Dagon (USA-1)

Secrets of the Deep tracks



Knife to throat I scream gagged and bound One faithful face not to be found
Screams for help a pitiful sound so-called captain of oppression
Slain by power of suggestion Butcher now in resurrection
Waiting I watch from my grave in the sea
I seek my vengeance and only blood will pacify me.

The night invites and justifies my retribution alibi
Seek those who I will zombify Bloodshed now has come full cycle
Flesh I have, I have recycled justice done, judgement is final
I can't believe this, what am I doing here?
Cry out to God, deliver from my murderer's blade


Broken glass and champagne trickle down the side mingling with malignant tide
Like shells upon the shores our fates have been cast
This vessel's maiden voyage will surely be it's last
Broken bodies cast into the waves ocean depths have now become their graves
You cannot move you cannot cry the salty depths call you to die
The only release is in drowning nowhere to run once you're inside
You're at the mercy of the tide the only solace is in dying
Death and mutiny the consequential cost for once inside you are forever lost
In the misty darkness they are prisoners of the gloom stricken with the knowledge of inevitable doom
Struggling in shark infested waters begging for mercy from this fate. Dying


Fathom by fathom we make our descent
Deeper than any tongue can tell
Deeper than mortal man was meant
Where the sea doth boil from the fires of hell
There we see the coral gates
Climbing from the ocean floor
And behind an army conceived in hate
Laden with the tools of war

Legions of Atlantis
Warriors of the sea
Children of Poseidon
Bathed in red fatality
Legions of Atlantis
Warriors of the sea
Children of Poseidon
Spread his wrath to humanity

Armor carved from Nautilus
Urchin spikes are trident tines
The general’s steed a mighty squid
Their standard is borne on a sailor’s spine
The creatures of the sea are one
An onslaught from Poseidon’s hand
Slaying all sparing none
Revenge they seek on earthbound man

Perverse mutated hybrids
Bred within our walls
Lighting of electric eel
Strength of megaladon’s jaws
Cunning of the orca
Stinger of the ray
Weapons of Poseidon
Closing in on their prey


Unsuspecting templars Apollo's chosen priests
Slaughtered by Atlanteans killed like sacrificial beasts
Gross mutated hybrids raid the sacristy
Find the scrolls and read the rights to set the people free
Call upon the sun god falsify the plea
The surface world shall perish when Apollo is deceived
The warriors ride to the ends of the earth their victory is at hand
One final confrontation brings the end of earthbound man
Templars of Poseidon with sacred scrolls in hand
read the rights and spread the lies to flood the wretched land
Flooding of the mainland evil to the core
On massive crimson waves of death the children now will soar
With hate filled hearts the warriors laugh in spite
They know not what we have become mankind's cruelty now repaid
Sounds of death of sweet symphony by nightfall their doom will be sealed


Feeding Frenzy
The smell of blood in the water is as
Thick as fortress walls and twice as strong
The predator moves with unimaginable
Grace and speed.
Death rides on crimson waves with not
A scythe but jaws of steel. Each action chosen
With precision to feast upon its prey.

Face of terror the end is near
Bodies writhing with pain and fear
A watery grave welcomes you in
Each razor sharp tooth is a nail in the coffin.

Fatality comes on seas of blood
In the silent ocean depths
Circling its victims with eyes of no
Color or penitence
Claiming another victim man learns
Once again, saltwater is a poor anesthetic
For an impromptu amputation

Feeding frenzy the carnage begins
Basic instinct to feed on human skin
Total carnage the scene is set
In the end you’ll beg for death

The whitecaps break as the beast rises from the deep
His gaping maw inviting eternal sleep
His glistening skin stained scarlet with blood
Submerged again within the sanguine flood