Acheron (USA)

Satanic Supremacy tracks



Courage and brawn forges foreordained conquest
Masters always conquer the Slaves
Weak creatures doomed to face capitulation
Lex Talionis governs the brave

Power and Might

Push aside the slugs within our species
Eugenics will soon find a place
Zero tolerance for unproductive vermin
Cleansing the entire race

Power and Might

In our world, the few only matter
Everyone must pull their own weight
Racism is not true Misanthropy
For Niggers come in all colors!

Crushing inferiors that stand in our way
Trample pests into the ground
No mercy for our enemies or foes
Preponderancy we have found

Power and Might


Even in their holy books they knew there'd be a day
For an apocalypse to wash their gods away
Predestined savagery and sacrilegious bliss
The serpent regains his garden hear his deadly hiss

Godless? We Are Gods!

Synagogues are burning, churches engulfed in flames
Crosses pointing south, these lands we will reclaim
No more refuge in the bosom of their lord
Neutralize skeptics who doubt our blessed hordes

Godless? We Are Gods!

Science kills religion its grimoire is technology
Seceded from the cults of worthless deities
Symbolic metaphors are used in replace
Gazing in the mirror, we see our true god's face

Godless? We Are Gods!


Religion and weakness has ruined this world
Mass breeding humans to follow the herd
Muhammad, Christ, Buddha we must expurgate
Redeem this planet before it's too late
Bring back the laws that excel the elite
Refurbish values that frown on defeat
Chaos is needed to purify life
Struggle and work will triumph our strife

We told them their faults, informed them to change
They didn't listen, so we'll take the reins
Detesting their moral, abhorrence for lies
A new order rises, as the old one now dies
The past has been ignominious to most
Horrid ideals that White Lighters host
It's time for war let warriors take part
Terroristic actions is how it will start

In our enemies brains we'll instill fear
Hail hatred's anger, fuck cowardly tears
Let iron will bring forth victory
Destroy false ideals, profane blasphemy
Violence, Power, Pleasure and Might
Freedom commands all humans to fight
Right or Left Path, you can not choice both
Children of Darkness, fulfill your blood oath