorus]


Life's embraced denied is the moment of dying
Time is now relinquish your thoughts
and your demons

[Pre Chorus]


He's alive - standing right before you
He'll show you a paradise
Time to change your ways

There's a life you left behind
Just a reminiscence of mankind
There's a life you left behind
and now it's gone
In time I'll change my way


When the wind filled your sails
Sent you out to sea
The remaining memories of home
Left on the shores of your land
If the tears of the dying
You were shedding in vain
Let there be no regrets if this journey awaits you

[Pre chorus]
Would you bleed for the sign?
Take them back to the sea where they belong

The sands of time lay dormant
They lay there - waiting for you

There are whispering voices
That are guiding your path
Will you choose the one that you know that is right?
Don't let confusion take over
Now as time seems to falter
All your reasons will fade
Is it worth giving your life
in finding the final prize?

[Pre chorus]
Should you bleed for the sign?
Drive them back to the sea where they belong

See the sands of time they lay dormant
They've been waiting - for you to arrive
The sands of time they have been dormant they're waiting for you

You've been shown the right path to follow
Now hide it well
Don't let no one find the way
There's a light in the distance
Gather strength so you'll reach it
Now you run
Run and find the final sign

Find the sands of time
Send him a sign
There are mystical secrets before you
Will they arise, your visions divine?

[Pre chorus]
You have bled for the sign
Now throw them back to the sea where they belong

See the sands of time
They have been dormant
They have waited so patiently
Now that you've reached the final prize
What will you do with the sands of time?




There is fire in my veins
To return to my home land
Where the twilight dances
Through the skies at night
Hear the call
Through my transient dreams of home wishing for a quick return
As I set out on my way
I'm on my way

Roads that I walked are far behind
The things I've seen
the moment spent
To guide me on this journeys end
Moving toward the blinding light
Drowns my soul into unborn life
One day I'll find my way home

All the miles I've walked alone
Silent company I've known
On the wings of the night
My spirit takes to flight
Seeing signs of a day that's yet to come
Never fearing the unknown
As the north wind fills the sails to my home


On my way I'm heading home
To a place I long forgot
But my memories have served me well
With a vision I have seen
Golden roads and silver streams
But reality will cease to be



The life you led had you in chains
Losing the touch
There's no controlling your mind
Forever grieving in your heart
The mysteries you hide contribute in losing the battle

I see, clearer when you're drowning in your words
Forced to, betray, you're delusional in thought

I see the light
To guide my way through the darker shadow
Why can't you try?
Give me strength to live
in colliding worlds

Reciting all the answers
Avoided the trust
Your negative views are revealing
Falling emotions now unfold
You're fading through lies
Entwined are you now
by the web that you're weaving
I see, clearer when you're drowning in your words
Forced to, betray, you're delusional in thought


This fatalistic dream has gone
Vanished away
This image that you once created
Inspired by new beginnings
Moving through life on wings that are giving me freedom



I feel the pain blessed is the touch on my face
I can see what you want me to see
This velvet jail has bound me
and now surrounds me
I feel your temptation
awaiting for salvation

Blaspheming, forgiveness,
You'll find no sanctuary here
Deceptions entwining your realm
Your demons, suspicions, familiar yet they're so estranged
You're haunted by your own regrets

It's drowning me, I can't escape
Enslaved it's too late
Breathe near me
Just enough to catch my breath
You stare in your denial
Why don't you just set me free
I wish for temptation
Still waiting for salvation


I feel no pain
Your shame will leave
no scars on my face
I have seen nothing that you wanted
Ilusions I've created
that now surround you
You feel my temptation
There will be no salvation



Through eyes filled with wonder I see a
world behind
The Ferris wheel of life that I am riding on
In search for its answer truth it seems to disappear
Hoping to find solace in the things I know are real

[Pre Chorus]
Can I be freed from the torment in my mind?
Walking away
Can I leave it all behind
Can I find comfort in the fact that I'm not sane?
Look towards the future in a pessimistic way

Beyond reality life in question
Can there be more than we see
Beyond reality dividing moments
Testing our faith in what we believe

Look beyond the picture right there in front of you
Things are much deeper now if you dare to take a look
Shifting through dimensions of another time and place
So set your mind free
To express its willingness

[Pre Chorus]


The picture is clearer it is behind you now
Things are not deep as you would have once
Shifting dimensions you found the
time and place
You've let your mind free
to express its willingness

[Pre Chorus]



The lady is waiting
She sits and she stares
She'll only wake when she's called by my command
Her hands are of mercy
Her heart's filled with pride
Even in sleep she protects the path that I choose

Guide me with your visions
Lady of the lake
Enchanted is the steel that I hold a gift from you

I will return this gift that you gave
Only to hold it until the need will arise
So lay in your water
Sleep in tranquillity
I thank you again my old friend
We'll meet once again.