Sacred Oath

Shadow Out of Time tracks



Death is his life - he kills the innocent for his own need
The end of his knife is stained with the blood of a forgotten creed
Running alone, living his life in sincerity
The fall of a throne satisfies his need for security

Many men before in their foolish youth have tried to mislead the Ferryman
To pass the cold waters with reason uncouth,they tried to play him a merryman

From a forgotten land he rules the waters to eternity
His bony hand is ridden with the blood of his daring prey
He works for a god and a devil as well
Oh ! Watch him nod as you enter his hell

He peers out from his hood
Laughing aloud as you step in his lair
His ugly black hood stares into souls as he asks for his fare
But take care foolish passenger,
Please beware of the Ferryman !


Watch us gather 'round the fire
Sharing ritual soul to soul
Cone of Power teasing desire
Pagan minds,black as coal

Queen of the night

Raised from the grave before the altar
Her kingdom come,her will be done
Will you run,or will you ride her ?
Will she fork you with her tongue ?

Mourning hearts crying out in sorrow
Day after day live in pain
No yesterday,no tomorrow
Is this love ? Am I insane ?

No one understands true love
Until they're deep in the heart
Of the Queen of the Night


On this night my spirit will rise
Through your life death takes disguise
Your deceit has tortured my soul
Take revenge - my hatred now unfolds

Into the night I'll take your useless life
Feel my vengeance as I kill you with my knife

Rising from the grave -
Feel my evil knife
Rising from the grave -
I've come for you,I've come tonight
Rising from the grave -
Feel my evil knife
Rising from the grave - I've come to take your life

The time has come for all to take the sacred oath
The time has come for the dead to avenge the living
This oath shall be the doorway to your world
It is sacred - unite darkness with light

On this night all remains the same
Except your life - it end in writhing pain


There's a child staring across the water
As he sights his forgotten father
Tears flow from his hideous face
The face that has lived through the hell of his race

The time is lost as he sights the moon
The music is sweet, he begins to swoon
The water is rising, washing away any evidence
Of failures and ruins, the destruction of man

The taste of salt is in his mouth
As he stares at the emptiness left in the south
His body is numb,unfeeling to this death
He dies with three sixes engraved on his breast

Now there remains only the water, just a fragment of sand and blood on the altar
Has flowed through the generations of blindness
As they prayed to their symbols of peace and kindness


Before time was known to man was the shadow out of time
Before the moon was seen above was the shadow out of time
Incantations fill the air,
now hear the tribal members cry
Feel the vengeance in their song as another savage dies

Chant by candle, pray to flame
Sun & moon remain the same
Mourn the death, a tribal boy
now a corpse cold and tame
Dark hides terror of the night
Now enter precious holy light
Moon is high and rules the sky
No more will your people die

Shadow out of time

All rise,join hands, the invocation has begun !
By the pagan goddess and the horned one - so be it
By the flames of the underworld
They shall light our skies again
Cease darkness
This rite has ended