Scarecrow Messiah tracks



The devil's head is along the highway
He's electric and gotta nothing to say
Not an easy road in the heat of the day
I'm sick and tired of the tolls I've got to pay
Do you fill my head with lies
I'm sleeping uneasy tonight
My body is broken and I am shaking inside
Pearls before the swine love is higher and law
The purple sky brings out the hungry dogs
Sonny boy Williamson can you tell me what went wrong
Can I have your shoulder to lean on
When a child is unwanted they say justice falls
Let's go into the poor neighborhoods and machine gun them all Salvation is a dove and a branch the rainbow crucified Chill the Messiah who is you Jesus Christ


What if I'm right and you are wrong
If I have eternity and you don't have long
What if there is a heaven and a place called hell
What if my foolishness was really wisdom to your ears
And my preaching brought the spirit so near

What if there is a heaven and a place called hell

What if you could water turn to wine
Would you say a miracle or call it a crime

What if there is a heaven and a place called hell

What if you see Jesus on judgment day
Do you think you'll get a second chance
What do you think the King will say


Feels like suicide salt to the wounds of pain
Pray for a miracle while you are going insane
Carved like a lover's decadent stare
Keep going back to the temptation in the air
Wash away his touch, enemy inside
The Lord will come to her, find the reason to justify
Virtue is swollen, the night is spent and down
She's so sure of herself she'll stare into the sun
Wake up in the morning take a deep breath
There's no smell of roses, just the scent of death
Life's intoxicating like street confetti red
Can't start believing with so many voices in your head


Jesus, much like the scarecrow, is there for protection. The world views Jesus as hollow and lifeless; however, He is the light of the world for all who have the courage to believe. Jesus on the cross weathered the storm of all mankind's sins. He stood alone as a gift of love to the world."

There you stand, arms out and wide
Like forbidden fruit to the squinting eyes
Gather us together under your almighty wings
Bruise the head and see what tomorrow brings

Scarecrow, all alone
Scarecrow, bring your children home

Hand to the plow, forgiving multitudes
Give them compassion, why are they afraid of you
Proud at the altar, vain before the throne
If you are blameless throw the stone

Scarecrow, all alone
Scarecrow, bring your children home

Betrayed by a friend, hung out to dry
Alone in the end, stretched across the sky
Eclipse the sun, they know not what they do
They say if God is love why would He be so cruel


I can't bear the roosters crow
I guess it's something that you already know
Remember the darkness bless the light
Lest I fall into the night
You might think I'm crazy, crazy like a fox
You might think I'm soft but I'm hard as a rock
I got something , something called fire
I got something take my spirit higher
Stopped wearing black I am tired of look thin
I got a big fat spirit walking born again
Got to get humble going to wash your feet
Got to feed the beggar down on poor's man street
Like a saint I walk on water, turn water into wine
Turn the other cheek, give my eyes to the blind


Got a raindrop of the tip of my tongue
If I get all I want I'll have to give you some
I'm the beggar, the thorn in the brow
I'm the cross you force and twist into the ground
Butter so stiff that it wounds my bread
Got a dew drop omelet on a trash can lid
Ain't got no loafers to warm my feet
Funny papers stimulate comic strip heat
Crack vial breaking like a shotgun blast
How long can the sounds of a cat fight last
Howling at the moon for friends who have passed
On Sunday we'll fly black flags from the mast
I've been hurting deep in my soul
Does anybody have the time Holy Ghost
Diesel is the smell of a Mississippi grill
Played trombone once for a delta dollar bill
Pull the snow around me snug like a blanket of wool
If I lie here to freeze to death I'd be another fox hole fool
I got nothing new it's used, borrowed, and spent
Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, and a pocket full of lent
Living in a box of cardboard and grit
Made a window, made a sign
Wouldn't mind working a little bit
I've been hurting deep in my soul
Does anybody have the time Holy Ghost
I can't sleep, I can't think

7. ONE

If plowshares could speak and the lost seek
They would find themselves together
When the new world comes the face of the sun
New wine for all the pain

I know you will catch me when I cannot see
I've walked in these shoes up to my knees
I've birthed a mountain that is had to climb
Weary well doing I will make the time

I'm the one
I'm the one
That is what I've become
I'm The One
I'm the one

Heart and mustard seed Faith is to believe
I dig in the dirt my hands bleed
If answers is why we pray
Let us bow our heads today


I have broken many promises,
thrown cautions to the wind
Rebelled in my youth but here you come again
You are the message in the bottle,
a light that never dims
And though I let you down
you'll always be my friend

Put my faith in fairy tales,
believe what I was told
I've watched the holy eat their own,
suck the meat lick the bone
There is only one voice
my universal guide
You've always been beside me
even when I wanted to die

I will never forget,
I will have no regrets
I don't want to cheat anyone
Don't want to steal from anyone
Don't want to lie
Don't want to quit
Don't want to leave any doubt
Step on anyone,
hurt anyone,
curse anyone

Sometimes I itch and squirm
to crawl out of my skin
You put your arm around me
like the air that I take in
Won't push no needle in my arm
or bathe in gasoline
Never swear in Jesus name
or hide behind the pain
Life has pured me a glass that I can't drink
The rim is jagged like a razor's blade
And has left a scar that will never fade
My thoughts are daggers on every nerve
Life is a slow song with dirty words
When I get to heaven will I wear a mask
That is a question I must ask
I've been hurting deep in my soul
Does anybody have the time Holy Ghost


Dad I love you, Mom I love you so much
Please don't go, I know you miss me so much
I want you so much Jesus cares about us
dad I love you, Mom I love you so much
I know you want to be with me
Dad she's coming back to me
Momma was gone, she said she's coming back
I never stopped being me, Dad I love you so much
Dad I love, Mom I love you so much
You're the only one for me, I love you wherever you go
Happy Father's Day Dad, are you all fine
I want to save you in my mind
Dad I want you to be in my mind forever
I love you the way you love me
I want to be with you, be with me forever


She lost her love, tore the picture of the one she thought of
She's alone again but it's worse than it's never been
She hurts so bad down and out,
she feels the pain of a broken heart
She hurts so bad
she feels the pain of a broken heart

The black rain falls,
the river runs red
Like a crown of thorns
to my head
She holds the cross in her hand
but she feels so could and lost
Take a look inside, nowhere to run,
no place to hide
She never told a lie,
put her faith in love,
never compromised
She had a heavy gun
but she tied her strings,
she never come undone

Restore me
Preserve me

Replace my carnal mind
I'm a sinner with imperfections
Reveal my soul
Give me answers to my questions